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Monte 07-111
(Fostered in Delano, MN)

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  physical  10+  suggested  yes 
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August 3, 2012

Monte is a returning RAGOM dog. He came into RAGOM in 2007 as a stray and was heartworm positive at that time. He went through the heartworm treatment and is now a healthy, happy boy. He is approximately 7 years old. We aren't sure what he is mixed with but he weighs 47 pounds and is 21 inches high. Monte is neutered and up to date on all vaccinations.

Monte does have one challenge and that is he marks in the house. Unfortunately nothing has worked to get rid of this behavior. Monte has to wear a belly band at all times in the house so he will need a family that will be consistent with using it. Aside from that, Monte behaves very well. He doesn't chew, get into garbage, counter surf, or any other bad behavior. He is good with other dogs and also cats. He is not a dog that wants to fetch or play much with other dogs. Monte comes when called, knows sit and down, takes treats very gently, loves to go on walks and is perfect walking on a leash. He also loves, loves, loves car rides.

It was quite apparent when Monte came into RAGOM that he was very abused at some point in his life. He would duck when a hand would come out to pet him and if you tried to step over him when he was laying down he would quickly jump out of the way. He has gotten much better with being petted and also with people moving around him but he is still watchful with any quick movements. He has never attempted to bite. Because of his abuse, Monte would do best in a home without small children as the noise and high activity would probably be very stressful for him.

Monte is a well behaved dog aside from the marking issue. He would love to have someone that can provide him with a quieter home, take him on walks and have him wear his belly band. He loves his people and is a velcro dog once he learns to trust you. Please contact your placement advisor if you would like to meet Monte.


Monte is doing great. He has been really enjoying this cooler weather. We went for a nice walk yesterday morning when it was quite cool and Monte loved going to the field where he can be let loose to run. He and resident dog, Gabby, ran all over the place sniffing all the great smells. I am sure there are bunnies, mice, and other critters that visit the field and the dogs sniff and track their paths through the grass. When we get ready to go on a walk, Monte does his happy bounce and he is so cute. Monte bounces like he is on a pogo stick - just straight up and down. He really shows his happiness.

Here is some more information about Monte:

  1. This is an important requirement for Monte. He needs to wear his belly band consistently while in the house.
  2. Monte would like daily walks to keep his weight down.
  3. A quieter home would be best. He does fine with children but would probably be stressed out with young children such as babies and toddlers due to the noise.
  4. Monte is a great size - only 45 pounds. He would do fine in a smaller house or townhouse where space is limited.
  5. Monte is a velcro dog. If you would like a dog that follows you around and would love to cuddle when you are relaxing, Monte would fit the bill.

Monte will be at Goldzilla from 11-2 tomorrow. Please come and see us in the Foster Parade if you would like to meet him.


Sorry it has been so long since our last update. Monte has been hanging out with our resident dog and Rufus 06-408. We all went for a walk today and boy the wind was cold! We walked down to a field that is at the end of our road and Monte ran around smelling all those bunnies and critters that live there. He doesn't go far without coming back and checking in with me. He has excellent recall so he comes whenever he hears his name. He is a very good walker on a leash too. No pulling at all. He walks right by my side and gets along great when I have all three dogs with me.

Monte is getting his winter coat. It is much thicker and longer now. I am planning to go to Bubbly Paws this week as all three dogs here need baths so they can get ready for the holidays. Hopefully it will also keep those tumbling dog hair balls away for awhile. We brush everyone quite often but having a good bath will sure help to get rid of all that loose hair.

Not much new to report about Monte. He is a very well behaved dog and loves to be with his people.

We want to send a huge "Thank you!" to Friends of Brier Goldens for sponsoring Monte. It is such a nice gift and we so appreciate your choosing Monte. RAGOM would not be able to rehome as many dogs as they do without the generous support of people like you. Thank you so much.

I will try to get some new pictures of Monte this week. He is camera shy so sometimes it can be difficult to get some good ones. We will give it a go.


Hi everyone. I wanted to let you know Monte is doing great, although I know he is getting quite tired of this winter weather that never seems to end. The dogs played in the new snow for a bit on Thursday but I think they are really wanting that green grass and sunshine to show their faces. With Foster Mom having major surgery they haven't gotten their walks in much lately so getting the ice and snow off the roads would help that situation.

Monte got a little on the chubby side this long winter so he is now in boot camp and on a diet. Once we can get out and about on our walks hopefully that bit of added weight will come off quicker. He is starting to shed so he has had some serious brushing in the last few days. He has a thick undercoat so this time of year you can usually get quite a bit brushed out. More will come once he has a bath which will hopefully happen in the next few days.

Monte surprised me this past week. He doesn't usually have much interest in toys, but the other day he walked over to the toy basket, got out a stuffed toy and took it over and placed it on his dog bed. He didn't do much with it. Just laid down with it next to him. It was kinda of funny to see him do that. I think he is even getting bored with spring being delayed. We are all getting housebound, that is for sure.

Not much else to report. Monte would love to find his forever home. Please let Placement know if you would like to meet Monte.


Hi RAGOM fans. Monte here. I have been just hanging out with Foster Mom and my fur sister Gabby. Foster Mom has been recuperating from two hip replacement surgeries so things have been slow for awhile.

We have been taking longer walks recently and enjoying this gorgeous weather. I got a little chubby over the winter but I have lost a few pounds so my harness isn't quite so tight. One can only suck the chest in so far. Sometimes we go to the park and I can run and run. So many things to smell and check out. I do kinda poop out with all that activity so when we get home I dash for the water dish and then go straight to my nice comfy dog bed. Feels so good to snuggle in and take a good nap!

I sent in a pic of Gabby and me sharing the dog bed when we each had a bone. I was actually there first, but since it is Gabby's bed I guess she decided to squeeze in with me anyway. That's OK. We get along really well and I was too busy chewing on that bone to notice her much.

One thing that has changed a bit is that I am starting to lose my hearing. While I usually come immediately when I hear my name, if I get a little ways away I can't really hear Foster Mom calling me. I am just going along smelling stuff when I hear some clapping, look up and see Foster Mom waving at me. She isn't real good at hand signals yet, but I get the idea. I go running to see what the heck she wants. Since I can't hear as good as I used to, I really need a fence to keep me in cuz I don't want to get out in the road. I won't hear those darn big cars when they are coming my way.

I had my check up in June and I am in pretty good shape for being around 10 years old. I need to go back and get on that scale, though, to show all those nice vet people I have lost a few more pounds. They will be happy about that!

For the most part, I just love spending the day with my people and taking it easy. I really do like having a fur sister to hang out with too. Well, I need to sign off for now. I have a big antler to go chew on for my bedtime snack. They are my favorite.


From Laura K From Laura K

Merry Christmas from Santa to the Golden Seniors! Merry Christmas from Santa to the Golden Seniors!


Big Kiss to the Golden Seniors----Anonymous Big Kiss to the Golden Seniors----Anonymous


Happy Spring to the Golden Seniors from Anonymous Happy Spring to the Golden Seniors from Anonymous


From Goldzilla 2015:

"Loving fan!" -Mary R

"We love you, Monte!" -Kat and Kathy

"Hugs from Sandie." -Karin S


From: Laura and Mike Kreun From: Laura and Mike Kreun



Since we have fostered Monte for quite some time, we have decided to adopt him. He is getting up there in years, and we would like him to live out his days here with us. Monte is a very happy boy. He loves the short walks we take every day, laying out in the yard watching the birds and squirrels, and his nice, warm coat and soft bed to lay on when the winter chill sets in. Monte is already home.

Monte was originally found as a stray. RAGOM took him in and provided heartworm treatment for him. Without that, he wouldn't be here. He went from being a stray to a dog with a home where he can be safe, have food to eat, and receive lots of love. To everyone who supports RAGOM in whatever way they can, here is a great, big "Thank You"! Without you, this organization couldn't do what they do best - saving these beautiful animals one dog at a time.