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Mary Tyler Moore
Mary Tyler Moore 15-212TD
(Fostered in Bondurant, IA)

From Cindy  From Cindy

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 10/17/15  Not required
 Not tested
 Optional  Not tested
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.



Adoption fee: $600


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"Welcome to the U.S., Mary"



Mary was living in the basement of a house and was not taken care of. Her owners brought her to the shelter.  She is 7 yrs old and has been shaved because she had skin problems. She is recovering now and will be a very sweet companion. 

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A more recent photo of Mary Tyler Moore, and look, her coat is looking more fluffy!


Hello to all from this beautiful girl, one who can turn the world on with her smile, Mary Tyler Moore! She is a 7-year-old (approximately) Golden Retriever who is incredibly sweet. She weighs 93 pounds, which is about 20 pounds overweight. She is spayed and has been brought up to date on all of her shots. 

She is an extremely lovable dog, who is so pleased with life in America. She loves people, and is always wanting a pet or two from anyone she meets :-). She gets along very well with our resident Golden. She has recently begun showing a little bit of interest in playing with her as well, which is great! 

One very important thing to note about Miss Mary is that she does have some arthritis in her rear hips. We have started her on a joint supplement and some fish oil, and we are already seeing a little bit more of a "pep" in her step. She cannot do more than 3-4 stairs at a time, so she will need a forever home with few steps. We also have wood floors in a large majority of our lower level, and she gets around on them alright, but does struggle a little bit. 

We love her so much, and she will make a WONDERFUL addition to anyone's family. We are hoping to kid-test her next week, but I see no reason she would not be child friendly. We hope to update soon! Let your placement advisor know if you're interested in coming down to Iowa to meet her!

/pictures/Pictures2015/MaryTylerMoore15212TDc1.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2015/MaryTylerMoore15212TDc2.jpg


Hello to all! First off, we would love to thank Mary's sponsor for welcoming her to the USA! So kind and generous of you! Her rescue and medical bills added up quickly, and we are so thankful for your support!

Now, for an update on our sweet gal. She is officially child, cat, and dog friendly :-). She loves to meet other dogs. She barks when she sees them, but has met both males and females with no issues. She sniffed a cat and walked away, and has been child approved for kids as young as 1 :-). She dressed as Eyeore for our trick or treaters last night and they were in love with her. Our friends brought over their two young boys (3 and 1) and Mary had no problems and worries around them at all. Kid approved for sure!


Her hips are improving greatly. She's on Rimadyl for her pain management right now and it's helping tremendously. She is also on glucosamine and fish oil, which she should continue to take for the foreseeable future. She's gone up and down our stairs at least 3 times now, and she's gaining more confidence all around! She has shown interest in chasing tennis balls, which helps build the muscle she lost in her legs in the years she was living in a basement.


When Mary was rescued, she was sad and depressed. Who wouldn't be after living so many years of her life in a very undesirable situation? The volunteers in Turkey did a wonderful job nursing her back to health as best they could and got her healthy enough to make the trip to the US. Mary is now so incredibly happy and is a joy to have in our home. She is grateful for every meal, for every pet, and for every smile she gets from her humans. If you're looking for a beautifully mellow, sweet, senior girl who only wants to give and receive love, she's your girl!

/pictures/Pictures2015/MaryTylerMoore15212TDd1.jpg                /pictures/Pictures2015/MaryTylerMoore15212TDd3.jpg

Hello to all of Miss Mary's admirers! She is still doing well, and is getting around VERY well considering how still her hips were when she first set foot on American soil. We had a large gathering of friends over last night, and she did very well. She met everyone with a happy smile and tail wag--there isn't anyone she doesn't enjoy :-). She is losing weight, and it's pretty obvious, but we haven't been able to weigh her for a while, so I'm not exactly sure how much.

Mary (who we also affectionately refer to as "Mare Bear" or "Bear") is an incredibly happy dog. She's thankful for every pet and belly scratch she gets, she doesn't demand much from her humans, but loves every bit of attention she can get. She makes regular trips up and down our stairs now, though I think she'd still be happiest with a forever family who had a limited amound of stairs. She loves car rides, and is an all-around amazing dog. We are so happy to be her fosters, but I know her forever family is out there! She's ready to complete someone's family; if you think that's your family, contact your placement adviser!



Hello all! Mary wanted to check in to tell everyone to have a safe and happy holiday season. We decorated for the Christmas holiday a little early at our house this year, and Mary is pretty content with the changes to her environment :-).

Nothing much new to share here. Mary seems to LOVE the snow (we had our first major storm of the year this week), and she continues to do well with her hips. She walks up and down the stairs multiple times per day now. We still think she would probably be happiest in a home with fewer than three levels, but she's making it work around here! 

Talk with your placement advisor if you're interested in this sweet ol' gal!



Mary Tyler Moore stole our hearts immediately when she walked through our door. She was one of our most favorite fosters, and we loved her so much. She was one of those dogs you are just dying to keep. However, as fosters, we knew that there was a better home out there for her. She needed a home with fewer stairs, and maybe a less rambunctious resident dog. We are so happy to announce that our sweet MTM has found her forever home and will remain a resident of Iowa! She has the best forever family, with two doting parents and two older fur-brothers to help her learn the ropes, and we are so happy for her and for all of them!