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I've been Adopted!

Hunter/Rusty 07-653
(Fostered in Minneapolis, MN)

Hunter/Rusty came from a full shelter in Sioux City, Iowa along with two friends he was found roaming the streets with. He and Mandy 07-652 look like brother and sister. They both have reddish/gold coats, are fine boned and have flesh-colored noses and hazel eyes. Hunter seems to be the alpha male of the pack, marking his spots with determination outside and leading any social contact. He is a very outgoing 1-2 year old male, gregarious and intelligent. However, he is quiet in his crate unless there's a lot of stimulation and sleeps well through the night.  He is a little possessive about food and water, probably because he is so starved, so I feed him separately. He craves personal attention and touch and went on a two mile walk today and was very good on the lead. Hunter has been to the vet. He is underweight at about 48 lbs, but is otherwise healthy. He was neutered on Tuesday and has been perky and ready to go since. Hunter does know 'sit' and has not had any accidents in the house. Hunter is a very affectionate dog that needs an active, loving home and reassurance that he is safe.


 Jasper 07-654 and Hunter/Rusty 07-653 will be at the Petco Burnsville event this Saturday, December 1 from 11-2!!!


Hunter has had quite an eventful weekend! He had his first bath, maybe ever, on Friday and smells soooo much better. He resisted getting in the shower, but once he was in, he was a dream. I think he may have actually liked it, because his tail was thumping the whole time. Of course when he was all bathed and handsome he galloped around showing off his new look to his resident doggie friends.

On Saturday Hunter took a trip to Petco for the RAGOM event. He's been such a good boy with his three resident dogs I was sure he would accept meeting some new dog faces, but after 2 hours I think poor Hunter was a little overstimulated and got a bit ornery. I am finding out that even though he has adjusted to his three resident pals very well and loves them as playmates he would be best in a home without any dogs and definitely without cats. From living on the streets he seems to think cats are food and he has a very keen hunting instinct. Hunter did, however, show that he is very good and gentle with kids. He had lots of pats and treats from kids and took the treats like a gentleman and LOVED the pats from the little guys.



It has been almost three weeks since I picked up Mr. Hunter from his long road trip from Iowa. He has really transformed and acts like he is a part of the family. He no longer has to be fed separately, because he is confident he will get food and his tummy is full - actually he has filled out to a good weight for his size.

We have been on several long walks and runs and he is great on the lead. He listens to 'heel' and a slight tug on the leash. He also ignores cars - in a good way =)

I have changed my mind about his placement in a home without dogs. He has settled in quite happily with our three dogs and LOVES to play. He even had five toys he dragged out of the toy basket the other day and couldn't seem to decide which one would be better to run around with in his mouth. He is also great at fetch with the ball and even brings it back - it's a little slobbery, but at least he's enjoying himself. With his physique and athleticism I can imagine he would be a great frisbee dog, though we haven't had a chance to try that yet. He has such a big heart and is full of love ready to share with the right family.


Hunter/Rusty will be at the PetSmart event this Saturday, January 5th from 11-1pm (two hours is usually his limit =( )

Here is a new photo of Hunter and his resident friend Ellie (former RAGOM dog). They are best of friends and now spend their nights sharing space on the end of the bed.


Hunter/Rusty will be at PetSmart in Richfield on Saturday, January 19th, from 12 to 2PM!


I had the pleasure of "dog sitting" Hunter/Rusty while his foster Mom was out of town for a few days. What a doll!! He was so sweet, followed me around the house all day. I tried to be very quiet while he was sleeping on the couch and I had to get up to get something. I didn't want to disturb him, but I would turn around and there he would be. My 4 year old grandson was here when Hunter was visiting and they got along great. Hunter played fetch with him and when my grandson offered him a treat he took it Oh So Gently from his hand. We went walking, even though it was below zero, and he walked very nicely on his Gentle Leader. He did try to sleep on the bed with me, but that's because Foster Mom lets him sleep with her!!! He was very good about sleeping on his doggie bed on the floor next to my bed. He does get up early in the morning though - being retired, I'm not use to that. Of course, most people don't consider 7 am exactly early.

We also attended the Petsmart event in Richfield on Saturday and after being a bit hesitant at first ( he didn't like it when other dogs approached him) he was just fine. He did, however, go potty on their floor - OOPS my fault. Just wanted to let everyone know that Hunter is a real sweetheart and will make someone very happy as their forever dog.


Hunter/Rusty will be at the Woodbury Petco event this Saturday 1/26 from 12-2pm =)


Hunter just moved to our home this weekend and wow – what a great dog! We have two small children (3 & 6) and a female Golden. He is great with the kids and our resident dog (after kind of a loud introduction), and so happy and affectionate. I can’t believe he is still with RAGOM!

Hunter is totally potty trained, crazy about toys, and has a large vocabulary of sweet sounds to let you know he wants to go outside, wants more love – and my favorite – oh, yes…that is the perfect spot to scratch! He is like a puppy without any of the bad stuff….no chewing, potty or crazy jumping. Super affectionate and happy!

He walks well on a leash, knows sit, shake and with a bit of obedience training he will be even better. We have a fenced yard and he loves to run and play ball.

I think he may have some allergies, which we are treating with allergy medicine, but nothing different than most Goldens deal with.

Here is a picture of Hunter at PetCo, and a picture of him snoozing after a day of playing ball!


Hunter and our resident played like crazy this weekend - he is a great ball player and loves toys! Hunter was very patient with the kids as they tried to keep up with him running in the back yard, and takes treats oh so gently from everyone. He is a joy to foster and our resident is so happy to have someone to play with.

Hunter is very agile, and pops right up on the bed, snuggles in, and snores! Our resident can’t hop in the bed without assistance, so she decided to give him a bath instead.

I wish I could get a better picture of Hunter. Maybe a video would capture his many cute expressions, non-stop waggling tail and cute happy sounds!


Hunter has had an exciting month of February! He spent almost two weeks with another RAGOM foster family on an extended sleepover while I was traveling. He got along wonderfully with their resident dog and was very well behaved with their two young kids. As you can see from the photos he was spoiled and got to crash on the bed after a full day of play.

We have also had a couple of parties at our house this month and let Hunter introduce himself and mingle. He was very much the gentleman, was the hit of the party and of course loved all of the attention. I never had to worry about Hunter grabbing people's food or spilling drinks, since he doesn't counter surf, was very polite and calm and hasn't taken any food yet unless it's given to him. He will sit nicely next to a guest and leave a little puddle of drool on the floor, but it's much better than the alternative and it seems to be a good strategy to get himself a nosh or two just because he's so sweet.

There's no reason this wonderful boy is still waiting for his forever home. He is an amazing dog; gentle, kind, loving, athletic, obedient and funny...believe it or not he exhibits quite a sense of humor, making Scooby noises when he's trying to communicate and bringing me every toy from his toy bin hoping I will want to join him in play with at least one.

Today we went for a walk around Lake Harriet and passed many dogs that months earlier Hunter may have barked at, but he walked along nicely, wagged his tail a bit, but did not lunge or bark and even sniffed and met a few friends. If Hunter and his story interest you let RAGOM won't be disappointed!


Hunter enjoying an ice ball...


Hmm...which one do I want?


Aren't I sweet?


Yum , yum!



Hunter is currently enjoying doggie day care at All Seasons Canine Country Club in Corcoran. Maureen and her staff there do a fabulous job with our RAGOM pups while they are waiting for a foster home. Hunter loves playing in his doggie play group and pays attention to signals from the other dogs. He is a very athletic, energetic boy who would do great as a running partner or in agility training. Hunter would definitely benefit from an active home to keep him busy.

He knows basic commands but he hasn't learned that he can't jump up to give you kisses!! He doesn't protect his toys or humans from other dogs. Hunter will react if other dogs lunge at him by growling back and telling them to back off. Those other dogs just don't have good manners! We will post a picture soon but they really don't do him justice. He's got the most beautiful, unique eyes. You have to meet this boy in person to see it for yourself.

If you are an active, outdoor person who needs a partner in your activities, you have to meet Hunter! Email to arrange a meeting.


I thought I'd send some new pictures of me at doggie day care. I was loving the snow but now I'm loving the mud even more! How come no one will take pictures of me in the mud? My hair isn't nearly as long as a purebred dog. That makes me easier to clean up! Doesn't that make me BETTER than a purebred?



Finally I am out of boarding!! Not that I did not like the canine country club, but it sure is nice to be back in a home.

My new foster Dad seems pretty cool. When he was giving me a tour of the house I jumped up on his bed to put my front paws on his shoulders and gave him lots of kisses just to show my appreciation for being here.

I really enjoy walks in the new neighborhood here in the Nokomis area of Minneapolis. Just to show off a little bit, I have almost gone on point to show FD where the squirrels and rabbits were. After they run away, I always have the scent and FD seems to be impressed by this. He thinks I could make an excellent hunting dog with some work. I have been pulling a little bit on walks, but am getting better. FD seems a little confused on how to get my Gentle Leader on, and I am not telling him how to do it!! (he says he knows how now)

I have had no accidents in the house, and am very good about telling FD when I need to go outside, isn’t that what all dogs do? I am a very sweet boy, and am very gentle when taking treats or playing. I have no resource guarding issues, and am the only animal that lives here. I have the run of most of the house here, and when left alone I have not been destructive or gotten into anything that I should not have.

FD left today for a while and when he came home he had the smell of some other dogs on him. He said that he just went to Chuck and Don's in Eagan to meet some humans and dogs with RAGOM. I was suspicious, so, I told him next time he does this I want to come with!!

FD has taken some pictures of me, but I am a little camera shy, but more will be on the way.




I will be at the RAGOM event at Chuck and Don's in Cottage Grove this Saturday, May 3rd. I would love to meet some of my potential adopters!



Hello all, Hunter here checking back in. I have been having a great time since the last update. FD did figure out how to put my Gentle Leader on, and I hardly pull at all on walks now. I have loved all of this great weather lately and have let FD know that I want to go outside even if I don't really have to go potty. FD does not seem to mind, and he likes this nice weather also.

I still get a little excited on walks with other dogs go by, but FD is working with me on this and I am getting much better.

FD was very sick last week, and it made me feel really bad. I kept letting him know by getting into bed with him and cuddling as close as I could to make sure I made him feel better. FD said he appreciated this, but was probably not the best idea, since he had a bad case of the flu.

I got to take a few more car rides last week, which I really love. I love to stick my nose out the window and smell all the fun smells. This is great until about 60 MPH, then I prefer that FD closes the windows, and I then like to lie down in the back seat. I know when we slow down again though, so I am ready and waiting for the windows to go back down.

I took a little trip last week, and went to see FD's parents in Burnsville. I really liked their house with all of the new smells. My Foster Grandma even bought me some new toys for me, but said I am not supposed to call her a Grandma.

I even went to Chuck and Don's on Saturday and met some really nice people. I had no problems with meeting some of the puppies, but did get a little excited about a few dogs when they came in the door.

I continue to prove to my FD what a gentle, sweet and smart guy I am, and everyone I meet seems to agree. Here are a few more photos of me to check out.

Smell you later,




Hunter was officially adopted May 15th!