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I've been Adopted!

Louie 09-220
(Fostered in Chanhassen, MN)

Louie is an approximately one YO Golden from Missouri. He was picked up as a stray and turned over to a high kill shelter. We are so happy to have this sweetie as a RAGOM furr kid. He will have only the best life going forward. When I picked him up he was filthy, but as he laid his head on my shoulder on the way home, I knew there was an angel under there somewhere! I was right, he is the sweetest, cuddliest and most trusting pupper. He definitely has lived in a house before as he is potty trained, knows that he should be on the couch for his naps and that he belongs on the bed for his nighttime slumbering.

Louie came in with kennel cough, so we are working on getting that cleared up. Once cleared, he will face the inevitable neutering and will be ready to start his new life.


Mr. Louie has found his forever family!  He will stay in foster care a few more weeks until he recovers from his kennel cough and gets neutered.  Then he will live the rest of his life with the "R" family!  Enjoy the new pictures...

Mr. Louie!
Have a great life with your new family, Louie!


Louie is having a good time with foster sister, Cadence (08-433).  They get along great and are like two peas in a pod!  Louie (we call him Charlie now because his forever family re-named him) is recovering from his kennel cough.  His boogers are not hanging from his nose anymore (ewwww)! He is scheduled to be neutered on Monday, June 8th.  He will have to stay overnight at the vet's office.  We are pretty sad about that because we will miss him.  Then he can recover for a few days at his foster home until....drum roll....he will get to go to his FOREVER home! 

Louie (Charlie) is the best dog in the world!  Is he perfect?  No, but he is still a puppy and is still learning.  He is such a gentle soul.  I know that his past was not a pleasant one.  If Charlie gets ahold of something he shouldn't (like my Blackberry) when I tell him no and reach for the item, he cowers.  It absolutely breaks my heart into a milllion peices to see that.  I know that he must have been yelled at because I was yelling up the stairs for one of my kids to bring me something and he went running in the other room.  We use very quiet voices now. 

I tell him that he is a good dog and that I am sorry that anyone would have brought harm to him.  I just don't understand it, but that is all behind him and he will have a GReat life now!  He has been such a joy to have in our home.  Enjoy the new pictures!

Cadence (08-433) & Charlie playing tug
Cadence (08-433) & Charlie playing tug

All pooped out!
All pooped out!

Why did the GR cross the road?  To get the ball, silly!  Ha ha ha!
Why did the GR cross the road?  To get the ball, silly!  Ha ha ha!


Louie (now Charlie) came through his neuter surgery unaffected! I picked him up yesterday and he was just as happy and bouncy as when I dropped him off. It was a challenge keeping him quiet, he was so excited to see his “girls” and especially Cadence – they have a love affair going : ) He is doing so well that I called his forever family and asked if they wanted to pick him up tonight. They were elated! So, Charlie boy gets to go to his forever home tonight. He will have three little kids to chase after and a mom and dad to teach him the ropes – he is still a puppy after all and a big one at that!

I will update as soon as he is adopted, hopefully with some pictures of him with his new forever family!


Our Charlie boy went home with the "R" family tonight. He greeted them at the door with a waggling tail and kisses. He will have a great time at their house running around with the kids in their big fenced yard and I am sure he will make his nighttime slumber place on mom and dad's bed! Charlie is such a great boy and we will miss him, especially Cadence 08-433. She is kind of down tonight because her pal is gone, but if only she knew another furr butt will be coming tomorrow!

Congrats "R" family! Thank you for loving this special boy forever. He is a very special Golden and will whittle his way into your hearts forever!

Love you Charlie!

Foster Mom, Penny Rose and Cadence 08-433