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Harriet 15-223TD
(Fostered in Fridley, MN)

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"In memory of Harriett Cole - She passed her love of fur babies on to her children;
you are one long flight closer to finding your own loving mom!"


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Entered Foster Care Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 10-16-2015 Optional
Age 8+   Optional Yes
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $800


Harriet was found on the street pregnant. Most probably she was put on the street because the owners didn't want to look after puppies. All puppies were stillborn in the shelter and she was spayed. She is very young, around 1 year old.

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Harriet is a very sweet dog. She likes to give you the typical Golden “nudge” and raises her paw sometimes for attention. She gets along very well with our 8 year old resident, Ginger. She has a special toy that was quickly de-stuffed, but loves all of Ginger’s toys. 

We were happily surprised that she is completely housebroken – no accidents and actually ringsa Christmas bell attached to our patio door to go outside and do her business. Like the rest of her friends from Turkey, she is very food and treat motivated. We are working on her to take the treats nicely. As for the food, let’s just say she would go after any food laying in her way on the counter. :-)  She quickly discovered our garbage bag that was on its way out the door for collection.  No question she was used to foraging for herself on the streets of Istanbul.

She is quiet and well-mannered and loves to roll on her back for a tummy rub. She dearly lovesall the attention and will come down the stairs to my office to lay by my side. She is very inquisitive and is also starting to respond to her name. Car rides are a favorite thing and she sits looking out the window at everything.

Lately, she has been to the vet for a few shots & tests. In doing this we discovered through x-rays, that she bad hips. We are having our orthopedic surgeon review her films for the next steps. Unfortunately, the surgeon is out of town on business so we will need to keep Harriet with us until that is done in a few weeks.

She’s a sweetheart and waiting for you!


Hi from Harriet!

I wanted you to see how great I’m doing in my foster home. We went for a walk today through the park. I’m lovin’ the fall weather!

We had a scary Halloween with ghosts and goblins coming to the door collecting treats from my FM and FD. I was the greeter and loved seeing everyone in their costumes.

I had my first bath at home today. Boy, was that fun! My FD got in the bathtub with me and scrubbed me all over. I smell wonderful and my feathers in the back are white again. I was so excited I went running all around the house and finally laid down for a belly rub – my favorite thing.

FM wants me to tell you that because of my hip problem, I won’t be able to jog or walk more than a mile or two. Also, too much running around with little ones wouldn’t be good for me either. But FM & FD have two grandchildren who are 9 and 12 and they are very gentle with me. We still have fun chasing balls, but nothing too strenuous. Hope you’ll come and see me one day and maybe I can come to your house. I’ll miss my FM & FD, but I sure would like a forever place to hang out.

More later!



On Wednesday, Nov. 3, a consultation between our vet and RAGOM’s orthopedic surgeon produced more news about Harriet’s hips.

Both agreed that as long as Harriet stays active, without any indication of pain, there is no real reason for surgery at this time. In fact, it’s possible she may never need surgery. She will need to continue on glucosamine and fish oil, and maintain a healthy diet to keep her on the slim side. With that being said, she will have a number of happy years playing, exercising (though no jogging), and enjoying the Golden Life she deserves.

We have seen her become a wonderful family dog, eager to please, bounding with energy, walking well on a leash with a Gentle Leader, and she has a healthy appetite. She knows a few commands and is learning her name. She gets along with our resident dog and enjoys belly rubs to the max! She loves riding in the car and eagerly jumps in, sitting tall, watching the world go by. She is very sweet and loving.

Harriet is housebroken – never has a problem overnight – sleeps in our bedroom on a dog bed, and has limited free roam for now.

Contact your Placement Advisor to see this precious girl in person. She would love to find a forever family soon. That could be YOURS!


Harriet back with you! How about that thing you Americans call “Thanksgiving”?? Wow! We had 20 family members come to visit me and eat a big Turkey bird. I wondered if someone had brought it from my native country. Smile

Anyway, my FM & FD thought I did really well with all those strangers – settled down in the foyer, didn’t bother anyone at the tables, didn’t steal any food, and even watched the football game with everyone.

Do you remember the other big event that happened that day? We had our first snow. I can’t remember if I saw it before, but I sure loved licking it off the deck and playing in it in the yard.

FM says I’m getting taller – I’m standing higher than Ginger now; feels so good to be getting bigger. I only get 2 cups of food a day so I’m not overweight. Have to keep my girlish figure, you know.

I’m still housebroken, so now I have free roam. Yippee! I can be alone for 3-4 hours and be good, but then the devil inside me wants to investigate any room that doesn’t have a door closed. FM is pretty good about dog-proofing all counter surfaces because now that I’m taller, I see more temptations. But one day, I tried really, really hard and managed to get into the garbage pail. No treat for me when they came home. Sealed

Most mornings, FM gets up first. When she’s out the door, I try to get into the bed on her side so I can snuggle with FD. BUT…it’s not allowed here, so I have to go back to my own dog bed. Nuts.

Hope to see you soon at a Meet-and-Greet, but I’m ready when you are if you want to see me where I live. Contact your Placement Director for info.

Goodbye for now, or as they say in my country: “Hoşçakal.” Now wasn’t that easy?!


Wow, I can’t believe how long it takes for these holidays! It was a whirlwind of family, friends, outings, and lots of food. Good thing someone is watching my figure. Smile

So I haven’t had a chance to talk to you all for a while. Well, it’s been busy, cold, and a little snowy now and then. The cold takes away from our walking time, and Ginger and I really love to go for our walks. Here’s a video of one of them…

As you can see, nothing stops me. I heard a rumor that my hips weren’t so great – you’d never guess from watching me, though my hips sashay a bit when I walk. Looks kind of cute, don’t you think? Anyway, my FM and FD are giving me glucosamine and fish oil every day. The best thing about that is the peanut butter wrapped around them!!

I’m hoping someone comes over soon that wants me to share their home with them. My foster home is great, but it’s time I bond with my forever folks. Here’s a picture of me looking for you on the sun porch, and all I see are squirrels and deer.



From Nicole 13-351, Buster, and Marsha; Wishing you find your forever home very soon!  From Nicole 13-351, Buster, and Marsha; Wishing you find your forever home very soon!


Happy Valentine's Day!! Happy Valentine's Day from Joan Wagner!!
You're such a beautiful girl and you would be mine if I could afford you.
Hope you find your forever home soon, love you lots! :)


Harriet has gone to live with a wonderful family across the border to Packerland! We are so happy that she will be well taken care of for every need, but especially love. :-)