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Bella 09-241
(Fostered in Plymouth, MN)

Little Miss Bella came to us over the weekend after a long ride from Iowa with her siblings, Henry and Brooklyn. While Henry and Brooklyn went on to other fosterhomes, Bella snuggled in with us while she awaits her "forever family."

Bella is the cutest little pup! She is as snuggly as can be and has a need to stay close to all things human! If I am standing in the kitchen, she will come close and sit on top of my feet. When I have to move to another spot, she will roll off my feet but then follow me until I stop, so she can perch on my feet again. This goes on continuously! She loves to be close!

She is a golden retriever-lab mix, blond in color and 8 1/2 weeks old. She loves to play with our two adult goldens and likes to play the game of running as fast as she can directly at them and then jumping at their head. Her ears are flopping up and down as she runs and it isn't unusual to see her trip all over herself as she charges forward! There is nothing cuter!

Bella is now ready to find her forever family. Here is what her forever family should know about her: Cute; sweet; affectionate; not potty trained (but working on it); loves other big dogs; loves to eat and sleep; sleeps soundly through the night; needs alot of time devoted to training and teaching; snuggles with everyone and enjoys watching the Stanley Cup.



Miss Bella was adopted today by the "N" family of Eden Prairie. She will be going home to two resident dogs, a chocolate lab and a RAGOM golden retriever! She will also be living with a new mom and dad and two human brothers! Dad works from home so Bella will always have someone to cuddle and play with!


From Bella's forever family...


Bella arrived at her forever home about an hour and a half ago and she loves our golden and our chocolate lab. They have been romping in the back yard and having a blast, I just love her already. We were contemplating a name change but I just read the updates on her namesake (WOW) and want you to know she will FOREVER be Bella. Thanks for all you do!