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Sparky 06-391
(Fostered in the Twin Cities Metro Area)

10/1/06: Sparky is a two-year-old neutered male, a Golden mix that weighs approximately 55 lbs. Sparky thinks people are the best thing in the world and seems to get along with everyone. He is a very gentle dog, and we will update as we get to know each other better.


Sparky and I have been getting to know each other. The best description of Sparky is he looks like a Golden puppy. He is slightly smaller than my resident Golden and when they walk down the street people ask if he is my Golden's puppy. Sparky loves people of all ages and I have not seen any signs of aggression or shyness. More to come as we learn more about him.


Sparky made it to the vet for his check up. He is in great health. Sparky showed no fear and greeted all. He continued to try to explore everything but mom had to pull him back. We had to wait to have his microchip implanted, because foster mom had run out, but as soon as my supply arrives Sparky is ready for his forever home. Sparky is a diamond in the making. Our first walks were an adventure, Sparky acted like he had never walked on a leash before. He is learning fast and does much better now with a Gentle Leader.


Wow, I'm on foster mom's computer thingy. Mom was pretty busy this weekend and I thought I could talk about me just as well as she could. These last few months have been amazing. I went from being tied up in a back yard to a wonderful rescue lady in IA. She helped me get strong and up to date with all of my shots and things. I wasn't very excited about the surgery thing but I guess I made it. Then just as soon as I thought I had things figured out bang off I go to Minnesota. I met some super people on the way and ended up with foster mom. It's been great, but foster mom is a little bit of a stickler. She told me I needed to learn to walk on a leash, quit jumping, sit and go outside for my business. What a tall command. Well, I wasn't too excited about all of this but you know she was right. I like our walks in the woods and it is more fun when I don't pull all the time. I learned when I sit in front of people I get more pets and praise then I ever did jumping up on them. We went on a long ride to a cabin this weekend and had some fun. Aster ( my foster fur sibling) and I rode quietly there and slept on the way back. Life is good. I still am working on staying down and not jumping but I am so excited to be with people that I forget, but foster mom says that that is OK as long as I keep trying. Oh I got to go foster mom just drove up and she promised some chew bones. Sparky


Aster here, just leave it to Sparky to go and get adopted and forget to write an update. He was such a puppy at heart, and just because he's going to a wonderful home with C family, don't you think he could have written a good-bye? What's that mom? Am I upset that Sparky left? Hmmmm...I guess so. Sparky was such a youngster, how could you not have fun playing? Yeah, he is going to a great home with kids and teenagers to call his own, his own mom and dad, a fenced in yard and lots of love. You're right mom, we'll miss him and his antics. But Sparky, if you see this, good luck in your new home!

Aster and foster mom