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Joy 07-137
(Fostered in Eagan, MN)

Sponsored by: Jim B.


Diane Morehouse, Belle and Ema

Joy is a 3 year old girl from the ND puppy mill.  She is a small light colored golden.  Joy came in with lots of bite wounds on her head, neck and ears.  Because the wound on her ear was so bad, she had surgery on Tuesday to cut off the infected portion of one ear.  Joy is healing nicely and goes back to the vet on Saturday for an ear check.  She will be spayed in a couple of weeks after her infections heal.  She has bonded quickly and is a happy curious girl.  I may never finish this because she is helping me type.  She still is afraid of loud noises and new things, but we see a lot of tail wagging that we did not see the first day.
A picture is coming soon.  

Joy had her first outing other than the vet yesterday.  We went to Chuck and Don's for dog food.  She was able to meet a few nice people and get a new toy.  We were there for a long time talking to people about puppy mill dogs and Joy's wounds.  It was a great first event!
Joy is healing so well.  She has scars from the wounds on her head.  A couple of the deeper wounds are still healing.  Joy has become a different dog this week.  She is playing with the other dogs and toys.  She likesNnylabones.  She greets me excitedly when she comes out of her crate by jumping up a lot.  Because of this, I don't think she should go to a home with young children since she could knock them over.  She passed the cat test with flying colors!  She ignores the cat after a couple of sniffs.  Potty training is going slowly.  Even after being crated all night she is reluctant to relieve herself outside.  She is a typical loving Retriever who likes to carry a toy around.  We are hoping to go to the next RAGOM event if she continues to do well with socialization.    
04/11/2007: Joy went to the Ragom Event on Saturday and met more wonderful people.  She greeted everyone with a sweet sniff and was happy to see a couple of golden friends.  She looks like a different girl now that her wounds are mostly healed.  Joy went to the vet yesterday to have her spay and will now be ready to meet potential adopters!  Joy is a spunky girl who likes to play with her dog friends and toys.  She is a little shyer with men than with women. We are working on a sit command for getting treats.  She is so much fun to be with!  The vet is very pleased with how her ear has healed.  Her ear stitches came out during her spay.  Our thanks to Joy's sponsors:  Jim B, Diane Morehouse and Belle and Ema. Joy and I are very grateful to you! We also want to thank the lady at Petco who gave Joy a new toy.  She loves it.  Everyday Joy is becoming a braver and happier girl and is so ready to share a new life in a forever home.     

Joy has been adopted.