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Dakota 07-656
(Fostered in Eden Prairie, MN)

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Hello, my name is Dakota and I am nine years old!  I am 80 pounds of lovable Golden who has lots of energy and impeccable manners.  I was surrendered by a family for reasons I don't quite fully understand but I moved into my foster home a couple days ago and it sure has been exciting.  The first night in my foster home I kept my foster daddy up most of the night trying to get him to throw the tennis ball for me to chase. My foster daddy quickly learned how much I love tennis balls and that I would rather run after them than sleep......if I could just get someone to keep throwing them for me.  After the excitement of my first night here when I wanted to play all night long, I've been much better about quietly sleeping like the good boy that I am!.  I'm quickly settling in to the routine here and foster daddy says I've been a perfect little angel.  In addition to my foster daddy, I'm also living with two other dogs.....and a cat.  I get along great with the dogs.  They are lots of fun to play with and one of them kind of looks like me.  Boy is she cute!  The cat is okay, too, but I mostly just ignore him.  

In the coming days my foster daddy said he is going to take me to the doc so I can get checked out.  Other than that, I'm just going to hang around here for a while and get to know my new foster family a little better.  But so far it's been great!     




Happy Holidays!  It's Dakota here.  I'm enjoying the holidays with my foster family and I thought I'd give you a little update as I sit here my favorite tennis ball in my usual.  Well, I went to the doggy doctor this week.  Twice!  The first time was for my initial check up.  I weighed in at 72 pounds and the nice doggy doctor gave me a clean bill of health.  Mostly.  I do have a mild ear infection in one of my ears....hey, don't most goldens?....and I have a little tick-borne disease from spending so much time in the woods.  It is being treated with antibiotics for a month and the doggy doc said I should be fine.  I had so much fun going to see the doctor (I love car rides!) that I went back a couple days later after my foster daddy noticed I was favoring one of my feet.  The doctor is not sure how I hurt my foot, and I'm not really sure either, but she told me that it would heal faster if I would stop licking it so much.  I'm working on that.  

Everything else is going great!  I love my two new "sisters".  They are a lot of fun and super nice to me.  My foster daddy keeps me entertained by throwing the tennis ball down the hall for me to retrieve (when my foot doesn't hurt) and taking me for walks in the park.   I walk nicely on a leash too, as I demonstrated yesterday when my foster daddy took me to PetsMart.  I love to snuggle.  And I sleep through the night now, too.....unlike my first night here when I just wanted to stay up all night and play.  My foster daddy says that I am an awesome dog!!


Dakota with resident golden Katie


Dakota relaxing


Tug-of-war with Katie


Dakota (with tennis ball), Katie, and Abbie




Dakota was kind enough to let me write his update this time....which gives me an opportunity to tell all the great things about Dakota that he is too modest to write about himself.  Dakota really is a special dog.  It's impossible not to fall in love with this reddish 72 pounder with big feet.  He is very sweet, loving, handsome and adorable.  Here is a little more information about him:

* He loves to have a ball in his mouth at all times. 
* He loves it even more when someone throws the ball down the hall for him to chase.  He would do this from the moment he got up in the morning until he finally fell asleep at night....if he could just get someone to play along with him.
* He loves to sit in the car.  It doesn't matter if he's going anywhere or not, he just loves to sit in the car.  He loves the car so much he once crawled in the trunk when I opened it to unload groceries.  He thought he was in heaven just lying  down in the trunk that day.  
* He loves car rides, too.  He sits in the passenger seat next to me and calmly looks out the window to see where we're going.
* He loves cookies!  He's never had any cookies since he has been with me but he really takes notice when I have a cookie and that seems to be the one food that really gets his attention.  Well, that and cat food.   He finds cat food to be mighty tasty!
* He loves going to the park and he walks nicely on the leash.  
* He loves to snuggle.  At night he usually sleeps on the bed with me, my Golden Katie and the cat....lying as close as possible to both me and Katie.
* He loves attention.  But he doesn't overwhelm you with his desire for attention.  He is just very happy and content as long as he has a ball in his mouth. 
* He is very well-mannered and quiet.  He rarely ever barks.  I can remember only on time that he has barked since he's been here when he and my two resident dogs were in the backyard and they saw some deer. 

It would probably be best for Dakota to go to a home without children.  I have seen nothing to suggest that he would not get along with everyone, children included, but his surrendering owner gave it as a reason to give him up. 

Dakota also indicated to me that he would like to live with a family who has a fenced-in yard.  And that there is at least one member of the family who has a good arm and is willing to throw the ball for him to chase all day long!

Dakota really is a wonderful boy and I can't say enough good things about him! 

P.S.  Dakota will be at PetSmart in Richfield on Saturday January 19th! 

Dakota enjoying some quiet time in the trunk

Dakota, as usual, with tennis ball

Dakota enjoying a Minnesota winter



Dakota was adopted today!!  He has moved in with Shelley, Michael and Sadie.  He is a lucky dog to have found such a great family and they are  lucky to now have Dakota in their lives!  Dakota is incredibly adorable and I'm really going to miss him and his tennis ball, but I'm happy that he found such a wonderful home.  Thank you to everyone who checked out Dakota's updates!!