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Daisy 11-359
(Fostered in New Richland, MN)

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome ....

Miss Daisy was surrendered to RAGOM because her family was put in the difficult position of choosing their home or their dog.  So, Miss Daisy is now living with us until we can find her someone who will love her as much as her family did.

Daisy is 6 years old with beautiful strawberry blond hair.  She is used to being the only dog, so having to fit into a house with two others has been an adjustment for her, but then this whole adventure has been an adjustment for her.  When she arrived at our house she received a bath.  With very little coaxing Daisy stepped into the bath and stood very well.  Daisy is on the heavy side, so she is getting long walks and a limited diet.  We started her walks with the flat collar but Daisy is a puller, so we switched to a gentle leader and she is doing fabulous.  I was able to walk all three girls by the second day.  While we were walking we met several dogs on tie-outs and Daisy didn't even bat an eye.

Daisy is having to learn a few manners, she will jump when she is excited and she has put her front feet on the counter .... both are not allowed.  Daisy is very good at coming when called.  Although she gets to run around in our fenced yard, she would be fine without a fence or tie-out.

Daisy is a velcro girl, she is perfectly happy never being out of your sight.  So far, she is more of a people's dog than a dog's dog.  She would be perfect for anyone who wants just one dog.  Daisy loves, loves, loves children and gives great kisses.

Daisy will be going to the vet on Friday to be brought up-to-date on shots, get a wellness check and have her spay surgery.  Wish her luck!!  If you would like to know more about this beautiful girl, contact your Placement Advisor today.


Oh my goodness, the difference a few days can make.

As I've said, Daisy was used to being an only dog, imagine what it must have felt like coming into a house with two other girls and having to learn how to share ... everything.  Here is a recap of Daisy's first week.

Daisy's first day was very stressful.  We took all three girls for a walk to let them slowly get used to each other, this is our normal introduction routine.  Everyone seemed to do fine.  We allowed the girls to explore the fenced in yard leaving the leash attached to Daisy, just in case.  There were a few grumbles, some we had to pay close attention to.  As far as body signals, very few, mainly uncertainty.  We allowed Daisy some personal time in her kennel, she needed time to destress.

As the week has progressed, we have discovered several things about Daisy.  First, and probably the most important, Daisy likes to use her voice.  If you don't understand her, it might sound angry ... but it's not.  Daisy has a very deep voice and when she "talks" it comes out like a growl sound, what I refer to as a grumble, but she does not intend it to be mean.  It actually took us a couple of times of watching her to understand her mannerism.  Needless to say, it took our girls a couple of times to understand she didn't mean anything by it too.  Now that our girls understand her there is harmony between them.

We believe strongly in allowing for slow progress in our foster home.  During this first week there have been no toys or bones allowed out.  We are also working on some behavior modifications.  Daisy feels if she barks long enough and loud enough she will get attention.  Instead, when she starts this behavior we turn our backs to her, as soon as she stops barking we turn back to her and she gets lots of pets.  This is working very well.  Daisy is also learning how to relax ... she loves to be pet and certainly has the Golden nose nudge.  However, with three girls, it's sometimes more dogs than hands, so Daisy is learning to take turns or lay down and wait.

One of the most interesting things we have discovered about Daisy is that she will always wait until last to go out the door.  It doesn't matter if she is first to the door, she will back up and wait until the other girls are out and then she will take her turn.  It doesn't matter if they are going out or coming in.  I find this very cute and makes the door rush so much easier.

Once Daisy has received her wellness checkup and been cleared by our vet, we will be talking with a family that may be interested in meeting this special girl.  I'll let you know more soon.

By the way - I know the pictures of Daisy are not so great - every time I bring out the camera and get one picture taken she will not allow me to take another ... I guess she is a little camera shy.


Daisy came through her spay surgery just fine.  She is back to her usual happy self.  She tested negative to Heartworm - YEAH, but she tested positive for Lymes.  She is on antibiotics for 28 days, the vet said she shows no clinic symptoms, so it seems we have caught it early.  Daisy is now up-to-date on all her shots and she weighed in at 64.9 lbs.  The vet would like to see her at 58-60 lbs since she isn't a very tall girl.

We have had another break through this week.  Our Pepper Anne, who loves to play with the fosters, finally got Daisy to play with her.  I just wish I could get it on video.  Here is my best description ... Pepper Anne jumps at Daisy and they go nose to nose, Daisy jumps back and sits down ... Pepper Anne jumps at Daisy and they go nose to nose, Daisy jumps back and sits down ... this goes on several times, then, Daisy jumps at Pepper Anne and they bump noses, Pepper Anne jumps back ... Daisy jumps at Pepper Anne and they bump noses, Pepper Anne jumps back ... it is so funny!!  Pepper Anne got Daisy to run around the dining room table today and they played chase.  This is one of Pepper Anne's favorite things to do with the fosters.   I don't think Daisy has a lot of experience playing, so this has been interesting to watch her face.  Daisy is very expressive.

Another accomplishment this week has been to feed all three girls together in the laundry room.  At first, we were feeding Daisy in her kennel.  We did this mainly because Daisy was not used to sharing space with other dogs.  We progressed to feeding Daisy near the laundry room but not inside.  We are now working on sit and stay and having to wait until getting an "eat" before starting.  This is something we require from our girls and Daisy is really trying hard.  We can Daisy to sit and stay, but she tries to move forward by inches.  We try not to make her wait too long because she is still learning the concept.  Needless to say, we are very proud of her.

I really thought Daisy would be better off as an only dog, but now that she has settled in she is doing so well with our other girls.  We are going to start working with toys this week to see if she has any issues with those.  Stay tuned...


Daisy will be meeting a wonderful family this weekend.  They have a Golden girl, so we will see if Daisy really has made the adjustment to being part of a pack.  We are hoping this will be a perfect match and are very excited for Daisy.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Daisy is doing so well.  I was even able to get a couple of new pictures.  The one is of Daisy and our girls saying good morning to my son when he got home from working the 3rd shift.  He decided to lay on the kitchen rug and all the girls had to take their turn giving him some loving.

The other picture is of Daisy in my son's "egg" chair.  This has become her spot during the day while my son is sleeping.  All the girls keep him company in his room.


As fosters one of our biggest accomplishments is finding that perfect family who will love our foster and give them a home that will last a lifetime.  Daisy was very lucky to find her forever family today.  This adoptive family gave their hearts and home to another of our foster girls a couple years ago and lost her to lymphoma this summer.  They were willing to open their hearts to another RAGOM girl and we were fortunate they decided Daisy was going home with them.  We couldn't be happier for Daisy, Hanna (their Golden girl) and the rest of their family.

Have a WONDERFUL life Daisy - hopefully we will see you in Duluth or maybe Wisconsin

Love you -

Foster mom and Foster dad
Josie and Pepper Anne


I want to share a picture of Daisy on her ride home to Duluth.  Daisy is in the pink polka dot collar with her new fursister Hanna .... they look like twins.  The ride went extremely easy.  Daisy was great in the car and the two dogs got along wonderfully.

It went well at home, too. Daisy was a little nervous when she first was checking out the house, and grumbled a bit towards Hannah, but it went pretty smooth. We set up the crate in our bedroom, and she went right in it and spent the night in the crate.

Thanks for everything.