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Rest in Peace

Axel 98-100

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We have some sad news: we had to euthanize Axel on Tuesday (September 8, 2009). He was 12 years old. In June, he had a stroke, which he actually recovered from quite well - about 90%. However, he had another stroke this past week and there wasn't anything else we could do for him. Axel couldn't get up from laying down, he had pressure sores on both of his shoulders, and was developing ulcers in both eyes. We know we made the right call, but we miss him terribly. He was the best dog we could ever ask for and we loved him very much. Above is a professional picture taken when he was 2 years old.

We adopted him at the end of July/beginning of August in 1998. He was one year old at the time, and was fostered by Kevin L. 

Thank you for giving us Axel.

Linda and Mike