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Jeeper 06-377
(Fostered in Apple Valley, MN)

8/22/06: After a long 5 hour ride for 6 dogs and an eleven hour ride for my daughter and me we are happy to announce the arrival of 4 little 8 week old puppies to Apple Valley!

Jeeper is a golden retriever/shepherd mix that was found in a box along side a road in Woodbury County in Iowa. Thanks to a Good Samaritan that brought them to Animal Control and subsequently contacted RAGOM. We now have them and they are looking for a home to call their own.

There are 2 males and 2 females. All the pups are vaccinated, dewormed, and frontlined. As you can imagine we don’t know a whole lot about Jeeper but in the next few days I will be sure to update daily on his activities.

Now if you are interested in this little boy, please contact placement so we can get him home to you fast!



Jeepers, creepers, where did you get those peepers. What a funny little dog. Jeeper weighed in at 9.8 pounds and is very healthy. He is being treated for Kennel cough since his sister has it, but it is just precautionary at this point.

Jeeper loves to be cuddled and will let you know that it means now, when he wants to be held. His little body will start jumping up, so we started working on that right away telling him that is not allowed.

Jeeper slept with his brother and sister last night from 9:30 to 3 and than 3:30 to 6 with no problems. Potty training has just started so we have a long ways to go, but I think he is pretty smart so it should not take long.

How could you not love a guy who has a name like Jeeper – okay my daughter who helped pick him up calls him Peeper, because he just kept peeking little looks at her and than walk away. Now though – Jeeper is right there ready to play with anyone.

So could you possible say no to meeting Jeeper? Give a note and let’s meet!


Jeeper continues to go on his own direction. He is such a cute little thing and I mean little. He has short, thick legs that MOVE, but only when he wants to. Jeeper is such a little cuddle bug, he will follow you everywhere and not want to be out of sight for long.

Jeeper continues to beat on his own drum for potty training but I honestly think that is because he is so overwhelmed with all the dog activity that he forgets. But we will continue working on that as well. He sleeps like a champ at night with his two sisters in the crate with him. He is the first to settle and start snoring and the last to wake up when the girls decide to get up.

Jeeper may be going to a new foster home on Sunday, we have not gotten confirmation. Either way I am sure the updates will just keep coming. He is not leaving here because he is a bad boy, he could stay if his new foster mom decides a puppy is too much work. But lets face it all fosters LOVE fostering pups.

Jeeper is so easy and laid back that he will get along with anyone and everyone! So please if you are interested in this little boy, please contact and lets not toss him around from foster to foster, let get him in a home of his own that he so deserves.


Hey Jeeper here, guess what, I am going to stay with foster mom, and she said it would be too hard on me to go to another foster house. I am starting to understand that you have to go outside to potty, but I really do not know why it is such a big deal to go in the house on the paper. But what ever makes foster mom and dad happy I will do.

I would only let foster mom take one picture today since I was not feeling so photogenic. But I know there is a family out there just waiting to meet me because I am one of the calmest puppies mom has ever had. I love sleeping next to someone during the day and at night the crate is okay, but I sleep way better with someone next to me. But we can work out those rules together, right?

So, are you looking for a young, handsome, nice boy? I could be your dream guy. Please give me a try, just meet me? You can always say “no thank you”. Please contact

Jeepers Peepers has left the computer.


Well the little Jeepers Creepers found his forever family tonight – wow – that was so fast! Thanks J family for driving all the way out here in rush hour traffic. You knew what you wanted and I think that was great and we loved you.

Thanks for taking and making Jeepers part of your family!


Mistee bubbles the Newf here. Hey I just wanted to tell you how cool my little foster brother and sisters are. I was really sick the other day and these two never bothered me once. They knew I needed time in the crate that they love to sleep in. They shared really nicely with me.

Yep it was pretty funny, I love my crate, but I share with them during the day and at night they sleep in it with the door closed. Because I did not feel well I was sleeping in it during the day with the door open of course and Jacee and Jeeper felt they needed to comfort me so they came in to sleep too. Now that was so nice. I don’t think they were happy with me when I threw up on them, but mom just washed them and everything was fine.

Now that I feel better I get to play again with my foster brother and sister. You would not be sorry to meet them, they really are nice. They love to play fetch; they are horrible at giving things back. I usually have to chase them around to get the ball for mom and they sleep pretty darn well. At least they don’t wake me up at night. Oh yea, they get in trouble because they LOVE shoes. Just thought I would warn you about that.

I know they may not look like a golden, but they sure act nice and kind. Both are really shy so you have to give them a chance to warm up to you, but once you get home, get ready you will have a lot of fun. Oh but lets be honest. My mom is having a little bit of a time getting them too potty outside consistently. They are doing better and the last couple of days each have gone to the door on their own to potty a couple of times, so I think it is coming along. But who am I to say, I am just a dog.

I had mom take a couple of sleeping pictures for you so you can see just how sweet they are when sleeping!

See you soon, I know you want to meet them and me of course! – please contact so you can possibly be their new mom and dad!

Thanks for listening – Mistee Bubbles the Newf.

Jeeper and Jacee sleeping