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Paris 07-130
(Fostered in Waconia, MN)

Sponsor Paris

Sponsored by: Denny Bettendorf

Paris is a rescue from the North Dakota puppy mill. She is female, 3 weeks old, and one of the puppies from Cassidy's litter.


Miss Paris is doing well. She is a happy go lucky little girl and had a good check-up at the vet on Thursday. She is on the petite side, like her sister Sunshine, and weighs 5 lbs. She received a second dose of meds for the itchy sarcoptic mange and her first de-worming.

Paris THANKS Denny Bettendorf for sponsoring her :)

After my bath


Paris (second from left, bottom of the pile) along with her three sisters, saw and met the resident cat today for the first time. Very curious indeed. The pups have been to the vet yet again, and it was discovered that they have lice to go along with the itchy sarcoptic mites they have. I gave all the pups a sulfur/lime dip because they are still too young to receive any other medications. It has been a couple days and all the pups are much improved, much less itching, and I am hopeful we got rid of the majority of the lice. We will follow up with another treatment (Revolution) on Thursday, and the pups will begin to meet their prospective families in a week or so.

05/06/2007: Paris was adopted by the B Family!