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Winona 15-214TD
(Fostered in Center Point, IA)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
10/17/2015  Not required
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600

Winona is a 4-5 year old female. She was found on the street in Catalca, a city near Istanbul. She was brought to Istanbul by some volunteers and is waiting to come to America.

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Let me introduce myself. I am Winona, but foster mom and foster dad call me Winnie. I had no idea that living the Golden Life was soooo much fun. This living-in-America stuff is just the bomb. At first, I was a little scared and did not know what was going on, but it did not take me long to figure it out and I sure do like it. I met the four resident dogs with no problem. The cats were another thing. I was very curious about them at first and wanted to chase them, but now that I know what they are, I just ignore them. Sometimes I don't even know they are there, but if I do, then I just don't care.

I went to the good doctor two days after I got here and he was really nice. I weighed 62.7 pounds. I have a double ear infection, yucky eyes, and I tested positive for a tick-borne disease. I am on medicine for all three. I am really good about taking all three of them.

I did not respond to the commands foster mom was given to her in Turkish, so she started talking to me right away in English. Foster mom says that I am a really smart girl because I know my name (Winnie), I know "come," "sit," "no," "ball/toy," and "treat" in English. I love, love, love to play ball and I love, love, love to play with resident RAGOM dog Peanut. (She is the little one in the picture.) We play all the time and boy is it fun.

I love my toys, especially the balls.

I also like to play, play, play with resident RAGOM dog Peanut.

I am a real love bug and love attention and lots and lots of pets. When I am not playing with one of the balls, chewing on one of the chew toys, or playing with Peanut, then I am where foster mom or foster dad is. When I first came here, I was crated during the day if foster mom was gone and at night also. Well, let me tell you that I have graduated and I am now longer crated and I have free roam of the house. At night, I like to sleep in the bedroom on a doggy bed.

I do pull when on a leash, but we are working on that and I am getting a little better, but still have some work to do. Another dog would be preferred with me, as I would really like another dog to play with, especially if you are going to be gone for several hours during the day. Like I said earlier, this living the real Golden Life is just the bomb and I am really digging it.


Well, I am here to tell you that I am doing really well. Things here just rock. But I do have to tell you that I am BALL-OBSESSED!!!!!!!! Foster dad says that I am ball-OCD and foster mom says that if I am not careful that I will turn into a ball. Hehehe. The first thing that I do when I get outside is position myself just in case someone wants to throw a ball for me. When foster mom or dad picks up our poo poo and throws it over the fence into the pasture, I run to the fence thinking they have thrown a ball for me. How come I never see that ball? I am also the first one at the door to get back inside so I can pick up a ball just in case one of the other puppers think they want it too. Foster mom doesn't know why it matters as there are hoards and hoards of balls around the house. But you just never know about these things. My favorite of all balls here is my purple squeaky ball that foster mom bought me two days after I got to my foster home and before she knew that I was ball-obsessed. (Too late now. Hehehe.) It squeaks and squeaks and squeaks. Foster mom takes it away from me at night and puts it up or I will play with it and squeak it during the night. I really do not understand as it does not bother me one bit. :) Foster mom tells me that it will go with me, so you had better like the noise of a squeaky ball and you better have many, many, many balls at your house. I've learned to play ball by myself. I drop the ball and it will bounce away from me. lf no one kicks it back to me, I will go get it and do it all over again. I do that over and over again. I carry a ball in my mouth a lot. Foster mom does not know if I knew what a ball was in Turkey or if this is just a new thing for me.

I do pull when on a leash. We are working on this, but foster mom says I pull because I am looking for that ball. I am somewhat of a barker, but that is because I want you to throw a ball for me.

I have not had one accident in the house. Foster mom and foster dad only talk to me in English and I understand what they are saying to me. I'm telling you....this new life really rocks!

It's really hard for foster mom to get a picture of me without a ball around. :)

Here I am with my best bud.

Here I am playing with my best bud. We play and play ALL the time. Notice the ball in my mouth? :)


Winnie was adopted today by the J family and is now in her new wonderful furever home. She has a Golden sister and a RAGOM brother, but still her favorite thing is her tennis balls :) She is already ready missed by, now, Auntie Kay and Uncle Bob, but she is right where she is to be. Mom and Dad know ALL about having a ball-obsessed dog, as their RAGOM Bridge girl was ball-obsessed. So, as I said......Winnie is right where she was meant to be.


Hey – it’s Winne!!

Short for - Winnifred Eleanora Lucille Johnson.  I am usually only called that due to some ball-related mishap or when I chase a rabbit.  I am loving life in America!  I love the snow, I love my fur brother and sister, my forever family and most of all my balls!  I got a new one today.  My new family and I will be forever grateful for everything RAGOM did to save me and bring me to this beautiful country.  I feel great and look great (if I say so myself).  My coat is softer than ever and all of my feathering is back.  My Dad said when spring comes we have lots of gardening to do.  I think he will need to lose some flower beds and make more room to play ball!  THANK YOU AGAIN TO EVERYONE AT RAGOM FROM ME AND MY FOREVER FAMILY!  We can’t say it enough!