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Riley 07-646
(Fostered in Prior Lake, MN)

11/18/07: Hi everyone - Riley is just an AWESOME dog!! Riley is approx 2 ½ years old and loves to play, be outside, and give lots of lovin' and cuddling.  He is a medium to dark red and is getting over a hot spot.

I went to go pick him up yesterday and he was a lot of fun to meet.  He went into my bag and pulled out my purse, he must have thought there was some money in there (little did he know!).  He jumped right in my car and laid right down and rode just great.  He met the other foster, a Scottish Terrier, and they did great.   They are like Mutt and Jeff, Riley is tall and lean and my Scottie is roly poly, they are funny to watch together.  Riley will go to the vet today to get the once over.  He has already been neutered and is UTD on all of his shots.

Riley is used to being in his kennel when you are gone and at night.  He slept in it last night just fine - we never heard a peep from him.  He is used to getting on the furniture, as he jumped right up on it at my house.  He has such a fun personality and is just a hoot to be around.  We have noticed that he does like to be around his people, asks for his rubs and leans in and will even give kisses.


Riley says:

Hi everyone, Here are some pictures of me.  As you can tell I am very handsome....At least that is what my foster parents say.  I have been great so far.  I love to play, do not really like to go into my kennel when asked but I'll go there on my own....If foster mom puts my leash on I will go in just fine.  I do bark if outside but that is if there is a different sound or something.  I went to the vet yesterday and I got micro chipped and updated on shots.  I have mild ear infections but we are working on getting those taken care of, I let foster mom put the ear stuff in like a trooper.  I love to play and cuddle.  Foster mom and dad are not sure how I am with kids so they will let you know more later on that.  My coat is nice and soft!!!!


Foster mom here.  Riley lets me know if he needs to go out, he will come to me and then walk to the door.  If I don't catch what he is doing, he will do it again, I'll ask if he needs to go out and he gets all excited. He did it this morning and I was so happy that he gave me this sign, he had done something like this the past few days but I did not realize that he needed to go out.  ( I had just let him out every couple of hours)
Riley went to the vet and is all up to date on everything and micro chipped.  He has a minor ear infection that we are treating but other then that all id GReat with him.
He did not want to go into his kennel yesterday when I needed to leave for work so I took out his leash, put it on him and he went right in. Hubby said he did not have a problem getting Riley into his kennel yesterday, but I had told him about the leash trick.  Today he didn't want to go in either so I tried enticing him with treats instead of the leash and that worked like a charm.   Because of not knowing his complete background I would not want to try and push him or force him into his kennel and we would not want to try and pull him or force him to come out.  We want him feel that his kennel is his safe zone.  He will go in and out of his kennel on his own so we know he is comfortable in it as his safe zone.  He will  just lay in there and take toys or shoes or just whatever he can find in it.  He is funny that way.  
He does like to play and will come to us for love and rubs.  He has the run of the main level when someone is home and I did let him have free roam for about 1/2 hour yesterday while no one was home and he did fine. He is allowed upstairs to the bedrooms only if he is supervised at this point.  He does bark when someone comes to the door.  He met my in-laws last night and he did just AWESOME, he wanted to play with them and give kisses, he does like to jump up to greet you so we will work on that with him.   He explores the yard and loves to be outside and will even just sit and watch the world go by.
He has slept with me the past 2 nights and has been great.  I must say that he has been a wonderful house guest.  He does toll over and likes his tummy rubbed.  I am not sure about kids and will wait to kid test him with them until after he has gotten adjusted to out house a bit more.    
So far I know that Riley's ideal home would preferably have a fenced yard so that he can run and play, especially if you have another dog.  I have him and another foster on tie outs and they keep getting tangled.  He does do well on a tie out so that is ok for him too.   Riley is young still and has allot of energy to burn so he would benefit from being played with allot, walked and maybe would make a running partner.   We have not walked him as of yet but his does pull on his leash so we will try him on either a gentle leader or a harness.  I am thinking a gentle leader would be better as then we could also control the jumping up when he gets excited.  He does well with other dogs,at least small to medium sized so dogs do not seem to be an issue for him.  All in all he is a joy to have around.  We re not sure how he is with cats as we do not have one.
We will keep everyone posted.  IF your interested in Riley please let the placement team know.
Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone!!!
Riley here - There is so much to catch eveyone up on that I do not know where to start.  I got to spend a low key thanksgiving with foster mom (fm) and dad (fd).  I played with my foster sister and we all just hung out, it was so nice.  We went out and played some ball and we all chased each other and it was a blast.  When I play with fm I like to mouth her sometimes but she says "gentle" to me and I back right off.  She is so proud of me when I do that.  I protected fm on thanksgiving night too, I barked to scare off things that were in the yard!!!   FM said that I am a GREAT DOG!!!!!!!! By the way -  Foster mom wants me to tell you that I did have a siezure on Thursday night.  It was a mild siezure and lasted a few minutes, the good thing is that I only had one.  I went to the vet today to get some blood drawn so that they can see what is going on with me.  We will keep you posted.  ;   
I got to go to another foster home for a slumber party Friday night and I got to play with 2 other dogs big dogs, it was sooooo much fun and I got to get all of my energy out.  Thank you so much Dave!!!
Riley has arrived to his new foster home.  He wants to thank his former foster mom, Andree, for all the love and care he received while staying with her!!
Riley is a very easy going fine looking young gentleman of a golden retriever.  He arrived tonight and has settled in like he has been part of my pack for some time.  He is sitting at my feet chewing on a rawhide bone while the other three resident dogs explore all of Riley's toys.  Riley has come into RAGOM from a caring home that could not keep him.
Look for more updates as new foster dad gets to know this GReat dog in the next days.  For now here are some pictures of Riley smiling and wrestling with Indy (07-253).

Riley will be making an appearance at the Burnsville PetCo this Saturday at 11:00 AM.  We may not be able to stay for the whole event so come early and meet this handsome young guy.



Riley has met his forever home!!!  I will have this GReat guy until Friday when we he will join Joan & John’s family.


Riley has been the easiest foster since arriving in my home a little over a week ago.  Riley attended the PetCo event in Burnsville (see photo) and met numerous hardcore RAGOM fans who ventured out in the first major snow of the season!
One particular family liked him soooo much that they came to see him during the Tuesday night storm.  For everyones sake we hope this is not a trend that will continue.  Mr. Riley worked his charms so well Tuesday night, picking up a few shoes (which he never chews), a few toys and then wiggling his butt into his guests for rubs.  Oh yeah, he gave them both some kisses and hugs too.  Well his charms really worked, as his guests called back with delight to say they wanted to make Mr. Riley a permanent member of their family.  Riley will be going to his new home with Joan and John this Friday.
Thank you RAGOM for helping this GReat boy find his furrever home!!!
Mr. Riley went to his furrever home on Friday night.  He is now enjoying lots of love from his new Mom and Dad, the D. family of Minnepolis.  He walked right into his new home Friday evening and quickly checked out his new surroundings.  Within minutes he did one of his little quirks, he loves to carry slippers and shoes, and he found one of both his new Mom and Dads.  He is very respectful and never chews them mind you, but just likes to carry them around or back to his crate.  He will trade them for his prized teddy bear or a treat.
Before he left my pack he had one final wrestling match with his pal Indy (07-253).  He must have known he was going somewhere as it seems like he got the best of Indy, see the photos.  Indy would love to have a rematch at a future play date or a RAGOM event. 
Thank you Joan and John for welcoming Mr. Riley into your GReat home!  I know he will get lots of love and attention from you both.  After Riley settles in maybe he will get a furr pal of his very own through RAGOM too!
Foster Dad says thank you to RAGOM and all of our supporters for making it possible to help these GReat dogs find their permanent homes!