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Heaven 09-480
(Fostered in Perham, MN)


Who would like a little piece of Heaven in their home? :) If you do, then I have just the girl for you!!

Meet Heaven, she is a 4 year old Golden with a little mix. Mostly Golden. She is a BEAUTIFUL red color and is the sweetest girl that you will ever meet. She was a little timid when I first met her, but it did not take her long at all to warm up to me and the gang at home. She is slowly getting used to what a dog's life should be like. The vet thinks she spent a good amount of time in kennels, from some sores she had.

Heaven is a petite girl. She weighs in at 48.8lbs. She is up to date on all shots, is Heartworm Negative, and the vet thinks she is spayed, (the incision was in the right spot). Unless she comes into heat, then she is spayed. She does have a slight skin allergy, but she is getting some good antibiotics, and may have to have Benydryl once in awhile for the rest of her life. Nothing major at all, the vet thinks it may be from being in an environment that was not good for her skin. And the allergy may only flare up once in awhile, but it will be something she will probably have for a lifetime.

Heaven is learning to be a dog. She does not know what toys are, but is slowly learning about them from our resident dogs. She doesn't understand the concept of fetch yet, or that is ok to play with the toys. Sad! But she will run around and play with our resident dogs, it is quite funny to watch her run and play with them, and so nice to see. She gets along fine with everyone and everything :) She just ignores our 3 cats, and she is fine with kids and all people. She shows no agressions what so ever! She is just a lover.

Here I am with the Resident Golden Ginni. I am on the right :) 

Heaven does not need a fence at all. She stays by my side or when I call her she comes back to me. She listens very well. If she could have a home with another dog to just show her how to play, that would be wonderful, but not at all necessary. I think she would be fine being an only dog. And she doesn't care about cats, like I said, she is the sweetest girl!

I don't think that she has ever lived in a house, so we are at about 90% house training. We are crating her at night until she is fully house trained. When I watch her, she is starting to tell me she needs to go out by looking at the door or doing a funny dance :) When she comes in after doing her business she then gets a treat to reinforce the good behavior. So she is learning.

She does have an offset bite on her lower jaw, but nothing that hurts her in anyway. It just gives her a distinct look :) Which I think is very cute, so does the vet and everyone that meets her! :)

This girl is more than ready to find her new furever home :) I think she has been longing for it for a very long time now. Are you ready to have a little piece of Heaven in your home? Just look at these pictures and say no! :) Contact your placement advisor TODAY!! Heaven would love you beyond words!

Who could resist this BEAUTIFUL girl?
I am waiting for my new furever home!


HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Heaven is sending Hugs and Kisses to everyone out there!! :) This girl is doing WONDERFUL, she had a full Thanksgiving day. I will let her tell you about it :)

Heaven here! :) Boy did I have a full day! All of us got to go to with FM and FD to the Foster Grandparents house and eat lunch. I got to meet a lot of REALLY nice people!! I even met some kids! Boy were they really nice to me!! They would give me hugs and pet me and also gave me some kisses! I sure did like them a lot!! I also got to meet some other dogs! And I had a lot of fun playing outside with them. Then I thought we were going home, but instead we all went to ANOTHER house! Where I got to meet my other Foster Grandpa! And I also met a lot of other nice people there! They also would pet me and kept telling me how cute I was :) Even if I have a crooked smile they thought it was cute. It was a long day and it was really fun! Now I am off to bed. I will let FM finish my update.

FM here. Heaven is the biggest sweet heart in the world! She did so wonderful today!! She LOVED our niece and nephew, who are 8 and 6. Our nephew really took a liking to her. But who wouldn't??!??! He would lay on the floor facing her and just hug and pet her. :) It was the cutest thing ever! For everything she has been through, Heaven loves with her whole heart and soul. She has no problem meeting people, and she loves kids. There is nothing or no one that I have not seen her get along with! :)

What is really nice is to see her progressing with playing with other dogs and toys. She will pick up her Kong and play with that now, and she will try and engage the others to play with her. It is very cute. Everyone that meets her loves her. Will you be the next person to love her? She is MORE than ready to find her forever home. This girl has no restrictions what so ever. She does need to take Benydryl, but it may not be an all year round thing. Just when allergies flare up.

This sweet sweet girl is looking for that home that will love her with all their heart! Contact your placement advisor today and see what it is like to have a little piece of Heaven in your home! :)


Hello all you Heaven watchers out there!! Heaven is sending hugs and kisses to you all :) She is still looking for her forever home :) Do you have a place in your home for this loving girl?

I am ready for my furever home. Are you it?

We are making such WONDERFUL progress on house training! NO accidents at all in the past 2 days. Today FD and FM were both at work and no accidents at all. :) We are still crating her at night, and she has not had an accident in the crate in the past 2 nights! Such progress for 1 week of being here! I just KNOW there is someone out there that is looking for a sweet loving girl....Heaven is your girl then! Just look at these photos and say no :) When you meet her, you WILL fall in love with her.

Here are a couple photos of her playing with toys.

Here I am playing with Titan.

I let him get the toy...
I am starting to get the hang of playing with
these toy things the others play with ;)
Here I am with Turbo, one of the resident Cats.

I can't say enough about this girl. She is wonderful wonderful wonderful!!! Contact your placement advisor to inquire about this girl!


Who is looking to adopt the sweetest most loving dog in the world? Then Heaven is the girl for you! :) This girl could not be doing any better! She has come so far in the week we have been fostering her. She is almost done with her meds and she is about 98% housebroken. In the past 4 days we have only had 1 accident. We crate her at night and she has not had an accident at all. During the day she is baby gated in our laundry room and does just fine.

Just look at this face! WHO can resist it????

I like this purple ball!

She is playing with toys now and really likes to play with our resident Golden. Just look at some of those pictures above :) There is nothing stopping this girl from going to her forever home. She is ready! She has so much love to give. 

If you are looking for the special girl for the life, then contact your placement advisor today :) Heaven can't wait to meet you!! :)


 Judith Cummings            In memory of Spot

Kim Folkers and Bruce Ecker, Ginger 07-404; Jackson 08-442


Hello everyone! FM here sending a little update on our dear sweet Heaven :) This sweet little girl is doing just wonderful, she gets along with everyone and everything it seems like :) I have never her seen get mad at anything. :) She LOVES to play with our resident golden and all the other kids :) She is learning to walk on a leash without any problems at all. We have a lot of land so we like to take them all for walks.

I am just so surprised that I am not beating people back! Why is no one knocking down the door for this WONDERFUL girl??? :) She does not need a fence, she get's along with kids, cats, other dogs, everything!! :) She is doing so good with the potty training, one accident the other day, but she is learning to tell us when she needs to go out, FM and FD just need to pay attention sometimes! :) I sometimes come home from work at lunch and let them all out, but she is learning. I am proud of her!

Are you looking for a sweet sweet girl that will love you with all of her heart? Contact placement advisors TODAY!! :) This girl is looking for her new forever home for Christmas!!

Aren't these the cutest pictures???


Hello again world! :) Heaven wanted me to send some hugs and kisses to Judith Cummings for donating in her name! What a wonderful gift!! Thank you so much!

Some other things I wanted to tell everyone about with Heaven. She is so calm, no trying to show anyone who the boss is, she loves to play now, I have even caught her walking out of our bedroom with one of FD socks last night :) I just told her that wasn't the right "toy" to play with..hehehe. Silly girl! :) And of course she is loving to be pet and brushed.

When we let the dogs out, they have to get their feet wiped before they can come all the way into the house. Well, Heaven picked up on that so quick!! She even hands me her paw now to be wiped off!!! AMAZING!!! Such a GREAT girl!!

I have stopped giving her her Benedryl, she is done with her other meds, and her skin seems to be just fine. It is not red anymore, and she barely itches. I think that it just may be a seasonal thing she gets and I just monitor it. Nothing serious with this girl, Benedryl is in no way expensive, and who knows if she will need it anymore? Us humans deal with seasonal allergies all the time! :)

What does Heaven need in her future home?

  • JUST LOTS OF LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • She stays in the yard just fine, we don't have a fence. She does great!
  • She is fine with all kids, cats, dogs..etc..
  • Lots of LOVE :)
  • Someone to keep teaching her to play. She is just learning about playing fetch :)

If you think/know this is the girl for you, then contact your placement advisor today.


Hi Everyone!

Heaven here. FM said I could do my own update today! :)

I have to tell you how much I am loving being a dog and this whole playing thing! WOW!! I just love it!! :) I am still learning about this fetch thing that FD and FM want me to do. But I know it is lots of fun to play!!

I wanted to give special Kisses to Judith Cummings, Kim Folkers, Bruce Ecker and the person who donated in Memory of Spot. I REALLY apreciate the donation for this wonderful Christmas season.

Well FM wants to say a couple of things :)

FM here. This girl is doing soooooo wonderful. She crates on her own now at night, just until we have this whole potty training thing down pat ;) When we are home she has free rein of the house, and does just fine. Though she did walk out of our bedroom one night with one of FD's socks...we just told her that wasn't the right toy to play with, but it was funny :)

She sticks by my side or is the middle of the kitchen...along with the other 3 dogs :) It is hard to get around my kitchen now :)

I can be on one side of the house and call her name and she comes to me, she listens quite well. The whole running on the floor is a little new though, sometimes slippery..:)

We do babygate her during the day when we are at work, and she does fine. When she goes outside we have a tie-out on the front step and she is learning to go quick and come in since it is cold ;) I don't blame her!! :) I would too!! hehehe. But a fence or no fence she will be fine. She doesn't need one, but if you have one, not a problem either!

She does not jump on furniture, I don't think she has a desire too. We do have to pick her up and put her in the car if we take her anywhere. She just has no desire to jump on anything :)

This is just the sweetest girl ever! I know she is the right one for you :) Contact your placement advisor today!


Our dear sweet Heaven has found the perfect match in the H. household. She is going to live with the best family imaginable :) This was more than a perfect match. They were a match on paper and in person. I could tell that Heaven loved the whole family so much. This was our first foster and she was great. I know that she is going to the perfect home! And a more quiet home also! :) hahaha. I wish them all the best in the future, and we will miss Heaven :)


Hi, Heaven here. My forever family is terrific! I have everything a dog wants - a doggy bed, toys, kong, and a juicy bone. My non-fur brothers are teaching me how to play with my toys and my new mom is trying to teach me how to shake. I love going for walks and my new dad says that I'm really good on a leash.

I have a new best friend who lives next door and she's a Golden also. I like to watch her play and then try to do what she does. I'm still a little afraid of the stairs to go downstairs, but once I'm downstairs, I'm happy cuddling in my other doggy bed.

I also want to thank my foster mom and foster dad for taking such great care of me until my forever family found me.