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Sunny 09-203
(Fostered in Inver Grove Heights, MN)

This is Sunni.  She is about 7 weeks old.  She is from North Dakota.  She is a Golden Mix.  Sunni is the smallest of the litter of 4.  Not by much though.  She weighs 6 lbs. 14 oz.  She is a little shy.  Sunni is very playful and holds her own when wrestling around with her brothers and sisters.  She loves people and will be the first one in your lap if you sit down near her.  She loves to tug on your socks and your pant legs.
Sunni loves chewing on her toys.  She'll go from 1 to the next.  Then over to her litter mates.  Once in awhile there's a little scuffle but she doesn't back down.  She's a good snuggler when she's getting tired.  And those puppy kisses are the best.  How could anyone resist this cutie!





Sunny has been with us for almost a week.  We absolutely adore her.  Everywhere we go people are just in ah of her.  She is a great spokesdoggie for RAGOM, telling everyone what great things we do.  She is the cutest little thing.  Just stares up at you with those loving eyes.  She has a lot of energy and loves to run around the yard.

Still working on potty training.  She is a smart girl so I'm sure she will catch on fast.  She does fine at night or when she is in her kennel.

As you can see Sunny can get comfortable just about anywhere.  She is easy to please as long as she has someone to snuggle with and a bone to chew.  She was missing her brothers and sisters, so we have been letting her cuddle with us at night.  She usually sleeps all through the night and gets up to go potty in the morning.  Her puppy kisses are a much better wake up call than my obnoxious alarm clock.

Sunny loves kids and other dogs.  We went to the dog park a few days in a row and she just can't get enough of them.  Big and small she charges right after them, trying to keep up with her little legs.  She is so funny; she actually seems to intimidate some of them, even the Boxer that is at least 20 times her size.  No worries, they were giving each other kisses in the end.  She loves kids as well, enjoying the fact that they are lower to the ground and ready for wet kisses.

We are off to the vet today to get her 8 week booster shots and then it?s time for more fun in the backyard.

Sunny would make a great addition to any family.  Does anyone have a lot of love and energy to give this little sweet girl?


Our little Sunny is packing on the pounds. She went to the vet over the weekend and weighed in at 10.1 pounds. She is in perfect condition and the vet says things are coming along very well. I'm pretty sure the vet is her new favorite place to be, all kinds of dogs and treats around. What could be better???

She is doing much better with potty training. I think she has figured out that she gets a yummy treat if she goes outside. She is pretty food motivated. She is also doing well with her crate.

Sunny will be attending the Fury Motors event this Saturday in South St. Paul. She would love to meet you. Come on over to say hello.


Sunny is growing in almost every way.  She gets bigger by the day and has more and more energy.

She went to the Fury Motors event on Saturday with her new friend Jen.  She came home with her own cute little blanket that she loves to snuggle in.  It is just her size.  Thank you Boy Scouts!

Sunny is making great progress with potty training and is sometimes even running to the door when she has to go.  Her puppy biting is under control and I think she is even starting to know her name.  We can redirect her easily when she starts to chew on something and have started using a leash with her.  There is no doubt that she will be an excellent girl!

Like all of us, Sunny is missing the sun and can't wait to get back outside.  She is not a fan of the rain, it's chilly for someone her size.

Sunny can't wait to find her forever home and would love to meet you if you are interested.


Sunny went in today for a vaccine update and weighed in at 13 pounds.  Wow she is getting big.  We have only had her for about 2 weeks and she has doubled in size.  While at the vet we got our usual question.  What is she??  There have been many theories on what Sunny may be mixed with.  We know her mom is Popcorn, a Golden, but not so sure on where the other set of genes came from.  Could it be a boxer, a bulldog, or even a collie?  Whatever the breed she sure is one of the cutest mixed I have ever seen.  It was a great combination.  We did see a dog at the park that seemed to look identical to Sunny, same markings and ear style.  Who knows, it is a small world.

Sunny continues to win over everyone that she meets, dogs and humans alike.  She loves the vet because of all of the new faces she gets to meet.  The treats don't hurt either.  I really can't believe she has been with us this long.  I'm sure time will bring her the best family she could ask for.  I can't wait for her to find that forever home that will keep her happy and safe.  We sure will miss her.  Even our resident Golden, Bailey, has gotten attached.  This is not a likely story considering Bailey refuses to believe she is a dog and finds most of them quite annoying.  Her and Sunny are now the best of friends and are inseparable.  Maybe there is some satisfaction in teaching the young pups about how to be a good dog.


Little Sunny has found her forever home!  She will be kept busy with her new family of 6 and finally have someone to keep up with her. :)  I know she will sure love all of her new playmates.  There is no doubt that she will always receive the care and love that she deserves.

Good for you Sunny and family!  We are so happy for you!  We will miss you!