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I've been Adopted!

Daisy 16-067TD
(Fostered in Center Point, IA)

Let me introduce myself... My name is Daisy, and boy, did I come a very long way to get here in America. I came from Turkey with a group of many Golden Retrievers. Foster Mom calls me a "wanna-be." You see, I am a Beagle mix. How did I get mixed up with the Goldens, you ask? Well, let me explain. They tell me that they do not know a whole lot about me, except that this kind lady in Turkey (I think she was a volunteer at a shelter, but I do not know that for sure) had this big, handsome Golden named Charlie that she was watching. She brought me into her house also, and Charlie and I fell in love!!! Since Charlie was one of the Goldens that RAGOM was rescuing from Turkey and we were bonded, RAGOM said that I could come, too. (How lucky am I?) So, we came as a pair, are being fostered as a pair, and will be adopted out as a pair. How lucky can someone be, with twice the fun and twice the lovin'? I was really scared and frightened when I came over, but I have really calmed down a lot since being here in my new world in my foster home. I am now coming up to Foster Mom and Foster Dad for pets and attention. They tell me that that is a good thing. I am also taking treats now, as I would not do that the first couple of days.

One of my favorite places to lay

My other favorite place

My passport (yes, I even have my very own passport) said that I was a year old, but Foster Mom and Foster Dad found that hard to believe. They said that I certainly was older. Charlie and I went to the good doctor to get a good check-over, and she said that I was around 5 years old. I am in really good health, except that I tested positive for the tick-borne disease Ehrlichia. Foster Mom noticed that I was limping a little and she told the good doctor about it. The good doctor, at first, just thought that it was my joints and that I needed to get on a good joint supplement, but after I tested positive for Ehrlichia, she said that the limping was probably due to that. I am on Doxicycline for a month.

I know my name, so I do not know if I came with that name or not, or if RAGOM gave me that name. I do not know the simple commands that I should know, but we are working on that. I do pull on a leash, but since I am just a little squirt (I weigh 28.8 lbs.), I am real manageable, unlike big boy Charlie. Teehee.

I'm not too sure about these little things that come out of a little hole in a door to the basement. I am told that they are friendly and that they will not hurt me. I bark at them to make sure that they will not hurt me, but sometimes I just ignore them.

As I settle into this wonderful foster home and find out more about myself, I will let you know. So, in the meantime, if you want double the fun and double the lovin', then Charlie and I are the puppers for you, and Foster Mom would love to talk to you about us.


It was determined that Charlie and I did not have to be adopted together after all, as long as I went to a furever family that had another dog. I'm here to tell you that I found that wonderful furever family and I have been adopted. Thank you, RAGOM, for giving me a new beginning.


It’s been a little bit over a month since I went to my furever family and I love every minute of it here- I have a very big fenced in yard to play in with my fur-sister and fur-brother, boy do we get into mischief.  I also have 3 cat siblings who don’t bother me and I sleep with them every night too.  During the day when mom’s at work I go to Grandmas and play with her 2 dogs.  Mom took me to the vet and my passport was right, I’m about a year old!!!  Mom says this explains my crazy amount of endless energy and my silly puppy personality.  There are still things that scare me but I trust Lucy and Dexter I usually follow their lead so I’m making small improvements. 

Mom says that we will always be forever grateful to RAGOM and the volunteers that made me coming to the states even possible.  She loves me so much and says I fit in with the family like I’ve been here forever.  

Adoption day with my brother Dexter - he’s a beagle mix like me.

I’m learning what toys with squeakers are.  When I first heard one I hid.  My sister Lucy is teaching me these things are fun.  

Mom says I always have a smile on my face even when I sleep.  

I love my brother Dexter but Lucy is my BFF.  I follow her everywhere and mom catches us sleeping together all the time.