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Lexus 08-524
(Fostered in Apple Valley, MN)

Welcome to the world Lexus – she is the one in the Yellow Ribbon – she is the Middle of her siblings. Lexus’ mom is Chicka/Shelia 08-479. Shelia came from a breeder in SD that relinquished her to the local Humane Society. I am so happy we were able to take her in.

Lexus would have had 8 other brothers and sisters but only 2 others made it. Lexus is a Pure Golden Retriever and currently weighs 1 pound – she will not be ready to go home until December 19th, but would love to find a home so her new owners can watch her grow and be part of her life from the start.







Lexus is doing great. Lexus is eating, crying and seems to be healthy. She is crawling around and looking for mom whenever she is not around. It is good to see since she gets all the milk she wants. We can’t let them get to overweight.


Lexus and Electra


All Three Puppies







Lexus is doing great and her eyes are starting to open. All three of the pups are now starting to get up on their four legs and crawling around. They are all huge since mom is feeding them so well.

Lexus is the darker of the two girls and has pink paw pads, she weighed in at 2 pounds – she is beautiful and will have the block head of a golden!





Lexus the quiet and content one. Lexus is doing great, her eyes are open and she is checking out the world. She loves to be held and she loves to eat even more.

Lexus still has pink on her paws, but we don’t need that clue anymore since she is the smaller of the two girls. She may be smaller, but she has the most beautiful head. She is definitely a block head!

Take a look!







Lexus is getting bigger by the day and is the smallest of all three. She is also the quietist of the puppies. When you hold Lexus she likes to be held like a baby, on her back cradled.

The puppies are now starting to walk, their teeth are coming in and now they are playing which you can see from their pictures. They are a total joy to have around and talk about Fat and Happy pups!


Charger and Lexus


Charger and Lexus




Hello Lexus here –

Just wanted to send a picture of my favorite sleeping position. Foster mom and dad got out the bigger play pen so we have way more room and I love it!!!

For the everyone picture – Charger is sleeping upside down, Lexus is by mom’s nose and Electra is in the middle – Mom is the big dog in the picture. :)


Lexus sleeping.


Everyone Sleeping



Lexus what a little cuddle bug and a total player! She knows how to get what she wants. She will either beat up Charger or move him away to get what she thinks is hers.

Lexus is the smallest and has the straightest hair of the three. She is a charmer that is for sure. Lexus is the first one to go out and explore the kitchen when they get out of the play pen to play with all the other dogs and just wonder around looking for things to get int.

Lexus is in Red, Electra Pink and Charger is green










Lexus is one lucky girl - she has found a home of her own and will be heading there just before Christmas. She will get to live with three young boys and a mom and dad.

Her new dad works from home, what better life could this baby have!!!!


Lexus our little LOVE puppy who loves to be held and cuddled is also the brute of the bunch – when she is not happy she makes sure everyone in the house knows and goes over and picks on poor Charger. For being such a little peanut, she sure lets you have it. Of course as soon as we pick her up she just melts in your arms!

Lexus and her brother and sister have started to go outside potty now. Whenever they wake up or after a play time and eating we go out on the deck and head to the hay area. They are slowly getting it. Lexus gets cold the fastest, so she is only out for a short amount of time and than we bundle her up to warm her back up, which she loves!

The 3 pups have been weaned from mom now, they have had a tough time getting the whole food thing down, but we are getting their and they are still very healthy. The three pups had to go to the vet on Tuesday, they have a pretty nasty case of round worms from Mom’s milk but we are treating that now – Lexus weighed in at just over 6 pounds!!! Just a little fat, but we are guessing that is worm weight on her! We got them de wormed and next week they will go in and get chipped and their first set of shots!




Lexus is the littlest of the three pups and she is such a joy, but don’t worry, this little package can take care of herself. She is the first to be at the play pen fence so she gets the love first. She is the first to let you know it is time to go out NOW – she will stand up against the sliding glass door and move her feet like she is digging.

Lexus loves to beat up her brother and sister and tell them that she should have all the toys when she wants them. Lexus is also the first one to go to sleep, she loves to cuddle up on her blankets and be the princess of the group. We actually call her Princess Phalan. Her family will be calling her Phalan, but she is such a little Princess or Diva we added Princess to it.

Lexus does go outside potty, are we potty trained or is she, that is a good question, either way these three have been a true Joy to foster. They are so good and so very easy. Her family is so lucky to have her!


Lexus has been adopted and went home this morning!