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Jasmine 07-142
(Fostered in Plymouth, MN)

Sponsored by: Dain Rodwell 



The Princesses have arrived. All of them royalty and named after cartoon princesses. These sweet babies are part of the dogs rescued from North Dakota. I know if they could they would like to thank all the many people who helped them. Each little girl has her own personality but all of them are full of puppy kisses and cuddles. We call this one Jasmine, Jazzy for short. Jazzy is the talker of the group (what girl doesn't like to talk) She is light to med. color and full of spunk. She was given a clean bill of health from the vet but is finishing antibiotics because she was a bit dehydrated from her past life. If you would like to share your heart and home with an adorable little girl, e-mail Procrastinators will miss out on puppy kisses!



Here is the latest update on little Miss Jasmine, which is dedicated to Dain Rodwell, her wonderful sponsor.  Thank you so much for helping our princess find a truly Golden life with a perfect forever family!! 

She is a great little girl, even though she is part kangaroo!  We have to work on that jumping thing that she does, but she is so darn cute, it is hard to discipline her!  Jasmine is one of the North Dakota puppies and now that she is two weeks out of captivity, she is thriving!  She has been to the vet where she was treated for mange and double ear infections.  She was at the vet again today to check for worms and she thankfully came back negative for worms and was given an overall clean bill of health!  The vet said that she is one lucky girl to have gotten away from the puppy mill at such a young age.

She is now about 10 weeks old, 14 pounds and no longer is afraid of humans.  When she first came to live with us, she would run for her kennel if any human came into the room.  Well, that has completely changed.  She loves attention from our two resident Goldens and all family members as well.  She is now sleeping through the night, but we are still working on that potty training thing!  Gosh, it is just so much easier going inside!

Jasmine has been on an all natural dog food and we are supplementing her with some Missing Link.  This should clear up any dry skin that was a result of her being malnourished and in unsanitary conditions.  She went for a family walk recently around the neighborhood with my kids, me and our two resident Goldens.  She decided that it was more fun to bite the leash of one of the older dogs and pull way ahead so she was leading and walking the dog!  She is such a character!

Jasmine has a potential family coming to meet her on Saturday and if all goes well, it might just be Jasmine's lucky day!  However, it may not be so lucky for her foster family....we have grown quite attached!

04/17/2007: Thank you to Dain Rodwell for your sponsorship of little Jasmine.  Jasmine has been adopted by Joe and Kelly C and is on her way back to North Dakota!  Unlike her last experience at the North Dakota puppy mill, this time Jasmine will be seeing North Dakota from an entirely different perspective!  She will be living with a wonderful and loving family who fell in love with her through her picture on the RAGOM site and also through emails!  They drove over 250 miles on Saturday and were so excited to meet their new girl!  Even Jasmine was licking Joe and Kelly’s faces as soon as they picked her up!  She will be living the Golden life with parents that will be home with her all day and night and who are excited to shower her with love and attention.  She now will be known as Annie!


An update from Annie's (Jasmine) new family:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Annie (Jasmine)

I thought I would send some updated pictures of the soon to be 11 month old pup. She is doing so well! She loves the snow and playing with her Golden cousin, Murphy.

We are still so thankful to have been chosen for her family.

All the best in the new year,
Kelly C.