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Brooklyn 15-208TD
(Fostered in Scandia, MN)


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
10/16/2015  Required Age 10+  Optional  Yes 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $800


Bought as a puppy her family couldn't take care of her and left her in a shelter. She is 7-8 months old and spayed. She was shaved in summer that's why she looks naked!

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It's time to introduce Brooklyn to the RAGOM family & welcome her to the USA! Brooklyn is the youngest of the dogs that traveled across the globe to find a forever family, & is approximately 8 months old. She is certainly a sweetheart & is one very lucky & happy puppy!

From the little bit of information that we have on her background it appears that at one point she had a family but they no longer could care for her so they brought her to a shelter. At some time she was given a haircut & is sporting a pixie cut right now. Her fur is a little longer on both her ears & tail. She weighs in at 37 pounds & is very lean right now. She is also very treat motivated. She has very expressive ears & no doubt once her coat grows back in she will be stunning.

Brooklyn is spayed, microchipped & up to date on all her vaccines. Her only health issue when she arrived was that she had tapeworms. She was treated for that at the vet this week but will need a recheck stool sample in 1 month, whether she is still in foster care or with her new family by then.

Other things...Brooklyn is a fast learner, having mastered learning to sit, knows her name & take treats nicely. She is still very much a puppy though & has a ton of energy to burn. She pulls on the leash & thus far we have only used the martingale with her. I know she will do better once she starts on a gentle leader. She also has a ways to go in the potty training department. She doesn't signal to go outside  (that, or I just can't figure them out) so unless she goes outs on a regular basis she has accidents in the house. She goes into the kennel easily & is kenneled while we are at work. At night she wants to be by her people & if the kennel is in the same room as you are she sleeps quietly through the night. When we leave the kennel in the living room she howls & carries on until foster dad gives up & sleeps on the couch by her, then she quiets & goes right to sleep. Silly girl!

Brooklyn gets along great with our 4 goldens & our 3 cats. We have a 10 month old golden & they play just about nonstop. She has tried to instigate play with the other 3 but they just aren't interested. She basically ignores the cats, however if they run she will give chase. She doesn't try to hurt them at all, she just wants to play. When she first arrived she got a little snarky with toys & bones but that has started to improve, not perfect yet but definitely improving.  She listens appropriately when the other dogs tell her she is being a pain in the butt. Brooklyn does like to try to steal food out of hands but hasn't counter surfed yet. I think she would do ok in a home with kids but they should be older so little fingers don't get nipped. Brooklyn also has a habit of launching herself up onto your lap to snuggle. While it's ok for now once she gets bigger it won't be so cute. She also loves to put her paws up & gives hugs...again, cute now but very annoying if it's not your thing.  She is quite the snuggle Bug!!!

If you are interested in this sweetie please let your placement advisor know soon. I have no doubt that she will be adopted quickly as she is about as sweet as they come. However, remember that she is still a puppy & needs a family that is committed to helping her learn & grow, teaching her what's appropriate & what's not. It's a lot of work but in return she will love you for life!



Brooklyn went to her forever home this evening just in time for her first American Christmas. Brooke met her new family at one of the events last month & it was love at first sight. We are going to miss this sweetheart like silly but are so very happy for her! Merry Christmas Brooklyn!!