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Bradley 06-359
(Fostered in the Twin Cities Metro Area)

8/16/06: Bradley is a three-year-old male found wandering the streets, and "easy street" should be his name. In one day Bradley has successfully moved from sleeping in the crate (he wasn't too fond of it) to sleeping on the floor alongside the bed. He also went from the morning in the bathroom to the afternoon with partial run of the house. When closed in the bathroom he barked when he heard his people leave for work, but was quiet on return at noon and when he was left again for the afternoon.

Bradley did not get into any mischief whatsoever no chewing, no accidents, no more barking. Bradley comes when you call him and seems to want to please his people. He gets along great with his furry foster sisters and likes to play.

Oh yeah! He also rides very well in the car, coming all the way from Iowa. Bradley will be going to the vet soon to get up to date on his shots and to make sure he is healthy. Bradley is more on the tall side and thin. His coat has been trimmed. I suspect he had "pricklies" from his homeless days that necessitated this. My editor noted that I forgot to say he's very friendly. Bradley is very friendly!



Bradley received a clean bill of health, was brought up to date on his shots, and weighed in at 69 lbs. Bradley is a wonderful boy; he likes to be with his people, enjoys other dogs - the more the merrier, and is good around cats. Bradley continues to have partial run of the house during the work day with no problems. This last weekend he rode very well in the car all the way to Ely and enjoyed romping with the other dogs, going for a swim and fishing (well, watching the fish swim). It appears that Bradley never had toys in his prior life because, while he loves to play, he does not know how to play with objects. He did not know how to fetch or play tug-'o-war with his fur-sister, but he's learning. This is one sweet and well behaved boy who only wants to be loved.


Bradley went to his new home - the L. family - tonight.