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Oscar 07-664
(Fostered in Alexandria, MN)

Meet Oscar, an 11 month old Labradoodle who has been with us since Sunday (12/2) afternoon.  When we first met Oscar he was terrified and stinky.  We had to literally carry him into our van and later into the house.  He literally didn't know, what he was suppose to do.  He came from a breeder in northern Minnesota, who decided on his own to surrender his dogs to RAGOM, knowing they would be given the best chance at a normal, loving dog life.  It was clear that Oscar had very little human contact, but he is getting the hang of family life slowly but surely.  Already, he is following us around the house, going up and down steps, and has yet to have any accidents in the house!

Trust is going to be the biggest issue we are going to be working on.  His first few days, we could not get near him, he took all cues from our resident dog, Daisy.  Now he is at least coming up to lick our fingers - on his own!  We think that is a huge improvement!  He is really wanting to learn how to play, but is still a little confused on how to get started!  We are a little concerned about his left front leg, as he has a slight limp, but he is going to the vet tomorrow to get everything checked out! Oscar has shown absolutely no signs of aggression and is warming up to our young daughters.  Please keep checking on him to see how this sweet guy adjusts to becoming the perfect companion!



Sweet Sweet Oscar has had an amazing few days in our home!  He had his first vet visit yesterday and fared pretty well.  Our big lug is already 64# and skin and bones.  He is going to be one big dog when he fills in.  He had  a raging ear infection in both ears with two different kinds of bacteria and a yeast infection in his ears.  The vet said that it looks like he had it so long that he was used to it and no longer complained. We are going to keep a watch on his front leg.  The vet is hoping that it is more of a growing pain issue, (which would resolve itself in a week or so) because he does not show evidence of pain when it is manipulated.  For this reason, we are waiting a week or so to get him neutered, so that x-rays can be done if he is still limping. 

Back to Oscar's personality - He really is coming a long way.  He is so endearing the way he wants so badly to be with us, but is still scared to death of us.  After we settle down on the couch, he will come up and lay beside us (he even tried to jump up on the couch last night), but if we make a move towards him  - he bolts.  We moved his crate into our bedroom last night and he didn't make a single peep all night long.  He definitely needs another dog to help learn how to be a dog.  He is Daisy's (our resident dog) shadow and does whatever she does!  He does fine going up and down stairs and going outside, but has a really hard time coming back in.  We pretty much have to leave the door wide open and go to the next room before he will venture inside.  He is just beginning to romp around in the snow with Daisy, and you can literally see him "light up" when he figures out how to play.   

Oscar is showing himself to be a very docile dog, and I am sure once he learns to trust people he will be a major love bug!  He has made such huge strides already, he is going to be a very quick learning puppy! I am still pleased to say he has only had one potty accident in the house and I take full responsibility for that , because I accidentally scared him with our vacuum cleaner.  Oscar will be leaving our home for a long term foster home in Iowa on Sunday, because we will be traveling over the holidays.  We will be sad to see him go, but can't wait to watch how he learns and grows!




Hi, this is Oscar's new foster mom. He arrived from Minnesota after three transporters. Boy, it was a long day for sweet Oscar! I think he really misses his first foster family, but they are traveling for the holidays so they could only temporarily foster him. He is so smart but not very trusting. That is what puppy mills do to dogs, makes them scared of humans.

He doesn't like leashes but we put one on him very time we go out. He won't take food out of our hands but my youngest daughter is on a mission and IS going to accomplish this. She is determined to gain his trust!  Right now our main goal is to stay very consistent with him. That way he will begin to know what to expect from us.

He has a vet appointment on Thursday to have a fecal check, schedule neutering, and to have his ears rechecked. Keep this sweet, docile boy in your thoughts. We will be giving him lots of love and consistency. Let's hope this green-eyed guy takes to us. I think he will!



Oscar here! Boy, it is amazing what a scratch behind the ear does for a person! I sleep on a big, comfy rug in my crate. They even leave the door open! I go through the door now to pottie outside. That was new for me. While in the stinky puppy mill, I went whenever and wherever I wanted. At this new, warm home, I go outside and do my business. When I come inside, they cheer for me and rub my tummy. I think I like this new life better.

The whole family took me to the vet last night. I hid in the corner by the ultrasound machine. I still like my quiet corners. Dr. Chamberlain spent an hour with me rubbing my tummy and scratching my ears. She put this bubbly stuff in my ears and cleaned them all out. It feels so good now. I didn't even care that I was moaning with pleasure when Dr. Chamberlain was getting the "junk" out. My family puts drops in my ears two times a day and in two weeks I will be like new. Dr. Chamberlain says that I have cobblestone ears. Something about having an infection for so long that the canals are bumpy now.

My family insisted on taking new pictures. They think that I am a new dog. I am starting to feel like it!! Abby, another RAGOM foster mom came and bathed me and gave me a haircut. I didn't like it very much. I heard them talking at the vet last night and they are going to neuter me on the 3rd of January. I will then be ready to adopt. I am making such progress every day. Pretty soon I will be as spoiled as this Logan dog. He likes to be petted and hang right by his family. I will learn quickly by hanging around this 100 pound lug!



Our Oskie has made so much progress since the last update. He continues to be so sweet and wants to trust people so badly! This is what Oscar is now doing:

  1. He is walking on a leash. And he is a great walker. He stays on the left side and doesn't pull. He would be a great family member for a runner or daily walker. He loves exercise and is extemely athletic.
  2. He chases after a ball now. Oskie won't pick it up but he gets there before our resident dog Logan and lets him pick it up. He loves to play with other dogs. The neighbor dogs love him. He would be great with a family who has a dog or not. As long as he has other dogs to play with or an athletic family, he would be in heaven.
  3. Oscar is licking our hands and faces now. I about started crying with this new step. He sleeps next to my side of the bed throughout the night. He is not crated at night anymore and he is figuring out that crates aren't all that they are cracked up to be! And guess what! He is wagging his tail and his ear aren't flat to his head anymore.
  4. He is so smart. I can't believe what he knows. He understands "no" and will immediately stop doing whatever and listen to us. We never raise our voice at him, never.
  5. Oskie is a Velcro dog. He follows me EVERYWHERE! I still can't bend down and pet him though. If he is laying down then we can approach him and he loves ears rubs, LOVES them!
  6. He is beginning to take food out of our hands. He is definitely not food motivated.
  7. He doesn't need to be crated during the day. He is trustworthy. He is completely potty trained.

Oscar had a terrible life, locked in a cage for the first 11 months of his life. This is no fault of his own. Cruel, unloving people made him this way. He is a super dog who wants a family who will love him, cuddle with him but most of all show him that humans can be kind! My heart breaks for these abused, neglected dogs. If you think Oscar may fit into your family, please email so we can talk!



Just a quick update! Oscar had a bath this morning and he was running around playing afterwards. I think he is liking water! His neutering went well and he is healing without any complications.  He is also on a new ear medicine to clear up the ear infection. His left ear just doesn't want to cooperate.

We had a party last night and he stayed downstairs with everyone. It was a huge milestone in this sweet boy's life. The party-goers fell in love with him. Someone was always petting him and he was in heaven! He continues to walk like an expert on a leash. Eric took him a bit farther this morning and he experienced a busy street. He was cautious but continued on his walk.

Oscar is just a love. If you would like to meet this resilient boy, please email!


Well, my sweet dog is meeting a family for possible adoption this coming weekend. B and Tiger are looking forward to meeting Oscar who looks and acts a lot like their Golden who has passed away. B and Tiger understand that patience and trust is what Oscar needs. I think this is going to be a terrific forever home!

I am going to miss Oscar terribly but he deserves to go to a home that will love him more than life itself! It is truly amazing how much progress he has made in less than a month.


Well it's me, Oscar here! Or as I am affectionately called, Oskie. I totally freaked my mom out this morning. I went down the stairs next to her and even passed her on the way down. I also played this morning because I was so excited to see everyone get out of bed. I think I like this people business! I am going into the vet today, or so I hear. Dr. C wants to check my ear before I leave on Saturday. I hope that infection is gone. I am meeting my new mom (I hope, I hope) in Minnesota. She is so understanding and realizes that I might be shy and skittish at first. She knows that I need patience. I really am a huge baby though and want to trust people so bad! Keep your fingers crossed for me. I may be a puppy mill dog but I have a ton of heart! If you have been following my story and are interested in other puppy mill dogs, email


Well, my little Oscar meet Betty E today and it is a match. What a special person Betty is for wanting to adopt a sweet dog who needs patience and love! She will be taking him home on Thursday!


Oscar has now started his new forever life. Oscar and I went to Betty and Tiger's house tonight, and Oscar (now to be Benji) was so brave. He didn't want to go in the house, but once he was in, he acted like he knew it was his forever home and was very happy there. He was so much more uninhibited than I thought he would be. He was eager to explore, and he and Tiger had a very nice playtime...For sure, he will now be loved and nurtured...Thank you Betty!