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Thunder 15-221TD
(Fostered in West St. Paul, MN)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 October 16, 2015 physical  not tested   optional yes 
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Sponsored by:

Mary and Carl
"We wish you the very best. Now that you are a RAGOM dog, good things will follow."


Adoption fee: $600


Thunder is appr 5 yrs old. He was found hiding in the forest frightened and very shy. The volunteer who found him and also the vet thinks he was abused. Unfortunately there are such cases!  He is seriously underweight but that is not a major problem. He is neutered.


Hello there, I would love introduce you to Thunder! Wow, what a life he has led and not so good of one. From what we know about him, he was found hiding in a forest and has been abused. The vet says he is a Golden/Yellow Lab mix. He is neutered and up to date on his vaccinations. He has been wormed and Frontlined. He is negative for heartworm and is on Heartguard. His teeth are in great shape but he does have gingivitis. Thunder is great for a bath. Ear cleaning is a non issue. Very good for it. Loves to be brushed. He does have some vision problems. He has cataracts but they are not completely covering his eyes. The vet said because of bad nutrition for such an extended period of time that is why this happened. He will bump into a door occasionally. It doesn't stop him from running around and playing with my golden boys! Thunder is going to see an Eye Specialist in a couple of weeks to check on the cataracts. Depending on what the specialist says if warranted we will do surgery on his eyes. If you can donate toward his eye specialist bills, please consider sponsoring him thru the RAGOM Shop. Thank you!

Thunder was pretty skinny when he first arrived. He is on a good quality food and is looking pretty good! Still has some weight to gain. He eats like he hasn't ever had food before. We started out hand feeding him to keep him under control with his food. Then switched over to a muffin pan to slow him down. He would do well with a slow feeder bowl. He does not guard his food. There is no competition for toys. He lets my Kirby and Boomer take away whatever he is playing with or chewing on and zero arguments.  Thunder is pretty mellow.

When he first arrived he was tired and pretty snarky. We slowly introduced him to our two resident Golden Retrievers. It took a few days but now my two boys and Thunder play beautifully together! Thunder had no idea what play was and he figured it out quick! It is so much fun to watch them play. He loves playing with a tennis ball and loves Nylabones. I think if he is going to a multiple dog household, he should have slow introductions to your dog(s). Thunder needs time to warm up. He is fine with cats now. At first he thought of them as prey. With correction that behavior has stopped. He does show interest in Moe now and then but Moe will give him the "look" and Thunder backs away. It actually is quite hilarious!

Thunder knows his name, can sit, stay for the most part. We are still working on that but that's pretty good for a dog that has had no training. Thunder walks well on a leash. He will pull if he gets excited. He will bark at strange dogs. He kennels beautifully. In the morning when he knows its feeding time he will bark once he sees you. Also the same when you come home from work. Its his way of saying "Ok, I am here and need the Love & Food please!" He keeps his kennel clean. Thunder has a blanket that he lays on and that will go with him to his new home. He is pretty good on potty training. Only a couple of accidents in the month we have had him. He is a gentleman when taking treats from your hand. He is food motivated. He is a Velco dog and bonds quickly with you. He will follow you and if you sit down, he will be at your feet. He is very affectionate and will give you the "Nudge". Thunder will lay his head on your thigh and look at you and say please pet me! Oh! Thunder is a very athletic dog and loves exercise!

He is awfully sweet! Foster Mom and Dad loving having him around. Such a good dog for only being here a month or so. He's not perfect but he is so deserving of a great home and a family to call his own and love him. He will return it 10 fold!

Please contact your Placement Advisor if you are interested in Thunder.

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Hi Again, Thunder continues to be a fabulous dog! He is such a great companion. Extremely loving. He now knows sit and stay. He is very good in his kennel and does well while you are at work. Kirby and he are right next door to each other. No accidents. Thunder is completely house trained. If he needs to go potty, he will stand at the back door. He definitely lets you know. He loves to play with Kirby and Boomer, our resident dogs as you can see by the picture. He is awesome for car rides. He looks around for awhile and eventually will lay down and go to sleep.

Thunder is a very handsome pup. He has gained weight and looks wonderful!

Thunder did go to the Eye Specialist to see what is going on with his eyes. He has a condition called Progressive Retinal Atrophy which means he will eventually go blind. He is great in the daytime and bright light but at night he has a harder time. He can still see just not as well. This is a hereditary disease. The disease starts at 5 to 6 years old. Thunder is on a vitamin supplement which has been shown to possibly slow down the disease. Dogs that eventually go blind have the amazing ability to adapt! He will still be able to do many of the things a sighted dog can. You just have to help them a little more. He will be your Velcro dog. He just loves laying next to you. He's happy just laying there or if you desire to pet him he is in Heaven! I sit on the floor with him and he just cuddles right up to you.

As you can see from the pictures, Thunder is a handsome guy! He loves treats and can sit and stay with the best of them waiting for that treat! He takes them from you gently. Considering much has changed for him, we are so proud of him that he is turning out the way has. He still needs work with laying down and we are working with him. He is quite smart and picks up things very quickly.

Thunder is a warm and loving soul and deserves a loving family of his own.

Thank you for reading about Thunder and if you are interested in him, please contact your placement advisor.


Hi All! I hope everyone had great Holidays! We sure did. =)

Thunder continues to do very well! He is at an ideal weight. He looks awesome and is at 70 lbs. He looks wonderful. Thunder has the softest shiny coat! You never would know he was a skinny malnourished dog. He loves to be massaged. He will lean up against you and then I will start massaging his body and his legs. He will lay down, shut his eyes and enjoy every moment. It brings me joy to do something so simple for him. I'm sure he has never had this done in his past.

Thunder loves to follow you around. =) He doesn't want to miss a thing. Very inquisitive! There are things he has never seen or experienced. We were watching a show on dogs on You Tube. Dogs were barking and he was cocking his head back and forth. So cute!  Thunder comes when called. Staying is something we are still working on along with sit but he is getting it. But when you pour his food in his bowl and tell him to wait, he does so beautifully until you tell him its ok and he can eat. He does love his food! Always eager for his food and his treats.  He will counter surf if he thinks there is food out. We correct him and counter surfing has become minimal but probably will always be a temptation for him.

Thunder and Kirby still love to play! They chase each other and wrestle. On occasion with rough play, they get a little snarky with each other and just a firm word from me and its done. Boys will be boys! Thunder and Kirby do love each other. One may be laying down and the other will come by and give them a lick or two on the face. Pretty sweet! Thunder loves tennis balls and Nylabones. He loves to chew but does not touch anything but toys and Nylabones. Thunder is such a good pup for the short time he has been here.

Thunder loves to go for walks! At first he does pull and then as soon as he relaxes its loose leash time. =) He would be a very good companion for walks and runs. Very athletic dog! Nothing has changed with his vision. During the day, no issues at all. In the evening he may bump into a door or furniture. This happens if a room is dimly lit. If the room is well lit, no issues at all.
My hope for 2016 is that Thunder finds his forever home <3.  My husband I are so thankful this sweet soul came into our lives and we have been able to show him love, compassion, discipline, play, good food and everything else that goes into helping such a loving gent as Thunder.  He is here waiting and whomever adopts him will never regret having him join and be a part of your family.

Thank you Mary and Carl for sponsoring and donating towards Thunder's care. We all greatly appreciate your support. You are wonderful!

If you are interested in adopting sweet Thunder, please contact your placement advisor.  Thank you for taking the time to read about him. =).

Hi All, Thunder is still being the awesome dog that he is! Still loving, likes to be a Velcro dog. Follows you around and hangs out with you. Loves going on his walks. He wasn't real fond of the very cold weather that we had but neither were Kirby and Boomer. They all three would go outside, do their thing and come back in.

Kirby, Boomer and Thunder love to play together, whether it be outside or in the house. Watching them brings such joy to see them all so happy together. It gets noisy but sure is fun! My husband and I have gotten so much out of fostering. Each dog we foster brings such enrichment to our lives. Thunder has brought us that ten-fold. A very special dog...

He continues to do as well as he can with his eyesight. We have not seen any negative changes so we are hoping the supplement he is on is helping him. The supplement is $ 70.00 a month. If possible it would be great if whomever adopts him could keep Thunder on it to slow the progression of the disease.​ I can tell you how you can acquire it.

As you can see from the pictures, Thunder loves to be on the couch! He is laying with his foster brother, Kirby. They both just look so cute together. There are times when all three are on the couch! My husband looks at them and says "Well, I guess I am sitting in the chair, since all three of you are hogging the couch!" It's great humor!

Ok, well that's all for now. Handsome Thunder is still hanging out here waiting for his new family!

If you are interested in this handsome loving guy, please contact your placement advisor.

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You are a great dog and whoever adopts you will be lucky. Have a Merry Christmas! Your first one as a RAGOM dog.  From Mary and Carl You are a great dog and whoever adopts you will be lucky. Have a Merry Christmas! Your first one as a RAGOM dog. From Mary and Carl.


Thunder has been adopted! Congrats and Thank you to K and T for giving this precious soul his forever home! I know he will receive so much love from you two and he is so very deserving of it. Again, Thank you!

Also, Thank you again to Mary and Carl for being his Sponsor and donating towards Thunder's care. Rest assured he has been adopted by the best!

Ragom, Thank you for bringing Thunder home!