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Annie 07-135
(Fostered in Rochester, MN)

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3/25/07: Annie came into RAGOM on March 23 as part of the big ND puppy mill rescue. Her entire world  has been turned upside down and she is one wee sweet girl!

Annie was the first adult dog to be vetted and bathed when the dogs arrived in Hastings, and we were on the bathing team. Little did I know, the first scared little beauty we lovingly rubbed dry with the first fluffy towel she's ever seen would end up being our foster dog! We have a photo to actually commemorate the event!  We were given the privilege of naming her, and I chose Annie. First, being first dog, I thought A would be a good name..alpha, first... then I thought of Little Orphan Annie...and she's no longer an orphan, and finally, I thought of Annie Oakley...of Annie Get Your Gun, but in our Annie's case, she's Annie Get Your Fun. She has a lifetime of love, games, fun, joy and doggie pleasures ahead of her!

At this point, we don't know much about her history or age. We think she's probably under 2 or 3 years old, as her teeth and gums are very clean and white and healthy. She's got a nice tight tummy and no "stretch marks", we don't even know if she's had a litter yet. She's very dainty and petite, and probably weighs around 60 pounds or so. She's got a pretty, blocky little face and her furnishings are feathery and soft. I clipped several large ugly mats from her ears and she does have quite a few ear scars from damage incurred either from dog scuffles or damage on crates and her environment. She took my attentions in stride! Her ears are suprisingly clean. She has some scars on her nose, but they almost look like they would have been made from sticking her face through a rough fence or crate.

She has had very big eyes at our house. Her introductions to our gang went very well, she is clearly dog savvy and happy around other dogs.  She will be required to go to a home with another dog as puppy mill kids do much better to have a canine mentor to bond with. She has taken a shine to Lizzie, our 13 year old girl, and the feeling is mutual. Shane and Rosie have been very well behaved and one lip curl was immediately corrected (Shane, who else?). As I type this she is laying next to the water dish and our three are all within 4 feet of her. Everyone is relaxed.

Annie did stairs up and down for the first time. She shook very hard but never missed a step. She is a very brave girl and I think once over her initial shyness, will be very self confidant. She has already discovered the joys of pets and asking for love.

I know this is a long first post, but I want everyone out there who is new to RAGOM and reading up on the ND rescue kids that at least one of them is already settling in nicely and has decided in 12 short hours that house dog life is pretty cushy. Dogs live for today and every day that passes, the nightmare of their past fades. Love, patience, discipline and consistency are what these kids need and if you have those and a willingness to open your home and be a part of something bigger...this is your opportunity.

Annie will require vetting, more vaccinations and a wait of 4 weeks to see if she is pregnant. I asked her if she could maybe pee on an ept test for me, but she just rolled her eyes at me. So, we will wait.

Lizzie will be teaching Annie how to play tug, counter surf (haha) and use a laptop so she can write her own updates. Be sure to check back often, we will be posting lots of pictures and milestones!
We removed her icky rusted collar and were struck by the stark cruelty of this.
Finally free from the chains that bind!


Lovely Annie went to the vet this afternoon and got lots of good news!
First, the vet thinks she's between 3 and 5 years old. She has some calculus on her back teeth that indicates she's older than we first thought.
Second, she's heartworm, flea, tick, lyme and mange-free. WHEEEEE!
Third, she's 55.1 lbs. and can stand to gain about 5-7 lbs. (Wish I had that problem!) (Oh! Maybe Annie will like to try a Peep. Yellow or pink??)
Fourth, he palpated her and didn't encounter any discernable puppies at this point. WHOOOT
Fifth and finally, her poop sample came back clean! Yeah! No parasites in the house!
So it was almost entirely good news for Annie. He did detect a very mild heart murmur, but it shouldn't be a problem.
Also, since some of the pups that came in tested positive for sarcoptic mange, and Annie has a number of scabs on her face and ears (and neck and chest and body) he did a couple of skin scrapings. The vet shaved her ears to remove the scabs and discovered she has very raggedy chewed up damaged ears. The wounds are old and healed, and were covered by her long hair. I will post photos of her sad little ears. He said it wasn't uncommon for dogs who live in tight conditions to beat up on each other and the ears are often the brunt of those brawls. One ear was torn vertically almost from the base to the tip and the other literally looks chewed off across the bottom. These injuries were never treated and must have been incredibly painful and bloody.
Now the best news of all...Annie took her trip to the vet like a trooper. In spite what's happened to her, she was very mellow and patient and while a little scared, came around very quickly and kissed the vet tech and let the vet pet her. She is a sweet gentle dog. There was a boy at the clinic who came over to say hi (but not touch!) and she moved forward towards him and seemed very interested in him.
Annie is nice to our 3 cats, practically ignoring them. (She smelled them intently the first day, but a quick "sh" and she has left them all alone.) She is submissive and not very interested in Shane (and he's just fine with that!) and is very sweet and interested in Rosie and Lizzie (who are 12 and 13.)
Annie is more interested in my husband, but given the mill owner was a man, that's not surprising. She's interested in me, and allows me to pet her, but she just seems more relaxed with my husband.
Annie is going to be featured in the Rochester Post Bulletin newspaper. I was interviewed by a reporter yesterday and a photographer will be out tomorrow to take pictures of her. If you live in SE MN, watch the paper for her article.
We continue to enjoy watching all of Annie's firsts. She had her first peice of steak, lick of peanut butter, walk around the block, feel of carpet under her feet, belly rub, scritch behind her ears and massage with a massage-thingy (technical term.) She is blossoming every day and it's a joy to watch her personality unfold.
Annie will be in foster care at a minimum of a month. She will be back to the vet in another 4 weeks to test again for pregnancy and booster of her vaccinations. If she isn't pregnant or in heat, we will then have her spayed. After that, she'll be ready to go to a new forever home.
Chilling after the vet
Annie, looking very pretty

Hi Everyone!


This is Annie. My foster mom let me out of my crate today, all day, and Lizzie taught me how to use the laptop. Then I took a nap.

First, I want to THANK the kind person who is my sponsor. I promise to write interesting updates and post pretty pictures of me. I'm not used to having anything to say, let alone, having someone interested in what I have to say!

I just got a bubble bath. My foster mom and dad were in the tub with me but I was a very good girl and laid down for my whole bath! I'm not sure why they were both reaching for a bottle of pills and rubbing their backs, but it sure felt good to me.

I am getting my picture taken by a real newspaper picture taker tomorrow. My foster mom talked to a reporter for the Rochester Post Bulletin and we are going to be famous! I promise to smile nice and not hide my nose for the picture.

I have been pretty snoozy today. I got a lot of shots yesterday and some squirty stuff up my nose and some scary needles stuck in me for blood and I needed to just have a quiet day to recover. But my foster mom was pretty surprised when I ran down the deck stairs across the back yard and I had my tail up and wagging. It felt good to wag it! I don't remember ever wagging my tail before. I have a feeling there's going to be a lot more wagging in my future. I also love to sleep with Lizzie. She doesn't mind, I just snuggle up to her and take our beauty naps together.

Well, I have to go. I think I heard the treat jar open. I have discovered that I am being fostered at a dog biscuit bakery. Lizzie said she thought she died and went to heaven when she first came here. She said she really helped with sample tasting. I'll have to check this biz out the next time there's baking going on.

Have a nice day. Hope you like my new beauty shop pictures!

Love, Annie



Hi, everybody!

I thought you'd enjoy reading the nice newspaper article that was written about me!

My foster mom and dad are babysitting Chester this week. He was a foster of theirs a few years ago and comes to stay for a week every spring while his forever family goes on vacation. He's a nice old guy and lets me give him puppy kisses.

I discovered rawhide rolls this weekend and they are really fun to chew on! I also discovered that rugs and towels are fun to chew on and was really surprised when foster mom told me I couldn't play with those. So I checked out the garbage can instead. Darn! I'm not allowed to play with that either! Shoot. I guess I'll go back and play with those squeaky toys that I'm supposed to play with.

My foster mom is teaching me a new word... SIT. I do it really really good when she has a little nibbly in her hand. I also want everyone to know that I know my name now. Especially when it's accompanied by a little nibbly! YUM!

Well, I have to get going. My foster mom wants to use the laptop!

Take care!
Love, Annie

Hi, everyone!
Just thought I'd check in quick before the holiday weekend. My foster mom said she's busy making Easter baskets for all of us! Whooooo Hooo!
This week has been very fun. I had lots of firsts... first rawhide (yum!), first walk around the block (kinda scary!) first puppy play bow with the Golden Armada (fun!) and first game of tug with Lizzie (way fun!).
My foster mom is really happy I'm coming out of my shell and acting like a big overgrown puppy, but I don't think she's too thrilled when I try out every toy in the toy basket (which is in their room which is so convenient!) at 4 in the morning. Sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! Squee squee squeee SQUEEE!
The bestest thing this week was meeting a family that might adopt me! They had applied to adopt a Golden and when my foster mom saw their home visit report, she realized this family only lives 2 blocks away! They are neighbors! (I'm using a lot of exclamation points!) They walked to our house and after a little while I warmed up and let them give me treats, pet me and see how pretty and nice I can be. Keep your paws crossed everything works out and I get adopted by them, then I can visit my foster mom and dad and Lizzie, Shane and Rosie!
I'm attaching some pictures of my big week here. Chester is here this week while his family is in Puerto Rico. He is my new buddy. Lizzie doesn't mind.
Annie loves a rawhide!
Annie's favorite spot.
With a visiting buddy, Chester 


Annie here.

This computer thingy is really fun! I have been enjoying reading about all my PM siblings on this site and how they are faring!

Darn, those puppies grow up so fast!  They have no idea what wonderful lives they are going to have now they they are out of that nasty place in North Dakota. We are all such lucky dogs! I am keeping Beckett (07-164) in my heart... he was a good boy who deserved a wonderful life.

I am a very lucky dog too! Did you notice that in an earlier post I mentioned there was a family interested in me?
Well... I charmed them with my cool sophistication and super model good looks. (Ok, I batted my big brown eyes at them. Does that count?) They came to visit me, and they LIKED me! And I thought they were OK too, once I realized they were good people and not scary people.  Having treats and sweet talk helped too.

Then I went for a walk a few days later and we visited their house! Oh yeah, they live less than 2 blocks from my foster mom's. How cool is that? They have two other dogs...a big red Golden boy who was busy carrying a stuffed toy in his mouth and a really worried looking terrier that looks like he should have his own National Geographic show. Imagine a large, long-legged, long haired cairn terrier that had a bad encounter with a tub of Dippy Do and a light socket. Anyhow, I ran around their house and found bones and toys and saw the new blankie my new mom and her daughter made for me! It's PINK!  Lizzie went with me so I was pretty brave. Oh, I have that walking on a leash thing down too. That's easy. And I got to wear a Gentle Leader. It itched a little, but it was OK.

I just wanted to let you all know that I have picked out my new forever family and I am so happy! I am going to stay in foster care until I get the rest of my shots and my spay surgery (which Lizzie and Rosie promised me won't hurt and I'll get lots of treats afterwards) and then I'll proudly walk 2 blocks to live with my new forever family!  I promise to continue updating my page until I'm adopted, and then I'm sure my new mom will send in an update too!  I found out I have quite a loyal following... and I know my sponsor Shayna is probably eager to see how I'm doing.  I really appreciate you sponsoring me, Shayna. It's making up for the first couple of years of my life when I gave so much (my babies!) and got so little in return... It's really sweet to be on the receiving end of love and good stuff for a change!

Bye for now! Love, Annie Banani Fo Fannie Annie (My new mom said my name will be Annie Lizzie cool is that??!)


04/18/2007: I just realized it's been over a week since I updated on Annie! She's at home snoozing in a sunny spot next to Lizzie and Rosie, so I thought I'd do a quick update.

Annie has a vet appt this Saturday for her vaccination boosters. At that time we'll consult about her spay. Hopefully we can get that done in the next week or so and she will be free to go live with her new forever family.

Last Saturday my Mom, who was visiting from out of town, Lizzie and Annie and I walked over to her new family's house. They live in our neighborhood, less than two blocks away. This was Annie's second visit and she acted much more relaxed and comfortable in her new home and was eager to sniff and check out their two dogs, Alex and Kip. Alex is a giant red Golden and Kip is'll just quote a line from the movie "Fargo;" "He's kinda funny lookin'."  Annie was eager to run up and down stairs, take goldfish crackers (spoiled already!) from her new human brother and snoop out bones. I think she is going to have the perfect Golden life...

(I've also heard through the RAGOM grapevine that her new family was at the Rochester Petsmart RAGOM event on Saturday and bought a whole shopping cart of goodies for her... can I live with them??)

Annie has discovered rugs and the joys of unravelling the yarn. Rugs are now rolled up and put away. She also decided kitchen tea towels are fun to unravel, so we put those up high too. She doesn't eat them or swallow, but she must love the feeling of pulling and ripping. She learned that from Lizzie. She's learned her name and comes running when she thinks there's a treat in it for her!  She jumps and puts front paws up and is a little pushy, so we are working on manners. It's like she's a  young puppy who has no experience with anything. It's fun to see how fast she learns!

We have some little dogs that live next door who take great pleasure in yapping at our dogs and getting them all riled up. Annie is unfazed by the commotion, and spent 10 minutes puppy play bowing the little furballs and couldn't figure out why they were barking if they weren't going to play. She also play bows the cats, which is pretty hilarious. She play bowed Shane and he growled at her. At least she knows to back off and give snarlyface some room. Annie and Lizzie love to play and engage in tug of war and Lizzie has even let Annie "win." (We can't even "win" when we play with Lizzie!)

So, I'll update again after her vet appt on Saturday. Annie doesn't feel pregnant, so I'm hoping her little padding is just good nutrition and regular meals. She had a little weight to gain, so hopefully it's all just healthy filling out.



05/07/2007: Hi, everyone!
Annie here. I wanted to let everyone know I'm fine, chillin out and just waiting for Thursday when I can go live with my forever family!
I am getting spayed (I think that means working in the garden. I'm good at gardening! I keep the wascally wabbits out of the yard. [I hear they taste like chicken.]) on Tuesday and then I get to put my feet up and relax a day and then I'm off to my new home! Whooo!!!
I had my first public outing on Sunday! I went to PetSmart in Rochester and braved the scary magic moving doors and all the people! It was my first front seat car ride too and boy, THAT was fun! My foster mom put my window down a little and I stuck my nose out into the wind and SNEEZED! (Sorry about the dog snot on the window Mom...) I did really good at PetSmart, and even though my tail was tucked up between my legs, I relaxed and let everyone pet me and give me treats. I  have learned to mostly relax in my foster home, but new things still startle me a little.  Garage doors! YIKES! Adirondack chairs!! I'm OK after a little bit, and I really hope the day will come when I am just one cool chick when it comes to new stuff.
I have turned out to be quite the little dancer! You should see me when I'm happy. Ginger Rogers has nuthin' on me! I get all happy feet and dance and prance and wag and lick and look like a big silly puppy. I think I'm going to dress up like Mumbles from Happy Feet for Halloween next years! Hey Mom? Did you see that? Start workin' on my penguin costume,  OK?  Kip can go too... he can dress up like Lovelace since he has funny hair. Hahahaha!!
TTFN! Dancing Annie

Just one last update about Annie. She went to her new forever home Thursday night with the P family of Rochester.  Mom, Dad and new People Sister walked over to get her and off they went, up the street. I was a little pleased to see Annie looking back a few times and wasn't too keen on leaving, but I know she is going to have a FANTASTIC new life with these wonderful people.

Many thanks to Shayna for sponsoring Annie. Without you, she wouldn't be going on to such a great life. RAGOM can't do what it does without the financial support of people like you. (Hey, I should work for PBS, no?)'s easy to sit and watch these stories on TV and go..."oh that's so sad...look at those poor dogs..." but it takes effort to volunteer, effort to donate money, effort to adopt. I appreciate everyone's effort to help rehome homeless animals.

Annie will never again experience pain from being chewed on by her kennel mates. She will never have to fight for her food. She will never have to give birth on a cold concrete floor and experience having her too-young babies taken from her. She won't ever know hunger. She will never again have a collar so tight it leaves an imprint on her skin. She won't ever be spoken harshly to or ignored. She will never be left to fend for herself in the elements. She will never have mats or overgrown toenails or itchy skin or infected ears or any illness related to mistreatment or neglect. She will know creature comforts, toys, loving pets, grooming, food, treats, a warm bed at night and most importantly, the love of her new family.

Bye-bye, my sweet Annie Banani. I thank you for the priviIege of getting to know you and trusting me to help start you on your new life. I hope you always remember me (especially when I come visiting with Lizzie!) ...





It is with great sadness that I need to inform you of little Annie's death on March 18th. Annie came to RAGOM from the huge Bismarck puppy mill rescue in March 2007. At the time of her death from cancer, we estimate her age to be about 12 or 13.

We had 9 wonderful years with Annie. During that time, she lived with Zak, puppy Milo who came from from RAGOM in 2009, Emmit from Ragom in 2008, and new puppy Winston who came last November. She loved the puppies, and showed them how to live the life of cherished dogs. Annie and Zak went to the Bridge just a few days apart, where Emmit and many others were waiting for them. As much as it broke our hearts to lose her, she lived a wonderfully long life free of that awful place she came from. Annie was the perfect example of a puppy mill dog who left her past behind and truly lived the Golden life. Rest in peace sweet girl.

Teri and Bob P.