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Rest in Peace

Griffie 97-015

Sponsor Griffie


Griffie, born June 11, 1995, adopted from RAGOM March 1997, and died June 6, 2011. We still celebrated her 16th birthday a few days early today. She enjoyed a birthday cupcake and all the treats she wanted on her last day.

She was a wonderful companion for over 14 years, and the best therapy dog for nearly that long. She made countless people happy and she was always excited to go to work at the various therapy dog venues she visited. She not only loved to be petted by all the people, but also was a great performer doing many kinds of tricks including her specialty, bowling. 

Above is a picture from 2008 when she could still run like the wind, and below are a few others from her last days. She was really interested in the birthday cupcake!

We will miss her dearly.

Mark and Ruth V.