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Rest in Peace

Cy 08-478
(Fostered in Balsam Lake, WI)

Hi Everyone, my name is Cy. I am one handsome, young 9 year old. Did I mention what a wonderful personality I have to go with that?

I have had some sadness in my life, my Dad passed away a year ago around Thanksgiving. My human brother took me for a while, then he lost his place to live in, so he gave me to a friend of his. They took really good care of me and I got lots of love. I lived with two young children (2 & 4 year olds) and 4 cats and got along great with everyone. I thought I was all set for life. But then this thing called money came up, and my new people had to pay $300 to keep me in their place, and with another baby on the way, they just couldn’t swing it. So they did the best thing for me and called RAGOM. I sure do miss them.

So here I am telling you my life story and looking for someone who will be able to love and take care of me! Actually I don’t need a lot of taking care of. The vet said he couldn’t believe I was 13 years old. My teeth are in great shape, clean ears, bright shiny eyes and there is bounce in my step. I am all of 51 pounds! My foster mom said I needed a few more pounds. I can run and keep up with any one! Arthritis is not in my vocabulary.

I am waiting for a negative heartworm test and the rest of that blood work, and then on Friday I go in to be neutered. Not sure what that is about, but guess I will find out on Friday. I will let you know about that next week.

I did what ever the vet wanted, it is always easier that way. When you have experienced life as much as I have, you learn these things. A big advantage over those puppies! He put me on my side to look at my belly and I just laid there and didn’t move until he told me. That really impressed him!

So here I am in Balsam Lake, WI. I’ll hang around here until that vet visit and I figure by the following week, maybe around the 15th, I will be ready for my next home. So get that paperwork filled out and get your name on the list. You just won’t find any one else as handsome, young or sweet as me.

I am a quiet kind of guy too. Only bark when there is need. I know the normal sit stuff and come, but sometimes I like doing a little of my own thing. My last mom and dad worked and I was left at home for 9 hours a day. Just snoozed the time away and was always good. They had kid toys all over and once I picked up one of those, my mistake, and was told that wasn’t the right thing. Well I never made that mistake again. I do like bringing shoes to people, that just really flips them out! Oh I can walk myself. I love carrying that leash! So see pretty easy guy to hang out with right? Did I mention I love car rides? And walks?

Well my toes are getting tired with all this typing, so until next week, that will be all. Give RAGOM a call and get on that list, it is going to be a long one! You don’t want to get miss this chance! Cy

PS, did I mention my perfect personality and how cute I am?



HI Everyone!

Sorry I am late in writing my update. I had that neuter thing happen.. No big deal, came flying out of the Vet’s office the next day, foster dad asked if they were sure they did the surgery. That little surgery certainly didn’t bother me!

About 4 days after that, things got really itchy, so I started licking that day when foster mom Jan wasn’t around. Well, I got a little carried away and when Jan checked me later that day she saw I had licked out one stitch and got things really red and irritated.

You won’t believe what she did!!!! She stuck this big plastic cone thing on my head!!!! I don’t have to tell you how hard it would have been to type with that thing stuck on my head. So that is why I haven’t been up to date. Just got it off yesterday. Of course, it took a little longer to heal up, and she couldn’t figure out why, until I slipped up one day and she caught me licking it with the cone on!!!! She was pretty impressed! So now I am 99% healed up and the cone is off. Yeahhhh... but she did put on this really ucky tasting salve so I don’t lick it any more. People!!

I have to work everyday. Jan owns a boarding kennel, so I supervise and make sure the cats behave. Mike the orange one needs constant supervision! Then there are the birds and that rabbit. I would like to do a little more than supervise that rabbit, but Jan keeps telling me to be nice. Right. The birds are interesting but not a big deal, but that rabbit!

I wouldn’t let her take a picture of me with the cone on, but now that it is off, I gave her the ok. She is really impressed how I like everyone. And of course everyone likes me. I don’t jump on people but am right there so they can pet me and I can get lots of loving! That is soooo great!

I am getting better with other dogs, Jan said my attitude would change after this neuter thing! Like I needed to change???? But I guess I don’t have to prove to them that I am a big dog any more. They can just see that for themselves. Well whatever, as long as those biscuits just keep coming! I know where all the biscuit buckets are!

Well, I am ready to go home. So I am not sure what the holdup is out there. I am the perfect size, I have put on weight, that makes Jan really happy, and I am happy to do it! I am extremely housebroken!!! No accidents for this boy! Very CUTE! Jan says I pull a little hard when walking, yeah yeah yeah. I like to get where I am going. So she is going to try to show me how to walk nicer. This nice thing gets a little old. Anyone want to rescue me??? Oh, I am heartworm negative, up to date on those vaccinations, no parasites, heck, what more do you want???

OK time to go eat some more biscuits. I got to get back out there and make sure Mike isn’t in trouble. Cy



Well, Cy has just been too busy to write his update this time. I have been nagging him, but he has had a full plate!
First I want to clarify why his age changed!  We were told he was 13 when he was surrendered.  However, when I got the vet papers from his previous vet, it turns out he is only 9! Don’t you wish you could do that??? That explains a lot! He is such a playful, lively dog. But he is not hyper at all! Just basically wonderful!  Ask all my clients that he meets! Everyone falls in love with him.  
I live trapped a stray cat about 10 weeks ago and she produced 4 kittens! So the kitties are 7 weeks now and zooming around the kennel, where Cy works with me everyday. He has been very good with them and gets worried if they aren’t all within eye sight, which they never are! So is he constantly walking around trying to find them all!  It is very cute. Included a few pictures of Pappa Cy!
He has come so far in the time I have had him. He is such a happy, happy boy. He just beams! He got a new gift from his Aunti Lynn, he loves his lamb!!!! He loves all his toys.  It is impossible to go to a store and not bring something home for him.  He throws his toys up in the air, pounces on them, squeaks them and of course carries them everywhere!  In the kennel there are many different rooms, and there are Cy toys in everyone. He carries them out to go potty and usually has them in his mouth when he is ready to come in, but if he doesn’t, I just ask, “where is your toy Cy?” He turns around and flies out and gets it comes running in so proud!
His neutering is really taking hold and he isn’t talking to the other macho boys hardly at all anymore. He pretty much ignores the other dogs now. Brain surgery is a wonderful thing!  J
Cy just wants to be loved. And he gives so much love back. And yet he does this without being obnoxious about it.  When I sit and work, he comes up, gets his loving and then just lies at my feet, with a toy in his mouth! He is so easy to have around.
What I find really amazing is that he never touches the kitten’s toys. His and the kitties toys are all over, he only picks up his.
Cy is doing so much better around the rabbit, he knows what “be nice” means and when ever he gets that intent look, I tell him that, and he just relaxes. The birds he just ignores now. He picks up things very quickly.  When he first came, he didn’t want to give up any of his toys he carried, especially his favorites.  But after working with him, he lets all of them go with just a “give”. Sometimes there is a treat reward, but most the time just a BIG love voice and petting rewards.  Which he just eats up!!!!
He gets along great with my Boz that also comes to work with me.  He doesn’t care for pushy dogs or dogs that jump on him.  So a young pup in the household wouldn’t be a good match.  I think he would love to be the only dog, but will share too!  He and Boz almost started playing the other day.  Basically they just kinda ignore each other.  They do sit side by side for treats and lay next to each other.
I have managed to put weight on this guy. He feels good now. No more ribs!  I am sure my Vet is laughing! None of our kids have ribs!!! But you have to encourage him to eat, which is so different for a golden! But he is getting good at it!
There are so many good things I can say about this guy. If you are looking for a fun, wonderful, loving, loving man, please check him out. He is great. And he is definitely 9 years young!  
A couple of the kittens have found homes and will be leaving this week, so hopefully he won’t be too tired to write in next week! Unless of course he is sleeping next to you in your house!  



I am writing this with extreme happiness for Cy, Cy has found his home.  An absolutely wonderful family adopted Cy this afternoon.  He made the rounds to each person, getting lots of petting and loving.  I think between the four of them they will be able to give him the love he needs and deserves!  He also made sure they had plenty of his dog hair on their clothes!  Tis the season!   
I am so glad he will have a home to call his own. It has been a long year for Cy, but I know he can finally settle in now.  Thank you Lauri and Mark and Cy’s new brother and sister! :)

I hope more people will open up their hearts to our dogs, especially the older ones.  Happy Holiday!



 It is with our hearts in my throats and tears in our eyes that we must tell you about the passing of who we felt to be the dearest, sweetest, best dog in the world on November 15th.

Even though Cy was with us less than a year our love for him feels like a lifetime, he was that special. He did a wonderful job of making himself at home in the hearts of everyone he met and even though we've had a few weeks of healing time there is still a giant hole where he used to sit.

I miss so much about him the thought of trying to put into words what we've lost is overwhelming, but a memorial needs to include as many special moments as possible and that is what I'm going to try to do.

He had something special, it was DOGINALITY

We miss the thump of his tail when we walk past the places where he used to wait for us to come and pet him. We miss his enthusiastic greetings every time we come in the house, and how excited he was to see someone even if they’d only been out for a minute. His reaction after a day away at work was next to nirvana.

We miss watching him throw his ball up in the air to catch it over and over; I miss stepping on his beloved duck toy, listening to it quack, and having him race to it so I stop playing with it.

He LOVED his toys - but balls, particularly a little orange squeaky basketball looking thing, were his favorite. It was a gift from a little girl he met on his travels, and she gave him the nick-name we all called him, “Puppy Cy”, because he was a puppy at heart.

He tolerated toy stealing by one cat, and never took after the other when he was given a scolding (with a smack to his head) for squeaking that orange ball too much.

I miss hearing about his daily adventures, the walks he took my husband on, the parks they visited, and the places he saw from his perch in the back seat of the car.

He loved to ride in the car with his head out the window, even when it was below zero. His daddy made sure he got as many car rides as possible.

We miss being asked if he can go with every single time we pick up our car keys and put on our shoes.

We miss his excitement when we head outside to do chores. I miss his exuberant reaction to his leash, and can't believe he won't get to go for another walk in the snow.

He loved to play in the snow, it might have been partly because he looked so good in his boots, I liked the way he pranced in them.

I'll miss seeing him get antsy when we pack to go to the cabin, all of us whispering the word "cabin" because he knew what it meant.

All trips to the cabin start with a great car ride (note the smile)

And included a lot time hanging out at the lake

I miss that he ignored the turkeys in our back yard but thought deer were his mortal enemy. Well, deer and people on bicycles were his sworn enemies.

This is how he felt about people on bicycles when he spotted them from the back seat.

He was always ready to have his belly rubbed -

And he had no shame when it came to his larger than life, louder than a trombone, stinkier than a manure farm (or skunk) farts.

I still reach over the side of the chair to rub his velvety soft ears while I read, I miss him telling me it's time for petting with a gentle nudge, and I still check to make sure he isn't sitting on the floor under my feet before I climb out of the couch.

We loved him fiercely and miss him like I just can't describe.

Good-bye dear, sweet, puppy. You will never be forgotten.