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Adopted Dogs

Rest in Peace

Champ 99-083

From Champ's adoptive family...
Here's a summary of our lives:
Chapter 1 - Chicago
Champ and I moved into my condo in Chicago on the same day; we were both dealing with some changes!  It was 700 sq. ft., but perfectly large for a mellow 5 y.o. Golden like Champ-o.  He adapted very quickly to city life.  His walker, Steven, visited daily while I was at work.  As such, Champ went to Lincoln park daily, and often more than once.  On the weekends we'd stroll North to Doggie Beach, where he would go in up to his elbows and watch the swimmers.  People often think city dogs don't get exercised enough.  Not true for Champ.  He was quite the urban sophisticate, and a very considerate neighbor.
Chapter 2 - Midland
After about 4yrs in Chicago, we moved to Midland, Michigan.  Champ now had fenced in yard to himself!  The yard was wooded and often visited by wild turkeys.  A great place for Champ to explore.  He adapted well.  Suburbia didn't have walkers like the City, so I eventually brought Scooby into our pack.  Champ and Scooby tugged constantly on opposite ends of a rope toy until the three of us were exhausted.
Chapter 3 - Troy 
The whole packed moved to Troy 3yrs later.  Champ-o was getting senior.  He played fewer tug-of-war games, and took more slow-paced walks. He was content to sleep with me on the couch or bed (if I could give him a boost).  Always pleasant and sweet. 
Champerino was a great dog.  He will not be forgotten.