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I've been Adopted!

Freedom 09-215
(Fostered in Bloomington, MN)

Please join me in welcoming Freedom to the RAGOM life!  Freddie came all the way from Missouri thanks to the help of many terrific volunteers willing to spend part of their holiday weekend getting several dogs on the road to the good life in Minnesota!  My personal thanks to William for temporarily fostering her -- particularly for the bath, brushing, and special food to control her allergies :)

Freedom is a Golden 'mix.'  Even the vet couldn't guess what all her lineage might be!  Currently, she weighs 54 lbs but could probably gain 10 more -- she's pretty skinny.  Her age is estimated to be about 10 but she could be younger since she's got more pep and enthusiasm than my 7 yr old GR.  Freddie's front teeth are very worn from chewing on wire or something else totally inappropriate for a dog.  Her coat is also in less than great condition with several bald patches.  So she looks a bit rough which probably makes her look older than she really is.  Blood work indicated that Freedom is healthy except for being borderline hypothyroid which is easily managed.  And with some topical cortisone spray and omega-3 supplements to control her itching and improve her skin allergies, Freddie's already looking better and feeling more comfortable!

It's apparent that Freedom was an indoor dog as she hasn't had even one accident in the house -- a first for my dogs whether foster or resident!  She gets along well with resident Mini and has even gotten her to wrestle a couple of times (a really big deal since Mini was a puppy mill dog and doesn't know much about playing).

More to come on this little sweetie -- but please contact your placement advisor (if you are an approved adopter) if you don't want to wait!

Camera-shy Freedom
Playing with the resident GR
It's Freedom!


Freedom will make her RAGOM debut today at Chuck & Don's grand opening event in Highland Park!


At last...a real update to Freedom's story:  I don't know why I've been at such a loss for words about this foster but I promise to do better!  She's my first foster where we know NOTHING about her background.  She was obviously an indoor dog, since she's house trained, doesn't get on furniture, counter-surf, or chew on people stuff.  While it doesn't appear she was abused, Freddie definitely was neglected -- even before she was abandoned.  One of the best things about fostering is watching these dogs blossom with just some TLC, good food, and vet care.  Freedom's coat is already softer and her bald areas starting to fill in.  She looks and feels much better than when she arrived!  I can't wait to see what she looks like in another month or two.  Her furever family will have to promise to send pictures!

Freddie has learned a lot in the last couple of weeks about the joys of being a RAGOM dog -- or maybe it's just about the joys of being a dog?  She's been to doggie daycare at Woof Dah and seems to have a blast, judging by how tired she is after even a half day of playtime!  It doesn't sound like she interacts with the other dogs much but has a heck of a good time wrestling with Mini in all that open space!

We want to thank all the RAGOM fans who came out to Chuck & Don's yesterday!  Freddie enjoyed all the pats and scratches at her debut event (and she was glad that not many fosters showed up since it meant more attention for her).  FM was very happy to see how well she did with crowds and chaos.  A special shoutout to Peg for all the time she spent learning about RAGOM in general - and Freedom in particular!

Miss Freedom


Happy anniversary to me, happy anniversary to me, happy anniversary dear Freddie, happy anniversary to me!

To celebrate my one month anniversary with FM thought I'd help her out by updating my blog myself.  This RAGOM life is a pretty sweet gig!  Soft beds, cool floors, another dog to play 'bitey-face wrestling' with, pats and scratches just for the asking...the list of perks just goes on and on!  The only bummer is that Mini and I are feeling a bit walk-deprived this week.  FM says it's just too darn hot to spend much time outside -- and she's not even wearing a fur coat!  So yesterday we got to 'play all day the Woof-Dah way' and today I'm happy just lounging around the house enjoying this thing FM calls AC.

FM wishes she was telepathic so she could know what bits of info would lead my furever family to come fetch me.  So, in a nutshell (will that attract squirrels???):


  • A good dog with nice house manners
  • Good with kids and cats
  • Not a big barker
  • Pretty low maintenance, I'll like being around you but not pushy or velcro about it
  • Loves nice brisk walks


  • RAGOM-approved adopter!

A big woof of THANKS to Jan for the really nice pictures of me looking pretty at last week's RAGOM event!  FM even managed to get an OK pic for this update even though I'm a little camera shy.

Camera shy!


Just a quick note from FM -- I'd been hoping her forever family would realize they need some Freedom in their lives for Saturday's celebration of our country's freedom!  We'll be in town all weekend so there's still time to welcome this great dog into your home!  As RAGOM's Placement Coordinators are working despite the holiday, I'm sure they'd appreciate hearing from you if you're an approved applicant and have any questions or want to schedule a meeting.

Sorry I don't have any new pics of camera shy little Freddie, but we've got a play date with another RAGOM volunteer who has a GReat fenced yard & her own herd of furbutts to wrestle with, so I plan to get some action shots for the next update (maybe announcing a status change to "Adopted"!?


Hi Freedom fans!  Even though she didn't find her forever home last weekend, she had a good time anyway!  Many thanks to Sue and her fur-kids for exhausting my two!

Freedom with friendsTry to catch me!
Looking for fun!Say "Freedom"!


Congratulations Freedom!  Freddie was adopted over the weekend and now has her own boy in addition to a Dad.  Mini will miss the wrestling matches, but we all love a happy ending!