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Buddy 08-123
(Fostered in Minneapolis, MN)

Meet Buddy! Buddy is an 11 month old bundle of classic Golden exuberance. We don't know much about his background... actually, we don't know ANYTHING about his background prior to last week. He was presumably "dumped" at a shelter in Iowa, and found his way to RAGOM. Lucky boy! He is a little tyke... only 47 pounds, and is now up-to-date on shots, has been neutered, and received a clean bill of health (other than a minor ear infection). He just arrived last night, but so far seems to be house-trained & crate-trained, rides great in the car, knows how to do stairs, and seems familiar with being inside a house. He made himself comfortable on the couch right away, so that's a good sign he's lived with a family before.

Buddy is definitely a lover! He loves people, loves other dogs, and is overall a VERY happy boy. He knows a few commands, but has a pretty short attention span (as do most young Goldens), so he would definitely benefit from some training. His doggie communication skills are great... he LOVES to play, he and my 1 year old GR, Zach, are like two peas in a pod, but he also respects my 4 year old's "warnings" (not that any warnings have actually been necessary, but Mason sometimes has the tolerance of a cranky old man). Buddy was just neutered on Friday, so his hormones are still winding down. He has humped Zach a few times, but knows better than to try this with Mason. :) He likes to fetch, and I've seen no signs of resource guarding with toys or food.

We haven't tested him yet with kids or cats, but my guess is he would do fine with kids, he just needs to learn some manners. He is a bit of a jumping bean (think Air Bud... I guess his name is fitting), but doesn't really jump ON you, more like straight up in the air in front of you. We're working on this. Buddy will be at PetSmart in Eagan this Saturday, March 8, from 11am-2pm, so come meet this little sweetheart. Better yet, let your placement advisor know if you'd like to meet him, since he isn't likely to be in foster care for long. More soon.




Oh my gosh, if there was ever a perfect dog, Buddy seriously might be it!!! He has a GReat, fun-loving, always happy, tail-wagging Golden personality, and boy is he a lover! I can't believe that anyone would have ever let this guy go! He has all the signs of a dog who has been well-loved, and has no "issues", other than being young and needing some training.

Here are a few things I've discovered about Buddy in the week he's been here:
  • LOVES to cuddle but isn't pushy about getting attention -- he's happily entertaining himself with a nylabone as I type.
  • LOVES kids! He's very gentle with them and will roll over on his back for belly rubs, which is the cutest thing ever!
  • LOVES toys but doesn't guard them from people or other dogs. He always likes to carry one around, and it's fair game for Zach to try and grab it away from him.
  • LOVES to play fetch, and is working on "drop" when he returns the ball.
  • LOVES his food, and eats right next to my guys with no problems. He could stand to gain a couple of pounds, but I don't think that will be difficult given his appetite and love for treats.
  • LOVES to play with other dogs, and hasn't had any squabbles with either of my guys.
  • LOVES to ride in the car, and hops right in any time he gets to go for a ride. His favorite spot in the car is actually the floor of the front passenger seat. He's little, so he fits comfortably, and will curl up in a ball for a nap, or pop his head up for pets once in a while.
  • Not one accident in the house.
  • Not one inappropriate thing chewed, or even picked up.
  • ok, since no dog is actually perfect, I must acknowledge the jumping bean in this boy. He jumps when he's excited. And I mean, he can really jump! All four legs in the air, it's pretty impressive. He's quickly learning that the Air Bud routine doesn't get him what he wants (petting, treats or his food dish), and will drop into a sit (although he has trouble holding it due to the overwhelming excitement and his zest for life :-)). So, that's it. He needs obedience training, but is so eager to please that I think it will be a breeze.
Bottom line, I absolutely ADORE this boy and want him to find the best family ever! He's had a lot of interest, but hasn't met the perfect family just yet. I would love for him to live with kids, since he does so well with them, and another dog would also be a plus, but neither are "requirements". As long as Buddy's family is committed to his training and exercise, but most importantly, to loving him unconditionally and forever, he will give back many times what he receives, and has all the potential in the world to be the perfect four-legged family member.



Mr. Buddy Bear (now known as BuBu) has been adopted by the B family! He got his wish of finding a fantastic mom and dad, a human brother AND a 9 month old Golden sister! Oh, and a fenced yard with a POOL! What more could a guy ask for??? I've had a lot of fosters over the last few years, and Buddy definitely goes down as one of my all-time favorites. I absolutely love this little guy's personality, and I don't think I would have been able to let him go if I hadn't found the perfect family for him. Congratulations Buddy Bear BuBu, we miss you tons, but are so happy for you! The boys and I look forward to visiting soon, and can't wait to see you living the Golden life this summer, swimming in your very own pool!


Update from his adoptive family:

Buddy (now BuBu) captured our attention at the RAGOM event earlier this month. We instantly felt a connection with him and described him as having this lovely ʽlightʼ around him, he just shines! We fell in love instantly because he is just a love-magnet! We had our home visit with the RAGOM ʽSuper-Foster-Womanʼ Jen later that week and it confirmed our affinity for him and our desire to provide him with a good home for the rest of his life. The following week we adopted him and renamed him BuBu which is Egyptian for ʽGiver of Lightʼ (and also because he looks like Boo Boo the bear, Yogiʼs friend). As you can see this sweet boy is just all chilled out and happy in his new home. We just adore him and he has melded with our family seamlessly. He loves Zsa Zsa, his new playmate and they wear each other out many times during the day. We canʼt wait until the pool is open and they can swim together all day long in puppy bliss! We canʼt thank Jen and RAGOM enough for getting this boy out of Doggie-Jail in Iowa and connecting him to us, his forever home. I will spread the word about how this organization does wonders for these animals, how the Fosters go out of their way to ensure a quality and forever placement for the dogs and humans, and how much this experience has impacted our family! GO RAGOM!