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Linus 15-218TD
(Fostered in Minneapolis, MN)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
Physical only
 5+ Optional
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600

Linus is 2-3 years old and has been living with hoarders along with his “girlfriend” Lucy.  He is said to be very sweet, but malnourished. Lucy was to come with Linus, but her tired body could not hold on and two weeks ago she died and is now running free over the Bridge and watching over Linus. Linus is ready for a new start in America.

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Hello, there, RAGOM Nation!  

Linus has arrived in America, and wow- what a stunning dog!  He'd speak for himself in this update, but, well.....I'll be honest; he doesn't know a lick of English.  But, I'll speak for him today.  Maybe, he can try some broken English in his next "pup"date!

Linus has been getting to know us and his new environment everyday.  Each day brings new discoveries for him, which is wonderful to watch.  Linus is about 2-3 years old, male, and has a beautiful coat.  It's a light cream color, to go with his absolutely gorgeous honey-colored eyes.  I brought him to the vet to get looked over, and I couldn't tell you how many people came to visit him and comment on how beautiful he is.  I even was stopped by a motorcycle rider while crossing the street, while he yelled "HEY! GORGEOUS DOG YOU HAVE!" to which I replied "THANKS! HE'S TURKISH!".  

We went to the vet the other day, just to make sure that he is making progress and doesn't have any underlying issues.  He has a condition called "Ehrlichia", which is a tick-borne disease.  He is asymptomatic and it doesn't change his daily quality of life.  He also had Conjunctivitis, an infection of the eyes.  We got some ointment for that and it is clearing up nicely. Other than that, he is pretty healthy (minus the fact that he is malnourished; we're working on that!).  He weighs 50 lbs, is neutered, and could probably pack on a few pounds and be alright.  He doesn't have any shortage of food or treats here, so I wouldn't be surprised if he packs on a little "holiday weight" (he's in good company, I promise!).

Linus has a very distinct personality.  I think it adds to his charming character.  Linus is the neighborhood patrol dog - he will let you know when anything seems peculiar.  Upon waking up, he goes straight outside with our Golden girl Sadie to patrol the yard.  He (I kid you not) will check every gate on the fence, check the perimeter, do his business, and then come inside.  From there, he checks the upper level (which we have baby-gated off) for any peculiar activity.  Then, he naps.  He likes to nap a lot.  I think he's making up for lost time, since most of his life has been likely spent staying alert, since you can't really get quality sleep when you're defending yourself from other animals in a forest.  That just doesn't happen.  He also is amused by toys.  Not all the time, but he likes stuffies (it looks like it's winter in my house from all the fuzz) and bones.  He also likes being petted, he tolerates kids (5 & 6 year old neighbor boys came over and gave him some love- and they got licks in return), and pretty much wants to be next to you at all times possible.  He is okay with a crate during a work day (with a little whining...can't blame him) and sleeps in it at night (which he is totally okay with).  He loves dog beds, too!

What would Linus like in his new home?  Well, pretty simple.  Loving family members who give him tons of attention, a soft place to sleep, a kitty-free environment, and tons of food and treats.  He is very alert to cats, so I would recommend he goes to a place without cats.  I would also recommend that he has a fence, since he would probably wander away without one.  Older kids would be fine, but for now, I am guessing tiny children won't work for him, either.  He also needs consistent training, and lots of it.  He has never had training, and needs to learn English commands.  

Does Linus sound like a guy that can hang out in your home?  Please contact your Placement Adviser for more information!  He will be at the Edina Meet and Greet this weekend along with his travel buddies, so please come out and give him a warm Minnesotan welcome!

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Hello Linus fans!

Linus continues to grow and learn in foster care after only 2 weeks in America. He knows his name and knows some basic commands. We are still working on consistency and I have no doubt we will get there.

Linus is very curious and likes to check out most things new. He does have a prey drive and as we discovered with his first foster that he should most likely not go to a home with cats. Honestly Linus is fine with cats if they just hang out, but if they run, then game on! I am certain most cats don't enjoy being chased by a dog who is 6 or 7 times their weight!

Linus is just about perfect and is amazingly well adjusted for all the new things in his life. One disagreement that Linus has won is that he just really loves to sleep on soft things. Well, guess what that meant? That's right, he loves to be on the couch so I threw a blanket down and called it good!

Linus has no problems meeting new friends, although he does not like it if the new dog rushes up to him at first. He prefers a couple of calm sniffs and then he is good to go. Linus has many new friends here in his new country.

Linus is a gentle soul and is very compliant once he understands what is expected of him. He goes with the flow and will follow yours or another dogs lead. He is learning to play with toys and he already loves to chew on bones and antlers. I caught him the other day bouncing around a tennis ball! He is still learning on how this thing called a kong works.

Linus really just wants a soft place to lay and someone to love.

Linus has earned free roam when he is home alone and nothing is moved while I am gone. He also seems to enjoy different bed options and even though he is not a big fan of his crate, he still likes to go in and lay down in it from time to time while the door is open.

If you are interested in meeting sweet Linus, let your placement coordinator know!


Hello from Linus-land!

Linus continues to do well and is just a joy in my home. I see new things come out in his personality each day he gets sweeter and sweeter.

Linus went to our recent RAGOM meet and greet and was a big hit and soaked up the love. Everyone who stopped in to meet the very outgoing Golden's couldn't resist the little more reserved Linus. As you can see, it all worked out well for sweet Linus.

Linus' biggest fans!!

Here is his bullet list of what I know about Linus so far, although things could change:

  • Does great meeting new dogs, he is just a bit more shy than a typical golden
  • Does well for a full workday and free roam while I'm gone
  • He has a strong will and needs a strong person in his life to be his leader and then he is happy
  • He needs comfort: soft beds and a warm place
  • High prey drive, no cats in the house
  • He is learning to play ball and with different toys
  • He enjoys frequent walks with good sniffing along the way
  • He is still learning good house manners during human meal time but I have seen great improvement in the last week. So far I have been crating him but I can see this may not be required very soon.
  • He has got the softest fur ever. Super thick and not at all coarse.
  • He may have a local Turkish breed in him called Akbash that is bred to protect livestock: here is a link about that breed:
  • He is a gentle boy inside and out

If you are looking for a full bred Golden Retreiver Linus might not be your guy, but he has so much to offer and is a great companion. As you can see, he seems to be quite comfortable with adoration by everyone, young and old.

One last great thing about sweet Linus he is a rock star car rider. Totally up for a ride and any errands you need to take along the way.

If you think Linus might be the dream dog you have been looking for, let your placement coordinator know!


Linus continues to do great in foster care. He is really learning to love the good life and is learning the ways of America and what it takes to be a good boy.

While Linus is not a velcro dog and is more independent, he likes to keep an eye out near or far to make sure he doesn't missing anything.

Linus had a special visitor last week, fellow volunteer Tracey who wanted to meet Linus as he reminds her of one of her fosters that she has adopted out. Linus was very happy to meet her and did not hesitate to soak up the love.

He has also learned that he really does like peanut butter and enjoys it very much in this thing called a kong also filled with treats. He also pays some attention to the stuffies, but usually to pull off eyes and pull out squeekers.

He still is very trustworthy when left alone and for a full workday. He respects baby gates and loves his creature comforts.

As you can see Linus is a pretty mellow guy but he does like to play with the right dog. He also enjoys his multiple daily walks, especiallly with our good friends and neighbors every morning at 7:15 sharp! He has a play date tomorrow and I will get some good pics of his playful side.



Linus has been adopted to a wonderful family who loves him so much! He will be an only dog, but has lots of dog friends and their humans who already love him.

Welcome home sweet boy!