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Sandy 09-202
(Fostered in Stillwater, MN)

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This cute girl is Sandi.  She is about 7 weeks old. Sandy is a Golden mix. She came from a litter of 4. At her vet check up Sandy weighed in at 7 lb. 1 1/2 oz. She is very playful and loves wrestling around with her brothers and sisters. Sandy is fascinated by our Love Bird. When he sings, she runs to his cage and sits and stares at him..She is full of energy and is doing great.
Sandy gives lots of little puppy kisses. She loves attention and would be a great addition to any family that can give that to her. 



Sandy moved today to a new foster, as it was time to split up the pups. Sandy's mom is a pure bred golden and dad is unknown. Sandy is the cutest little pup!! In the short time I have had her she has been a very busy girl meeting other dogs, kids, and cats. She is a little scared of the cats. She doesn't approach them and walks away if they come up to her.

She enjoys romping in the yard with the big dogs. Since she is still a puppy, she will have plenty of energy and will need a family that is willing to exercise her. She can go to pretty much any type of home.

She loves to give kisses and cuddles. More later as I get to know her a little bit better.





Sandy is doing great! What a great pupper! She has gotten over her fear of the cats and for awhile was barking a lot at them. She isn't barking at them as much as she is trying to play with them, which they do not appreciate!! They do not have claws so can only verbally tell her so, which she either ignores or doesn't understand :) She continues to meet lots of people and other dogs and does great! We are working on house training, and of course since she is so young yet, has a way to go. But she will go potty immediately upon taking her out, so that is great. For the past couple nights she has held it for 7 hours. She may have been not ready to go out but I decided it was time so we didnt have an accident :)

My resident dogs are starting to play with her more and she just loves loves loves playing! She loves to follow the big dogs around outside, except when they do their crazy chasing game... she must know she can not keep up or thinks they might trample her, which they definitely could, so she comes stands by foster mom for protection. When she first met my dogs, seems like she thought one was her momma, as she kept going looking for milk, which my dogs were not happy about... We took a ride in the jeep this week and she did great! She was going to be held by my son but she preferred to take off into the back and explore. She was on her back legs looking out windows and was not afraid or whiney in the least. I rolled the windows down a little so she could sniff the outside air like all GRs love to do! She has also been exploring the whole house, so at times we do baby gate her upstairs with us so we can keep an eye on her. She has snuck down there a couple times then we find little 'surprises' or she finds the cat food. She is small enough to make it through the kitty door where the litter and food is kept.

Everyone around here has fallen in love with Sandy... even a few tears shed by some 7 year olds that were told they can not take her home :( Sandy is free to stay here as long as it takes to find her the perfect forever home. She does not respond to her name and I have a hard time calling her Sandy so I have been calling her peanut since she is just a little peanut :) If you are interested in meeting or talking about her, please let your placement advisor know. 






Sandy has been doing great! She is starting to get the potty outside thing I think. She is such a happy little girl who should be spending this critical bonding time of her life with her forever family. She is hoping they are out there reading about her. She is a typical puppy in the sense that she loves to play with people and dogs both. She is also doing very well on her puppy biting. Just takes a quick high pitched 'ow' and she remembers she isn't supposed to be biting. She had her second bath, and while the first one she didn't like at all, the second one went a lot better. She was more relaxed this time. She loves chewing on both stuffed soft toys and hard bones. And boy, does she have a nose on her! You can see her little nose sniffing all the time and finds exactly what she is looking for quickly.
I know Sandy doesn't look very golden, but her mom (Popcorn) is definitely all golden and Sandy sure wants someone to see past her shorter fur and take her home! I do not think she will have the longer golden fur, but at this point it is pretty hard to tell. I think her black highlighting is so adorable! Everyone she has met totally falls in love with her and I am sure everyone will! Please contact your placement advisor if you are interested in meeting Sandy. Until then, she can hang out with us.
Oh and we did take a bunch of pics camping and I left the camera up north, sorry! I will get it this next weekend, and you will love the pics. She would get cold (since it was cold and rainy) so I would cuddle her in a towel or blanket and she would take a nap on her pillow in the lawnchair. After that, she pretty much thought that chair was hers and anyone who sat in it had to pick her up so she could be in it :)


Sorry for the lack of updates for Sandy! She continues to do well in fostercare, although would much rather have her own family soon. What can I tell you about Sandy? Well, she now weighs 17 pounds. When I got her, she weighed 11, so she is growing. She will probably be 60 pounds or so when fully grown. She loves to play with the resident dogs. Sandy also LOVES kids. She also loves adults. Sandy believes any human or dog she sees is there to play with her, no other reason naturally. She must know how cute she is.

I don't know if I mentioned before that she attended a few soccer games. She LOVES watching the kids out there playing and would just love to go join in, although obviously that is not a good idea.
Sandy sleeps all night most nights, and the nights she doesn't is mostly my fault as I sometimes forget to put the water up an hour before bed. She does not sleep in her crate at night, she sleeps on the bed. But, she is in her crate while I am at work. She doesn't love her crate, but tolerates it. She did go in there one day on her own to take a nap, and one other day to chew on a bone that was in there. She is very excited to get out of there when I get home though :)
Oh, potty training! It is going very well! Probably about 85% of the time she whines at the door to go out. The other times I either see her starting to go and get her out or we find the 'evidence' later. But when she does go in the house, she does go out of her way to 'hide' it, like going into the bathroom or my son's room. She is not doing it right out in the open in front of people anymore. She obviously realizes it is not where she is supposed to be doing her business.
Sandy still loves the cats, although they are less impressed with her everyday. As she gets bigger she can hold them down longer :) She just gets up on them and doesn't let them up. A cat with claws could probably teach her a lesson. As for other dogs, she seeks friendship from them all and goes submissive until she knows the dog. She has appropriate dog behavior meeting new dogs. The only issue is she gets so excited to go meet them, she tends to whine and bark a little.
I have noticed she is a little barky at strangers if they walk past the house. She will watch them, then give out a little whine and woof, and then come running to fostermom to make sure all is ok. Last night she also heard one of the cats batting a lego toy around in the kitchen and got a little concerned with that noise. I think she will be a good watchdog, as she is alert to most things going on around her.
I know I said I had more pics, but we never went camping that weekend. Hopefully this weekend I will get my camera, as she is growing so much! I am sure her forever family would love to be a part of the growing up process. Also, I am sure I am forgetting to mention something about her, so if you are interested, let's talk! Contact your placement advisor if you are interested in my little Peanut!



I finally got my camera back from up north. Here are a few camping pictures. You can see Sandy relaxing in the hammock, sleeping on her pillow in her chair, chewing on a log, and getting cuddled by foster grandpa.
Sandy is getting bigger every day and she has developed such a personality! She continues to love dogs and people, as well as torture my cats :) In the last picture, she is taking a snooze on my flip flops after we were outside working for 4 hours. She likes to help in the garden, so she got pretty tuckered out.
The one thing I need to mention is that Sandy has a female issue 'down there'. This should correct itself over time, with maturity. She is currently on some antibiotics twice a day for two weeks. How the vet explains it is like this: The urinary tract is normally like a slide. Sandy's urinary tract isn't quite as straight as it should be. Because of that, urine will sit in one spot and cause an infection. She starts acting like she has a urinary tract infection, which is basically what it is. At its worst, she was having to go outside to go potty quite often, just thinking she had to go. This might cause her to be on antibiotics off and on until it corrects itself. This is fairly common, according to the vet, and occurs in about 20% of puppies and isn't anything to worry about, just need to keep an eye on her for signs of discomfort while off her medication. She takes her medication like a champ though :)






Sandy has gone to her forever home! Her new mom and dad, and furr brother came to meet her Tuesday evening. Of course, Sandy loved them and they loved her. They picked her up Thursday evening. FM shed a few tears, ok a lot of tears, but is hoping for plenty of updates on my little peanut!

My niece had come over earlier in the day to say her good byes and was a trooper about it. See, she had thought she was going to adopt Peanut, although her family is not quite ready for another dog... She sure was.
We all wish you the best of luck little Peanut! Be a good girl and know FM misses you very much!! I do not think the cats miss you though, sorry :)

Have a GReat life little one!