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Jamie 09-201
(Fostered in Stillwater, MN)

Meet Jamie. He is about 7 weeks old. He came from North Dakota with his brother and 2 sisters. He is a Golden Cross. Jamie is the bold one of the group. He's not afraid to try anything it seems. He had a good check up at the vet and weighed in at 7 lb. 10 oz. That's the biggest of the litter.

Yesterday Jamie disappeared from the room and then came back in carrying a tennis shoe. It seemed twice his size. It was so cute! But we didn't have the camera on us at the time to get a shot. (Isn't that the way it always goes). He's very playful and enjoys chewing on your socks and pant legs.

Jamie is full of life and loves to run and run. He gives wonderful puppy kisses. I know he'd be a great addition to any family.



Jamie is really enjoying this beautiful weather. He loves the outdoors. He loves to wrestle even with our big Bernese Mountain dog. Sometimes he grabs on to her tail. He's pretty brave. The dogs are good with him though. They know he's a puppy.

Jamie is now microchipped. He now weighs over 10 lbs. - ther largest of the litter.

We have a basket of toys for the dogs. Jamie loves them all, but especially the stuffed animals. But when the other dogs squeek the squeeky toys, that's the one he wants. He'll snatch it away.

He's a good snuggler. When it's nap time, he loves to cuddle up. We put him on his big pillow at bed time and he sleeps all night.

Jamie is really an easy going pup. He's most excited when he gets up in the morning. He's got plenty of energy then. And of course he's looking for the breakfast. He's very playful with the other dogs. With us he's a little more gentle. Our whole family really enjoys Jamie. He's got such a good personality. He'd be a great addition to any family.


Jamie is one energetic boy!! And he's developing quite the personality. So much fun!!

Jamie decided he doesn't like the wet grass. Once he's been out in it, he won't go out without being picked up and put out. When he comes in, he spends time licking his feet dry and clean. And the rain, forget it!

Up and down the stairs is lots of fun now that that is mastered. He follows you everywhere. When he's not with you, better see what he's in to. He does like to chew on shoes and socks. We take them away and give him toys. Usually that works, for a while.

Jamie loves treats! He will sit when you tell him and then gets the treat. He is getting a little more patient about that.

The cats don't seem to want to play with him. (I don't blame them). But his best friend Mya (our Bernese Mt dog) is always there to wrestle and race around with. When Mya tries to rest and Jamie wants to play, he crouches down and barks and barks until she plays with him. He doesn't nap as often as he used to. Car rides are ok. We only take him on short ones and he does well.

When he's tired, he can be a good snuggler. Though sometimes he prefers to be close to you but not in your lap. At night he sleeps well in his kennel. No accidents there, but we're still working on the potty training during the day.

Jamie is full of energy and would bring joy to some lucky family. He can be a riot to watch and spend time with. He loves people and other dogs. He's such a happy boy!!


Our little boy is really growing up! The last appointment at the vet he weighed 15 lbs 5 oz.!! He's not as easy to carry around now. He has become quite a little gentleman. He doesn't get as rough when playing as he used to. More rough with the dogs but much more gentle with people. Still likes to chew on things but better with people. He knows the word "No". He sure does love the little kids. I guess because they're closer to his height. My Grandkids, ages 7, 4, 2, just love playing with him.

This hot muggy weather is not what he likes. But we get him out regularly and he goes potty. We praise him and he runs to the door to come back in. He's got the idea!! Hardly any accidents anymore in the house.

Jamie now knows not only "sit", but also "lay down" and "shake". With the treats to reward him, he learns quickly. I think he's really smart!!

He does have his times when he's really wound up! When he gets going like that, we play with him for a while, He's starting to fetch the tennis ball but doesn't always bring it back to us. Then he plays outside with the other dogs and they run and wrestle. Soon they are ready to come in and settle down.

Jamie is really a joy to have with us. And like I said, he's becoming so gentle. We all love him and know he'll be great for that forever family.


Jamie continues to do well. And what a smart boy!! He has learned new tricks. Now he knows not only how to sit, lay and shake. He can crawl and speak. And we're working on the "roll over." Sometimes he gets it. He is so eager to please. And of course he loves those treats for his good work! He's really a lot of fun to work with!

When someone comes to the door, Jamie will bark and back up until we come or he realizes he knows them. If it is kids, he runs and plays with them. He really LOVES the kids!! Sometimes he's a little too excited for the very little ones.

As far as water, we have a pond and our other dogs sometimes go in but Jamie hasn't gone that far. He will wade out just a little. He'll run along the shore and splash but that's enough for him.

When all the dogs are outside, Jamie is focused on them and running and playing. When it is just him with us, he's great and pays better attention. On the leash, he's not too bad. Once in a while he decides to chew on it. But usually he walks right along with you. Then there's a little stopping to smell the grass. He loves to be outside with us.

Since the weather has been a little cooler lately, he likes spending time outside, as long as the other dogs are there too. He still loves to come in the house and take a nap on the couch by us. He is such a joy!!


Jamie has been adopted!