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Howie 98-112

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I wanted to do an update on Buddy (aka Howie) 98-112. Buddy was adopted by me (his foster mom) in October 1998 as a birthday present. He has always been funny and knows how to get me to laugh. While I fostered many dogs after adopting him, he just wasn't thrilled having "strangers" in the house. He would pick and choose who he would like.

With the passing of his fur-sister, Fluffy last May, Buddy has become a different dog. He is no longer "jealous" of other dogs coming into the house. In fact, his favorite buddies are Lucy (another golden we adopted in July of last year) and Tia (a collie that came to live with us 2 years ago). I wonder if he was trying to always protect his fur sister.

These pictures are of the vacations we have taken up to Lake Superior. Fluffy and Buddy had a great time playing in the water and sitting on the beach for the first vacation. This year he had to play by himself, but still would wear himself out swimming in the water with his human brother.

He currently enjoys doing home visits for RAGOM, playing with the cats and parrots at home and being with his "boy" Robby. His time might not be forever, but I still love every second we have together.




It is very difficult to write this update. Buddy (fna Howie 98-112) was helped to the Rainbow Bridge on Sunday, September 4, 2011 at the age of 13 and 2 weeks with his family next to him. He was having issues with his balance and decided to quit eating. When he wouldn't accept any food, I had Steve have the talk with Robby who made the tough decision to let him go.

He came into my home as my second foster for RAGOM and was given to me by my ex-husband for a birthday present. He thought by giving me another dog, I would quit fostering. Well, that wasn't the case and I fostered well over 100 dogs during my 3 years as a foster home. Buddy went on to doing home visits and he was a good spokes dog at some of the events. He was the "father" dog in the house and would always discipline the younger dogs when they did something wrong.

He loved his "boy" Robby who was strong enough to know when it was time to say goodbye. He is now free of not being able to see, pain, lumps and legs that don't work like they should. He will never have to go into a lake and have the waves knock him down or have to fight for Alpha role among the dogs.

Buddy - I know that you are with all your fur siblings and while I will miss you, I promise to protect Robby. You are free - have fun chasing Fluffy and let her know we are all ok.

Loree and Robby B.
Steve W.