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Ely 15-215TD
(Fostered in Ramsey, MN)

From: Laura Kreun  From: Laura Kreun


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
10/16/15  not required  age 5+  Optional Not tested 
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $800


Ely is approximately 2 years old. He was neutered in a municipality shelter and was going to be sent to live in the forest. He is safe at the shelter now. He is very social.

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Ely has made it from Istanbul Turkey to  Minnesota and is settling in quickly. So far in the past few days, he seems to be very social with dogs and people. I had my two nephews over yesterday and he was great with them. No stress signals when they were nearby or when the approached to pet him. He gladly chased the tennis ball for them! Ely adores by resident 1 year old Sadie! It is a none stop wrestling match outside. He will play with my resident male Skye too but SKye is older and has less stamina. Ely is 2 years old so has lots of energy to burn!

Ely came with some minor wounds and scabs. Looks like he may have been in a fight but he has shown no aggression so far. He warned my resident with a growl when Skye tried to hump him. But didn't go for a fight when Skye warned him off some food. He understands dog language very well. It transcends global boundaries!

Learning manners is coming along despite the language difference. He knew 'sit' for a treat before he came. Not the word but the body language. He seems to be responding more to my tone of voice than anything. Like when I tell him not to get up on the counters :) or ask him to come from a distance,  tell him to stop barking at the dog next door or when he jumps to greet people.  More practice and an obedience class or two and he will be a well-mannered boy! 

I can certainly say he is SWEET! Comes up for loves, knows the Golden nudge, a typical Golden personality! We are in love already.

He will be going to the vet later this week for a wellness exam and fecal check. He already has a microchip, has been vaccinated and has been neutered.



Ely had his vet visit and he is very healthy! He is on an antibiotic for the through and through puncture wound on his ear that he got before he came here. He weighs 58 pounds and his vet thinks he could drop a couple pounds. 55 pounds would be ideal. He is certainly running off calories with my resident girl Sadie. They have so much fun! Including contributing to the hole she has dug in the yard :) Check out his dirty feet!


We have learned a bit more about Mr. Ely since he arrived. He is skittish of loud noises. I was banging a couple of pots making soup and he went running to the door trying to get outside. Same thing happened when a fly swatter fell to the floor. I am using lots of treats to introduce him to new noises and situations he may not have much experience with. He has NO issues meeting new people or dogs. He even gently sniffed the office cat. Ely did not seem to want to yank her off her perch on the counter :) He wanted to go right up to all the people and dogs at the vet. He hops right into the car. A few times he has been reluctant to come through the door inside. Most of the time, this is no issue for him. So I am unsure what the reluctance it. I know he loves to be outside. So if I need him inside I use treats and he walks in. He is very treat motivated. He eats very fast and I may switch to a muffin tin to feed him. No resource guarding with dogs or people.


Ely is a great dog and has a family coming to meet him a couple of weeks from now. So paws crossed it is a match and Ely has found his forever family in America!

Hi, my name is Ely and I am looking for my forever home in America. I had an interested family but they decided it is not the right time for them to adopt a third dog. So I am back on the market. Here is what I would like you to know about me.

  • I love, love love to wrestle and run with my foster sister, Sadie. We don't do that in the house, though :). Skye doesn't play as much so I just give him kisses. 
  • I love, love, love to snuggle with people. ANY people-I'm not picky. 
  • I am trilingual! I know the English word for 'sit' and I know the Turkish word "Otur". And I know the hand sign for 'sit'. I sit for practically anything that I want. Mostly I want FOOD! 
  • Foster Mom makes me eat out of a muffin tin now because she says I eat so fast. I still beat Skye and Sadie to the finish though. I don't try to steal their food though. I know doggie language too!
  • I love the two little boys that visit us. I give them kisses, too!
  • I am still scared of loud noises, like when Foster Mom drops something. I leave the room but I come back quickly when she says it is OK.
  • I usually come running when she calls us in from outside. I know I get a treat everytime I do!

If I sound like the kind of young boy that you could love forever, then come visit me!



Snuggling with my BFF


Squished in to get snuggles from a friend

Ely has been adopted by the most amazing family! He has his own two kids a 7 yo boy and 5 yo girl who fell for him as soon as they walked in the door. Ely has been with them for a few weeks now. He spent his first Christmas in America with his very own family.
His new name is Sarge and he loves to run around their large property as the kids are sledding. He has a doggie friend in the family and loves to play. His Mom tells me that everyone who meets him wants to dog sit for him. She says 'he is so very charming'. 
What a lucky, lucky boy to have come across the ocean from Turkey to land with the H family!