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Gustavus 15-222TD
(Fostered in Edina, MN)

Sponsored by:

Craig, Laurie, Alasdair (Marley 10-104), and Berit (Becky 10-206) Anderson


From Nicole 13-351, Buster, and Marsha; Wishing you find your forever home very soon!  From Nicole 13-351, Buster, and Marsha; Wishing you find your forever home very soon!


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 10/17/15  Preferred - No Electric Fence
 8+  Preferred Not Likely
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600

Gus lives in a very crowded shelter that currently has at least 60-70 goldens in a desperate situation. Gus is around 3-4 years old according to the vet, however, due to his hard life, he looks much older. He is neutered and very social as he has been living with many dogs for a long time.

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I am very happy to introduce Gustavus "Gus" and to welcome him to America!  To start out, I would like to give a huge "Thank you" to Gus's sponsors - Craig, Laurie and their pups Alasdair and Berit!   It is because of sponsors like you that we are able continue to do the work that we do and Gus and I are very thankful.

/pictures/Pictures2015/Gustavus15222TDb2.jpg    /pictures/Pictures2015/Gustavus15222TDb2.jpg

Gustavus has been with us now for a little over a week and he has adjusted so well to the indoor, family life.  When he first came to our home, it was like watching a child on Christmas morning - he grabbed every toy from the toy bin and ran to show us what he had.  He would then drop it and run and get another.  Once everything was in a pile at our feet, he simply danced around picking up and dropping everything - he couldn't decide what to play with first.  The whole time, his tail was going a mile a minute.  His happiness and joy at experiencing new things has not waned - he loves exploring, experiencing and finding new things.  About two days ago, he finally slowing crawled up onto to the couch.  He sat for a minute and then, with a deep sigh, laid down and slept for hours without moving.  When I would reach over to pet him, he didn't even open his eyes, but would thump his tail and snuggle deeper into the couch.


A few days after joining us, Gus had his first vet appointment.  He is a healthy 70 pound boy.  He does have a broken tooth that will need to be addressed in the next year, he tested positve to exposure to Anaplasmosis, a tick-borne disease, and had a double ear infection, but otherwise he is very healthy.  He was also given a course of antibiotics to help with some open sores he still had.  Live was tough for this poor boy in the shelter and it is obvious he was picked on and, being more of a lover than fighter, he most likely did not fight back.  His sores are healing nicely and will soon be a distant memory of a life he no longer has to live.  His coat is still pretty coarse, but we have already seen an improvement with a good diet and fish oil supplements.

/pictures/Pictures2015/Gustavus15222TDb4.jpg   /pictures/Pictures2015/Gustavus15222TDb5.jpg  

Last Friday, Gus went from being one of 70 abandoned goldens in a large shelter outside of Istanbul, Turkey, to a local TV star when WCCO sent out a reporter and camera crew to meet him.  He did fantastic and showed his adorable personality!  You can watch him here .

Last Saturday, Gus attended a Meet and Greet and did so well.  He was able to see four of his friends from Turkey and greeted them all happily.  He also greeted every person he met with his signature thumping tail and smile.  He also had the chance to actually play with some dogs.  My resident dogs are not big players and Gus is great at reading their signals to leave them alone, but he does really want to play.  He will play bow to them or take his paw and gently pat them on the head, trying to engage them.  But, sadly, they do not respond.  At the Meet and Greet, he had lots of dogs ready, willing and able to play and was just so happy (even though it was a very controlled play since we were inside in a tight space).  Today we are babysitting a puppy and Gus and he have played non-stop for hours - it is safe to say that this boy does know how to play and keep up with a rambunctious 13 week old.  I would love to see Gus in a home where he has the chance to play with other dogs.

/pictures/Pictures2015/Gustavus15222TDb6.jpg               /pictures/Pictures2015/Gustavus15222TDb7.jpg

If you think Gus may be a perfect fit for your home, let your placement advisor know.  He is waiting for his perfect forever home.


Gus has had a busy two weeks and ones full of change.   First, we had RAGOM boy Gabe 15-253 over for daycare and Gus fell immediately in love with this sweet boy.  The two quickly became great friends and were able to play non-stop for 3 days.  Gus played so gentle with Gabe and when he got tired, he would try to put his leg around him to get him to take a nap - unfortunately Gabe didn't always respond and would rest for a minute and then it was play time again.  Gus slept so well on those nights - he was completely worn out.

/pictures/Pictures2015/Gustavus15222TDc1.jpg                /pictures/Pictures2015/Gustavus15222TDc2.jpg

The next big change is that our senior golden girl crossed the Bridge - she was always a rock for new fosters and Gus did look to her for guidance - while she never played with him, when she would go out, he was always at her side and rolling in the grass with her.  He seemed a bit confused on where she was and would look for her in her usual places.  He would then circle back to our other two resident girls as if to assure himself that they were still there.  It has been a bit over a week now and he seems to know now that she is not coming back.

The final big change for him was that we had two emergency fosters that came late one night.  They were scared and nervous, but when he met them the next morning, he was so gentle with them.  Of course, he wanted to play, but they were not quite ready for this and so he backed off - he is so good about reading dog signals.  One of these fosters has now moved to another foster home, but one is still here.  As she is adjusting to our home, she is getting a bit more playful, and Gus is loving that - he is always up for a good, playful rumble.

With all of these changes,  Gus has proved that he is just one laid-back, go-with the flow kind of guy.  He has fit so seamlessly into our home and acts like he has been here his whole life.  He does have some quirks we are still working on.  First, he is a barker when left alone.  We have moved him out of his crate and fenced off a large area where he can hang with the other dogs, and he does much better now.  For this reason, I do think that if he will need another dog in his home IF the family is gone for long periods of time - like a typical work day.   Another lovely habit he has is grabbing trash, kleenex, paper, and stray clothes and shredding them.  He will easily give them up if asked, but you don't catch him the act, consider them gone.  This is so easily solved by simply making sure everything is out of his reach. 

Gus will be attending another meet and greet this weekend and would love to meet you!

Gustavus had a fantastic weekend and I wanted to share some wonderful pictures taken by another RAGOM volunteer.

On Saturday , Gus attended a Meet and Greet and got to see three of his fellow Turkey dogs - it was obvious that they all remembered each other and they greeted each other enthusiastically.

Gustavus & Tonka

Gustavus, Tonka & Linus

Gus is such a happy, go-lucky boy and I honestly think he felt that each and every person and dog that came to the event, came just to meet him.  He greets everyone so enthusiastically and just loves everyone and every dog he encounters. 

He was tired, but we came home to a doggy party and Gus was totally up for it!  He loved playing outside with all of the dogs and especially his foster sister Sage 15-276 and best buddy Gabe 15-253, who we do daycare for occasionally.  We also had some RAGOM alums here and he just had a blast.  He slept so well that night!!

Sage & Gus playing

Sage, Gus & Brady playing

Sage, Gus & Gabe holding leashes

Sage, Gus, Shara & Brady

I just noticed that Gus received a holiday gift from Nicole, Buster and Marsha!  Thank you so much!!! 

I am way overdue for an update on Gustavus.  He is doing fantastic!  In all of our years fostering, I don't think we have ever had a more perfect foster dog.  He is as sweet as can be, very loving, mellow and laid back, and does not have one bad habit.  As the weeks go by and with good food and supplements, Gus's fur is growing in and his coat is just beautiful.  He continues to enjoy every new experience, person and dog that he meets - life is just one big adventure for him and he embraces it with such joy.   Gus's perfect family is out there and I know he will have the most fabulous life ever - he deserves it.

Happy Holidays!


Gus is having his first American Christmas in his forever home.  He found the most perfect home and has been settling in really well (however, he has single-handedly de-stuffed every toy in the household, much to his Golden sister's dismay).   We will miss this sweet, goofy boy - he is truly one of the very special ones.  Since he now lives very close to us, hopefully we will get to see him once in a while.  Congratulations, Gustavus, Sophie and Lois!