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Annie 08-596
(Fostered in Minneapolis, MN)

Annie and RAGOM thank her wonderful sponsors!

Fred and Diane W.
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Beryl B. and Susan R.
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There are so many wonderful and touching donations from everyone who has watched and heard her story.  RAGOM would like to say "thank you" to each and every one of you!


12/15/08:  Little Orphan Annie was found in a snowbank near Glenwood, MN and brought to the local Humane Society by a Good Samaritan. It was discovered that she had been shot twice! One rifle shot went through her neck, including through her esophagus. The other went through her abdomen and exited through her chest, fracturing a rib and puncturing through her diaphragm. Surprisingly she is doing well and has not required surgery yet. She was transported down to the ICU at the U of MN Vet Hospital. This is the only place with the specialists who could do the esophogeal surgery should she require it.

Annie is incredibly sweet and beautiful -- a dark red, petite female. She is young -- about 2 years old we think but will get the vet's best guess on that. Despite having to increase her pain meds for a painful tummy, she was wagging her tail when we visited today. Her medical bills are well over $2,000 and mounting. If you are interested in helping with her medical expenses, click here.  Or if you are interested in sponsoring this little sweetheart, please click here.  Paws crossed and prayers for Annie!

Thank you so much to the many special Angels sponsoring this unfortunate girl! Her expenses are rising and this will help. She will need multiple people to step forward and help financially.


Little Orphan Annie made it through her first two nights before fever set in and her blood pressure dropped.  Surgery was deemed necessary and the doctors went in to clean out the infection.  They wound up removing 20% of her stomach due to necrosis and put in drains to help her heal.  This beautiful Golden girl will remain under oxygen in the ICU for several days.  Annie's prognosis is guarded and the next 72 hours are critical for her.

Her medical bills are topping $7500 and still mounting. If you are interested in helping with her medical expenses click here.  Or if you are interested in sponsoring this little sweetheart please click here.  Our hearts and hopes go out to her - paws and fingers crossed.  And a HUGE thank you to everyone who's offered help and prayers!




I just returned from a visit to Annie in the ICU at the U of MN Vet Hospital. She is feeling pretty rough today, but the good news is she was up walking this morning! Her blood pressure has stabilized and she is off of the blood pressure meds and off of oxygen. She is not eating so they are still giving her IV nutrition. Dr J says her condition is still 'guarded' but she is pleased with her progress thus far.

Annie did not have the energy to wag her tail or even lift her head when I visited. But I gave her lots of kisses and she opened her eyes to look at me! Thanks so much to all of the folks who are following Annie's story.  A special thanks for the donations and sponsors who have found it in their hearts to be so generous with their support and concern for Annie.



Annie is doing better today! The doctor won't say that her status improved above 'guarded' but she will say that her chances are slightly better than 50-50 now. She had a very busy morning with all 4 local TV crews in to film her. She is lifting her head and seems more alert. She is also getting up to go outside which exhausts her and causes pain. So she had been given pain meds and was droopy when we visited.

Annie's chest tubes were removed last night as well as most of her IV's. She still has one IV and two drains taking care of the fluid in her abdomen. They tried to feed her a little baby food this morning and she didn't spit it out, but it isn't nearly what she needs now. She is still puffy from the protein she has lost from the damage but her paws were less puffy today than yesterday.

She handled two hours of media crews like a trooper. The staff at the U are all following her story and the Hospital Director (a GR lover) is looking to adopt one of our seniors! We caused quite a bit of hubbub there today and I am grateful to the staff who put up with us--as well as the other dogs and families who have pets in the ICU.

I gave her lots of kisses and told her that there were many paws crossed for her across RAGOM-land. Annie would also like to take a moment to thank everyone - an incredible turnout of support - for their donations, hugs, kisses and postive thoughts. There have been so many touching emails we don't even know where to begin. And to her sponsors, you wonderful people! Thank you for giving this Golden Girl a second chance!

8:45 PM 

With night setting in, Miss Annie is settling in for a long snooze. She was offered several tasty food options  for dinner tonight and chose the cooked turkey. She ate!! She has been coughing, lightly, through the day, which deepened enough this afternoon to do another x-ray. She has a small pneumonia, which isn't unexpected given her immobility right now.  Still, it's a set-back, but she's stable.



Annie girl is a little wonder! She is up and wagging her tail this morning, greeting all who come near her kennel and wanting, very much, to step out of it. We can't really blame her! With that Golden smile and her wagging tail she's a gorgeous girl. She even introduced herself to a German Shepherd this morning, the little flirt, welcoming him in with a bark and a prance.

The doctors say her pneumonia has filled the lower lobe on her left lung, but they have her on broad spectrum antibiotics and it's to be expected given everything she's been through and her immobility over the last five days. The best news is that the fluid draining from her abdomen is not growing any bugs at the moment and she is eating chicken and turkey. She's not really interested in anything else, but who can blame her for choosing the good stuff. She took her first drink from her water bowl this morning as well!

Things are looking brighter today and we're ever more hopeful of a full recovery, but she's not out of the woods yet.

Annie sends her warm wishes and kisses and hugs. We're all truly amazed by the outpouring of love and generosity for this very special girl, and for all the wonderful dogs that RAGOM currently fosters. Thank you!

Standing pretty, I'm feeling better!

Where'd that Shepherd go?  I saw him head that way!

Not likely, I'm holding out for the good stuff!

Did you say Chicken??

Nothing better than a good scritch after breakfast!

Thank you, Doctor Tart, RAGOM, and all you wonderful people out there
that have made this possible!



Evening Update:

We've been warned, again and again, to remain cautiously optimistic.  So that's how I'll start out this update.  However, when you see the pictures...well, it's hard not to feel a bit of jubilation.  She looks so good!

Annie ate two half cups of turkey tonight, with vigor. You can see how puffy her paws and legs are in the pictures below.  This is from the protein and fluids and will go down with time.  But from the way she was shifting about, it's obvious that they're a bit painful for her.  

So far, she's doing as well, if not better, than we could have expected.  You go, Annie girl, we love you!


Which way to the grass?

OK...I'm ready, how about you? that my Shepherd friend?  I feel frisky.




Good morning everyone! Annie is doing well this morning. Her legs and feet are still puffy and seem to be irritating her a bit, but she's taking that in her stride, so to speak. Her blood tests still show anemia and she may require a transfusion to get her stable. Last night she vomited when the vet was palpating her abdomen. Guess she didn't like that! But she is eating much better and that is a great sign.
Her story continues to receive a lot of attention in the media--including the national news web sites and CNN. We know that a lot of the public and also our wonderful RAGOM volunteers would love to visit her at the U--hold her paw and give her some kisses. We are not allowing visitors at this time. She needs her rest and it is also causing quite a hubbub for the U ICU staff who must also care for the other critical dogs (and their human families). Thank you for understanding! ! And thank you for your continued support and concern.

Evening update:

Hi Annie fans! Little Orphan Annie's kennel is sporting a Christmas stocking made by RAGOM volunteer Nancy M. It's adorable and hanging on her kennel. She also received a stuffed reindeer and was wagging her tail and I think even skipped a bit at the squeak it made. She didn't want to take it but she enjoyed others squeaking it.

Her white blood cell count was elevated and so they manipulated her antibiotics to make sure she is covered for all of the bugs that it could be from. She vomited again today. When I asked Dr. Gray if she was worried about that, she said that Annie is keeping most of her food down so she is not too concerned about it. She seems to be making progress every day. Notice the festive red bandage!  (Yesterday's was green.)

One of Annie's staunch supporters, Dayle S.

Camera Shy Girl!

Merry Christmas Annie, from Nancy M.

But wait!  I said GRASS?

A festive red bandage for our girl today.


Good morning! I didn't get to speak with Dr. Gray this morning, but the staff report that Annie ate all her breakfast and went outside to do her business like a champion. She is resting comfortably now.

All of Annie's drains except the one in her belly, have been removed and the antibiotics are fighting the pneumonia.  There have been no more vomiting incidents, which is great news.

Annie seems to love her Christmas stocking, enjoying the bit of festive Holiday cheer.  She's bright eyed and responsive to the staff and doing very well.  She's a bit camera shy, but with all the shaved areas on her pretty hide, perhaps she just can't figure out which is the best side to present to the camera.  Hang in there, Annie girl - you're loved by thousands!



Evening update:

I went to see Annie this afternoon. Annie had another chest X-ray but I am not sure if it is better or not as I didn't get to talk to Dr. Gray. They are planning on pulling the other drain tonight and starting her on oral meds. The holes where tubes were previously removed were leaking a little so they were stapled shut.

She greeted me with the first ever kiss! Just a tiny little lick of my hand. And she greeted another sick dog in the visiting room with a whole butt wiggle-not just a tail wag. Even gave him a hoarse little 'woof'. I was petting and kissing her and every time I removed my hand she told me she was not done! She put her nose under my hand to tell me to keep it up!

This is a pic of the other sick dog and his mom that Annie 'visited'.
Paws crossed for him too!


Annie is likely to be released in the next day or two! Her drains have all been removed. Her IV is still in for antibiotics but they are switching her to oral meds today. She is eating hamburger and rice. The swelling is down in her legs and the holes are not leaking fluid anymore. Her pneumonia is not resolving very quickly and her protien is slow to rebound. Dr. Gray said she is trying not to pay so much attention to the lab results and is trying to look at the patient instead. And Annie looks pretty bright today! Lots of tail wags and nose pushes for pets. Annie's Christmas stocking is filling up with treats! She is not too interested right now (she has hamburger after all) but we will make sure she gets to take them home with her.

Such a girl!

Merry  Christmas, Annie...may your life, from here on out, be as full of wonderful things
 as your stocking!



Annie is coming home tomorrow! What a wonderful Christmas present for her and her RAGOM foster! Today Annie has ALL of her tubes out! She will need follow up care to make sure the pneumonia resolves. Dr. Gray says she was offered regular kibble today and wouldn't eat it until some chicken breast was added. Ha! She knows the good stuff.
Annie's Christmas stocking is getting very full! Thanks to all of the wonderful U staff and Annie fans who have given her toys and treats. I am sure as she continues to recover that she will enjoy each one. As Annie prepares to move to her foster home, we will keep you posted on how she spends her Christmas.

YAY!  I'm going HOME!  Don't anyone forget my stocking...



Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! Annie will be home around noon today. Then she can settle in and continue her recovery. I have nothing new medically to report but I wanted to share a story.
Last night I was asked to go back to the U to take a Star Tribune photographer back to get pictures. When the vet tech brought Annie out, she had a big package with her. Someone had mailed Annie a present! It was a beautiful pink suede doggie coat. The note said that Annie looked cold when she was outside doing her business. So sweet! And Annie looked stunning!

Thank you everyone for your generous support, the prayers and the words of encouragement.  As you can see, they helped!  Orphan Annie, the gorgeous Golden girl, is about to begin her new life as a RAGOM dog, putting the sorrow of the past behind her and living the Golden life.  What a GReat way to start a New Year!

Waiting to go home for Christmas.


Annie Home for Christmas.



Annie is home for Christmas!! After giving 'goodbye' kisses to all of her friends at the University of MN Veterinary Medical Center, our little Annie was the star of a press conference. She trotted out to greet the cameras and reporters despite being camera shy. Annie handled herself well and patiently endured all of the cameras and questions. The cameras followed her home with her new foster but once the hoopla was over, Annie was able to chill in her bed. She ate some dinner and took her meds with some ice cream. She does not seem to be in pain and is settled down for the evening.

We got great news from Dr. Tart at the press conference.  Annie had been moving air around her throat since the surgery.  We had been told that this could lead to throat surgery, which would be delicate and expensive. Everyone, including the vets at the U, was very concerned about this surgery because of its intricate nature and we were holding our collective breaths.  Dr. Tart told reporters that she believes that Annie will make a full recovery and be able to live a normal life.  That is my Christmas miracle!  Thanks to all of you for your prayers. There was also talk of a transfusion, but it didn’t sound like she was concerned about that either.  Obviously, my vet will be keeping a close watch on Annie to make sure there are no complications.  We will be doing a chest xray this week to make sure the pneumonia is clearing.

Her Christmas stocking is up on the mantle and her presents await under the tree! Annie says thanks to everyone and have a GReat holiday!



Annie slept great last night. Not a peep out of her! She is wearing a cone some of the time since she is bothering the staples and scabs in various parts of her battered body. She seems OK with the cone. Annie is on meds about every 3 hours during the day and it is a challenge to get them in her. But she is eating regular dog food with some gusto.
She has met the other dogs here and play bowed although she lets them know when they are too rowdy near her--gives them a growl. She feels safe in her crate and spends most of her time in there sleeping. She comes out whenever I leave the room and follows me. So far it seems like she is not in pain--she moves freely.  Today will be a quiet day so she can continue to have time to rest and get used to our home.


Annie is coming out of her crate more and interacting with my dogs. So she is starting to relax a little bit. She does a little happy prance when we go outside. It is so adorable! She loves to roll in the snow. And she loves to watch TV--doesn't seem spooked by it, just watches. I wonder if she saw herself on the news the other day!

Annie is going to meet our regular RAGOM vet today. She needs to be microchipped and I want them to be familiar with her case. She will have an X-ray next week to see how her pneumonia is resolving. She is coughing but rarely. Annie also needs some follow up blood work done next week to make sure her anemia is resolving. But so far she seems to be healing nicely! She doesn't have a lot of stamina but she is eating very well. I have her on regular, high quality, high calorie dog food. I give her canned food in between and she is taking most of her meds that way. She doesn't like the peas in the food! It's so funny how she eats all around the peas! A girl after my own heart. I hate peas too!

Here is a picture of Annie doing what dogs do--and enjoying it! I will update you tonight after her vet visit.


From Annie:

I am feeling pretty frisky and my foster mom is tired so I decided to write my own update today. Boy, do I have a lot to say. First of all, I got to meet my new vet this afternoon. She seems really nice and really smart just like Drs. Grey and Tart at the University. My mom was a bit of a nervous Nellie and wanted to confirm what Dr. Tart said at the press conference about my great prognosis cuz they had been talking before that about the possibility of some really serious surgery. Dr. J. seems to be positive about my future too so barring any unforeseen complications, I should have a healthy, long life. And, guess what? I have to put on some weight so I think there are additional treats in my future. There were a couple of clients at the clinic who recognized me from tv and they just had to give me kisses. I really liked that and nudged a couple of hands when I didn’t think I was getting enough pets.

I feel so lucky and there are a lot of people I want to thank. First, thanks to everyone who sent their prayers and thoughts my way. It worked!!! Also, thanks to all of the wonderful donors who sent money to help with my medical bills. I have read some of the notes from people and I can’t believe that you all love me so much. I am the luckiest dog ever. Every donation, no matter what the size, helped and my foster mom says that all my current and future bills will be covered. She also said that any additional money will be used to help other RAGOM dogs in need. Speaking of other RAGOM dogs, check them out on the available dogs page. Their stories may not be as dramatic as mine, but they all need love and wonderful forever homes just like me.

Hang on; I have a few more thank yous. Thanks to the Good Samaritans who rescued me and got me to RAGOM. Thanks to all the people at the U Vet Hospital who saved my life. Thanks to the media for spreading my story so people could help and thanks to Carolyn M. for helping with that. And, last but certainly not least, thank you RAGOM for taking me in and for all the countless hours that the volunteers have spent worrying and taking care of me. If I forgot to thank anyone, please forgive me. I’ve been sick ya know.

I could go on, but I think there is another bone waiting for me in front of the fire place. Catch ya later. I love you all!!!


Annie had an exciting day today. She came with us to our family holiday gathering where she met many people including several toddlers. She was very gentle and gave them tail wags and a good sniff, following them around. It didn't bother her when they touched her or gave what little hair she has a tug. We left after a couple of hours when the decibel level started to rise!
She was polite in asking for people food and I know she scored a few bites of ham. Annie is sporting a new 'indoor' coat made by talented fellow RAGOM foster Jill. Annie says 'thanks, Jill'! It also helps her stay away from her many staples and old IV sores. So then she avoids having to wear the dreaded cone as often. Today Annie hasn't spent any time in her crate. Instead she has claimed a comfy dog bed--also given to her by a fellow RAGOM volunteer Kristin. Thanks, Kristin!
Little Annie is eating normally. We tried putting her pills in the wet dog food but she got smart and left them behind--along with the peas, of course. Annie doesn't like peas! Thanks for reading about Little Annie. Annie says don't forget to check out some of the other wonderful RAGOM pups! She'd like to meet a few herself.


Annie is having a laid back kind of Sunday. She goes out to do her business plus a little roll in the snow (which is now really ice!) and comes back in. When the other dogs aren't nearby she will play with a toy. She is still feeling like she needs to guard her things from the other dogs, but I think that will diminish once she feels more comfortable around them. I wish it was summer! We could be outside so much more. Last evening she was dreaming. I hope they were wonderful dreams of the new life she has found in RAGOM!

Here's Annie hunting rabbits under the deck! She is feeling pretty frisky today as you can see! Annie is also interacting more with my resident Goldens and actually slept all together on the floor by my feet last night. I think she is feeling more comfortable. She is comfortable enough to play in their presence with her squeaky reindeer.
Annie got good news over the weekend. She is heart worm negative. Boy, she sure didn't need to add that to her health issues! Annie will have her staples removed this week and just in the nick of time as she is really starting to be bugged by them. Her surgical incisions are healed so now she just needs to grow some fur and gain a couple of pounds!
Lots of people have been asking what happened to her tail. Well, her tail was full of burrs when she was brought in so it had to be shaved. A vet tech at the U also told me that there is a big vein in the tail that they sometimes use to monitor blood pressure. This might be why it is shaved so closely. They did have trouble keeping her blood pressure up during surgery and the day after. So now we will wait patiently for it to grow back in.


Annie has her very own personal clothing designer! The wonderful woman who made Annie's pink suede coat has sent her a New Year's Eve outfit. I must say she looks STUNNING in it! My resident dogs are jealous...

Annie will not be revealing her new outfit until the proper time--tomorrow evening. You will have to check back to see a photo of this beautiful girl with her boa.

Annie has attracted so much attention! So many wonderful people have shown compassion and generosity for her and for RAGOM in the face of staggering vet bills. We would be remiss if we did not continue to thank her generous sponsors and all of the wonderfully, generous people--including Joan Barnes from Sweetspot. Joan is the one who gave of her skills with the media in order to help RAGOM get the word out about Annie. Many, many RAGOM volunteers were swamped with the additional work that the attention brought to our rescue. Annie gives kisses to each and every one. She would like to meet you all one day! this is the Golden life!


Here is Miss Annie sporting her New Year's Eve outfit! Isn't she adorable? The boa is detachable so if she is playing she won't wreck it! All the dogs are quite interested in the boa--but they are leaving it alone. Thanks to Connie for making it and sending it to her.

Annie had all of her staples removed yesterday so she is more comfortable now. She can finally have a bath and so she has a spa appointment set for Friday thanks to another kind RAGOM foster-Jill. Annie still has about 5 days left of antibiotics and stomach soothing meds left. She is taking her pills like a trooper now. I have to stick them way in the back but she doesn't resist and always gets a treat afterwards.

I got a call from Dr. Tart yesterday checking in on Annie. I told her about the two episodes where she regurgitated her food. I guess I am a nervous Nellie! She recommended she stay on the Pepcid AC for a while longer until her stomach heals more. She is on two other meds for stomach soothing too so hopefully that will help.

Annie is finally trying to play with my RAGOM boy Skye. They have exchanged kisses. He is still too nervous to play with her since she yelled at him a couple of times when she first got here. He will come around though--he always does! Skye can't resist a playful, gorgeous female!

Annie and her foster family want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Stay safe!


Annie just returned from the vet for a final check of her pneumonia and anemia. Her X-ray looked good and her lungs sound clear. The blood tests will be back tomorrow. She is now up to date on all of her vaccinations and seems to be fully recovered from her trauma. GReat news!

Annie continues to pursue Skye in an attempt to play. He has half heartedly wrestled with her but isn't fully trusting. She still guards her toys and space from my Scout and I am trying to determine if she would like another dog companion or not. Guarding is a normal dog behavior but Annie is a little more serious about it than some dogs. She does not bite or fight but is pretty vocal. She certainly seems to want to be the boss! My dogs are OK with that.

We will keep you posted as more of her personality reveals itself and we try to determine the best type of home for her.


Annie went to the spa yesterday! Reportedly, she did not like the blow dryer but was sweet about it anyway. Her coat - what there is of it - feels very soft and clean now. We also got a report on her lab work. She is no longer anemic and her protein is good. All of her labs were fine. Since she is healthy, she was able to get all of her vaccinations. She needs to gain a little weight but now can be proclaimed healthy! Annie is eating a growth formula to add the extra pounds she needs.

She has had a few human visitors including kids and continues to show that she loves meeting people. She will snuggle right up and ask for pets and kisses. She is learning the 'sit' command and is pretty consistent in coming when called. Annie has not had an accident in the house and has had free roam with the rest of the pack for the last several days. She hasn't been alone long though so I'm reluctant to say she is house trained until I know she can go for several hours. The dogs go in and out so often here that it is difficult to tell sometimes with fosters.

She and Skye were playing a bit this morning and she seems to be relaxing around the dogs. She is not so 'worried' when they are rambunctious in her presence. Things are going well in Annie's world!

I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!


Annie here. I am feeling so good now! I like to hop around and do a little dance when I'm happy. I don't jump on people--just up in the air with all four feet off the ground. Foster mom is so impressed. Last night I met Sammy's dad Adam and I really like him! I zoomed around the yard like a puppy. Foster mom thought it was hysterically funny cuz I am so calm in the house.

I love to hunt rabbits in the yard with Scout. Last night we had some excitement when Scout caught a mouse! I really wanted that mouse! Foster mom was so proud of Scout! I will keep looking for the rabbits. Foster mom wants me to go meet a friend who has cats. I'm not sure what they are but she says they are NOT rabbits to be hunted. I'll have to see for myself :)

Foster mom says she will start looking for my forever family once we know about the cats. I know there are a lot of people that love me out there and she will do her best to find me the perfect family to spend the rest of my life with.  She already figured out that I like kids.

She still needs to figure out if I want to be an only dog or have a playmate. I guess I am confusing her in that department. I can't wait to have my very own loving forever home! I love being a RAGOM dog!


Annie has a very busy social calendar this week! I am going to try and resolve the questions about cats and other dogs. Dogs are such social, pack animals and I want to get the answer right for her. There is so much interest in adopting her that I am overwhelmed by the love! It's not going to be easy to decide from the wonderful families out there hoping to give her the Golden love and life she deserves.

Annie doesn't appear to be a runner but it is difficult to assess in foster care as we don't let our dogs off leash in unfenced areas. She does not make a mad dash for the gate when I go out like my resident Scout used to do. Scout would take every opportunity to chase rabbits and squirrels throughout the neighborhood. Annie doesn't even seem to notice the gate is open.

She is also not the Velcro kind of Golden we so often see. She comes for pets-especially if everyone else is getting them! She doesn't follow me every time I get up anymore. But if I am gone for a few minutes she will come find me. She likes to be in the same room which is typical of most dogs. She pushes her way to the front for the nightly grooming session--just like the other two. It is a sight to watch! And a little tough to get the job done. A brush stroke to each dog and then back again--round and round. I brush the same tiny little patches of hair that she has and she is happy.

I want to once again thank all of the folks who have helped with Annie's medical expenses and especially all of her sponsors! Too many to list here but very appreciated!


Hi, Annie fans! We finally have a date for her 'thank you' party. Please come and meet this sweetheart in person on January 17th between 12-2p at Walser Subaru  at 600 W 121st St in Burnsville, MN.

Annie will also be appearing on Twin Cities Live this coming Thursday at 3pm on KSTP Channel 5. So tune in for that!

Today Annie received another coat from the wonderful woman who has made the other three she has. This one is meant for rough housing and rolling in the snow. It is water proof and lined so will keep her toasty warm and dry.

So come out and see Annie in her outfits! Annie will be giving kisses.


Annie was a big hit today with the staff at WCCO! They literally rolled out the red carpet for her! She was so beautiful and her tail wagged the whole time. Sometimes it wagged so hard her whole little butt wiggled! Annie sat on her red carpet as dozens of 'CCO staff came to meet her--several with treats. Annie showed off her new skill--'sit' for a treat. Then we took a tour of the offices for those who couldn't come down to the red carpet. I never knew so many people worked there!
Annie got a little nervous when we got on the elevator and she felt it move! She slunk out of it with her belly close to the ground. Guess a country dog doesn't get to ride on many elevators! Jeanette Trompeter is an avid dog lover as you can tell by reading her blog about her own sick pup Madelyn. She has helped keep Annie's story alive and increase the public awareness around abused dogs and rescues that help. Here is a pic of Annie meeting Jeanette. Annie has her paws crossed for Madelyn! She hopes Madelyn continues to improve and gets a bit of magic herself!



Annie's Party!

Click here for Annie's Party Invitation in PDF format.

For maps and more detailed directions please visit Walser Subaru's web site.


Annie went to visit a few other RAGOM dogs at a fellow volunteer's home today. She was a bit submissive at first with the gregarious greeting but eventually wanted to rough house a bit with Bree. It was fun to see her play with another dog!
She is still guarding her toys--mostly her favorite ones. She will lunge at the other dog and snarl. She doesn't make contact but the warning is more than what is necessary for most dogs to understand that she is serious. She really likes her things, I guess! Funny thing is--she doesn't guard her food bowl. Skye walks by that all the time and even stops to watch and see if she will leave him anything. No reaction from her--and she does often leave a few crumbs. My resident Goldens respect her stuff. She will even play tug of war with my Scout and is not bothered if Scout wins.
Annie NEVER exhibits this guarding behavior with people. She willingly gives up anything I ask for. Only dogs--and it is normal dog behavior. Maybe she lived with dogs that didn't pay attention to the normal dog warnings--freeze, lip curl, growl. Maybe she needed to be a bit more vocal about her intentions to keep her things to herself.
On another note, she was cat-tested and passed. She met Joan's ornery cat and was curious. She approached for a sniff and he gave her a swat and a hiss. Annie backed off very respectfully. She remained curious and followed the other cat but showed no desire to eat it!
I want to thank Annie's sponsors and all of the people who have helped her recover with their prayers and thoughts. I hope many of you will be able to come and meet her in person next weekend.


Hi, Annie fans! I hope you are able to come to her party this coming Saturday, Jan 17. If you can, please RSVP at

Little Orphan Annie is doing great. Her stamina is returning and I think she has even gained a few pounds. I see less of bone prominence in her face and cheeks. I am still feeding her a mix of adult and puppy chow three times a day until she is up to a good weight for her. She should be about 60 pounds or so. She does a little happy dance when it is time to eat and lets me know if I forget her late night feeding and start heading for bed. She stands in the doorway looking at me and then looking at where her food bowl is in the other room.

Annie met 5 other dogs at another RAGOM volunteer's house yesterday. I think it is clearer now what she needs in a forever home.

About Annie:

  • she needs to be an only dog or live with one male dog that will respect her possessiveness with her toys.
  • kids would be OK as she loves them but if there is another dog, someone needs to supervise so a child does not get in the middle of a scuffle over toys.
  • cats are OK too
  • obedience training at least to the basic commands, she does not have a consistent 'come'
  • doesn't need a fence but she will wander away until she bonds, learns to come and learns the boundaries. She will need to be tied out or on leash.
  • she loves car rides
  • she loves men
  • she loves to make snowdog angels
  • she needs daily exercise and training to walk nice on a leash.

Check out the pictures of Annie playing with my boy Skye and our friend Adam.



The pack here is starting to show signs of cabin fever! And so is foster mom. It is soooo cold! We can play outside for a few minutes before little Annie starts lifting her paws up from the cold. Her fashionable coats keep her body really warm. I can tell because she still rolls in the snow! But I don't have any booties for her feet. So we have been tossing toys in the house. Annie can jump higher than most dogs I have seen in order to catch a toy in mid air. AIR DOG Annie! Her petite size surprises everyone who meets her in person. I guess her pictures make her look bigger. I think it is going to start warming up tomorrow--above zero finally! So we will get a good walk in and play outside.

Annie really likes men! It is funny since lots of dogs have an initial fear of men. She does her prancy dance when she meets new men so she definitely needs a man in her new home. It's really pretty adorable.

Other things to know about Annie:

  • She's not much of a barker--just when someone walks by her house. Nice alert bark but quiets when told.
  • She is invited up on the need to sleep with the rest of the pack but prefers to sleep on her bed on the floor.
  • She doesn't get up on the couch unless invited--even though my dogs spend most of the day there.

I'd like to once again give a shout out to all of Annie's sponsors and everyone who donated for Annie's bills, sent toys, prayers, and coats! Also a huge thank you to all of the RAGOM volunteers who have stepped up to handle the increase in activity from the exposure Annie has gotten. RAGOM is run solely by volunteers who graciously give up their time to foster dogs, keep our web page updated, answer phone calls and emails, pay the vet bills, write 'thank you's and a myriad of other unpaid and unsung jobs. It takes a village as they say to get a dog in, get them healthy and get them adopted to a forever home. Annie will say her 'thank yous' this Saturday. I hope you can come and get a puppy kiss!


I apologize for the delay in updates the past couple of days. Annie's life has been pretty boring during that time--until yesterday!! Annie met so MANY wonderful people who have been so touched by her story and wanted the chance to meet her. I am amazed at her ability to handle such a crowd of well-wishers for so long. My resident dogs would not have been able to do it! I guess she is really used to being the center of attention and having her picture taken. She was hugged, kissed, petted and had her picture taken by so many people and was a real trooper!

Annie meets her well-wishers

Annie with some of her fans

Click here to see more pictures of Annie's party.

I was touched as well and so pleased to be able to meet the In-laws of the wonderful Good Samaritan who found Annie at the end of his driveway and brought her in to be cared for. Annie thanks you! And to meet Connie who has made the wonderful coats Annie wears to cover her naked hide--and also made coats for other dogs in need. Annie thanks you! And to meet the vet who first saw Annie and knew she would need specialty vet care. Annie thanks you too! And to meet some of the wonderful families that have applied to adopt Annie. I am reviewing applications now, and believe me, I feel the pressure to choose the perfect place for Annie to spend the rest of her life. Annie thanks you too!

And I thank you all as well, for your kind words, for the many toys and treats and cards you brought for Annie. I am rationing them out for her! She definitely knows they are all 'hers'.

I am so touched.......

Annie found a Subaru Forester to be perfect for her transportation needs!


I know this news will break the hearts of families not chosen. Believe me--it was a difficult choice with so many WONDERFUL families so dearly wanting to be a part of Annie's life and to give her the life she deserves after what she has been through. Please be assured that I have reviewed your applications and had several families I would have gladly adopted Little Orphan Annie to.
As I learned more and more about her, I discovered that she would prefer to be an only dog and get ALL of the attention from her humans. Thinking about Annie's life as an only dog, I wanted to be sure that she wasn't left home alone for long work days and potentially evenings too as people go about their busy lives. There are probably many dogs that are fine with that kind of arrangement and I have been there myself as a pet owner over the years.
For Annie, I was lucky enough to find someone who has always used a dog walker or doggie daycare for midday breaks or all day play. How perfect for Annie! And you know, by now, how much she likes men. Annie will have other dog friends in her life--and can play with them without toys. She loves to wrestle and chase around with other dogs. She will also have children she visits and she loves kids as you saw at her party. Very gentle and not anxious around them. And she gets to go skiing with her new dad!
There are many dramatic rescues and dogs coming into RAGOM from dire circumstances that need your help as much as Annie did. From Jake 08 443 who had to have an embedded collar surgically removed to the 8 puppies we saved from the pig shed last week. I hope you will consider some of these other needy RAGOM dogs!

I will post an update when Annie is finally at her forever home. Thank you all so much for following her story and giving of your hearts to this little sweetheart! She is on her way to leading the Golden life she so deserves! With many kisses and tears from her foster mom.


Annie is finally in her new forever home! She greeted David like a long lost friend and snuggled right into his home yesterday. David is very excited to finally have her home.
There was a bit of a delay in getting her to him as she started regurgitating last week. After it happened for 3 consecutive meals, I put in a call to Dr. Tart at the U of MN Vet Hospital. She thinks Annie may just have an esophagitis and recommended going back to 3 smaller feedings a day and adding the stomach soothing medicine again for a few weeks. Annie was happy to eat three times a day again! But she did notice the reduction in volume by giving me a cute look as if to say, "Are you sure that's all"? It seems to have worked as she hasn't regurgitated since then.

There was also some confusion about whether she was actually spayed. Her records showed it both ways. It would be very difficult to confirm a spay since she already had such a big scar from her recent surgery. So I was VERY relieved to hear that they had determined during her surgery at the U that she was spayed. It is a problem in rescue since spay surgeries are leaving less of a scar to feel these days. But it turned out well for Annie!
So she is finally home and I know she was planning to spend some time at the Loppett festivities today. Then she was going to meet her dog walker. So Little Orphan Annie is on her way to a new life! A life she so deserves. She touched so many hearts and there are so many people to thank for helping to bring her to where she is today. Please know there will be updates as she gets settled into her new life. Look for them on the Happy Endings page. Hopefully, she will also be attending the annual RAGOM picnic next September as well.

Annie says 'thank you' with all her heart. And so do I.


Annie is doing great in her new home! According to David, her new dad, she is healthy and happy. She goes jogging and skiing with David. A friend takes Annie for a walk every noon while David is at work. Her social life continues to be busier than mine. David takes her everywhere he can. She is the light of his life and is still quite the celebrity. He is asked quite often if she is 'the  Annie'. Of course, she is!  FM


Hi all, Annie's old foster mom here--

I am babysitting Annie while her Dad is on vacation and couldn't resist sending in some new photos! It is so good to have her back for a bit. She is really enjoying playing with Sally 09-056 who is also visiting for a few days. Annie is even sharing her toys! But ONLY with Sally... and Annie is very gentle with her.

Annie's coat is growing back although it doesn't show up well on the photos. She is at a great weight now and played hard at the dog park today. David has taught her to 'shake' and also 'down'. Enjoy.....




I am Buddy's dad (FKA JAKE 06-549) and I wanted to let everyone know that I have seen our "Orphan Annie" numerous times at the Lake of the Isles dog park with her dad. I have pestered him to send in a Happy Ending update, but they are enjoying life too much!!!  Annie looks great and is a ball fetchin' fool. Her tail is constantly wagging. You would never know that she was shot and abandoned as she lives her life to the fullest…GO ANNIE-GO RAGOM!!!!!

Jonathan G