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Charlie 16-066TD
(Fostered in Center Point, IA)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 4/16/16 Required  Yes Required Work in progress
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600


Let me introduce name is Charlie and boy did I come a very long way to get here in America. I came from Turkey with a group of other Goldens that RAGOM brought over. But I came over with a friend that foster mom calls a "wanna be". You see, the friend that came over with me is Daisy. She is a Beagle mix. She sure is a cutie. (Wink wink.) They tell me that they do not know a whole lot about me except that this kind lady in Turkey, (I think she was a volunteer of a shelter, but I do not know that for sure) was watching me and she also brought in this really cute little dog when I was there and we fell in love!!! We were bonded, so RAGOM said that Daisy could come, too. So we came as a pair. How lucky can someone be with twice the fun and twice the lovin'?

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I will soon be 5 years old, but someone forgot to teach me some manners. I pull really badly on a leash and I am a big boy and I will take YOU for a walk instead of you taking me for a walk. Isn't that how it is supposed to be? Foster mom tells me, no, it is not, so we are working on that. I do sit, but not on command. I do take treats ever so gently though. Foster mom is really surprised at that as I am a food mongrel. I am a very, very bad counter surfer and we are also working on that BIG time. I just do not understand. If there is food on the counter, isn't it supposed to be MINE? I think so!! But for some reason foster mom thinks different. I am learning "no" and I hear that often. I know my name so I do not know if I came with that name or not or if RAGOM gave me that name.

Daisy and I went to see the good doctor to get a good checking over and I am in good health except for a nasty ear infection in my right ear, but I am on medicine for that. Foster mom puts it in both of my ears every morning and I lay down and let her do it. She massages my ears afterwards and that feels really good so I think that is why I lay down for her. I weigh 79 lbs. but the good doctor said that I really needed to lose a few lbs.



I'm not too sure about these little things that come out of a little hole in a door to the basement. I am told that they are friendly and that they will not hurt me. I bark at them to make sure that they will not hurt me and sometimes I run after them because they run. Here again, I am learning "no, we do not chase the kitties."​

A comfy chair is a terrible thing to waste

As I settle into this wonderful foster home and find out more about myself, I will let you know. So in the meantime, if you want a lot of fun and lovin', then I am the pupper for you and foster mom would love to talk to you about me.



I went back to the good doctor for a recheck on my nasty ear infection and guess what? lt is all clear. I only have to have my ears cleaned out with ear cleaner twice a week to keep on top of it and guess what else??? I lost almost 5 lbs!!!! Yeah. Thanks to lots of exercise and foster mom's green bean diet. With a little less food, she adds green beans to my food every other night and I think that I am getting more food. I have learned to sit and "wait" for my food instead of diving into the bowl even before foster mom sets the bowl down.

We are working on my pulling when on a leash. This is going to take some more work. My counter surfing is lessening, but still needs a little bit of work. I am learning, "NO chasing the kitties!!" and I am listening, but I am still a little to interested in them at times. If they would not run, then I would not chase them, I think. Now that it has been determined that Daisy and I do not need to stay together, I am going to be moved to another foster home so foster mom can take a pair of brothers into her home.

I crate really well at night and when no one is going to be home for awhile because I tend to get into some things that I should not get into. Obedience training would be good for me, so I can learn the right manners. Foster mom says that I am just a big sweetie. Please watch to see where my new foster home will be.



Charlie has found his forever home! He has over 2 acres of fenced in yard to run with his new English Setter brother, and his new 1-1/2 yr old Chocolate Lab cousin, who bugs him to play constantly.

Charlie will spend his Golden years in America, chasing balls, long walks and just plain 'ol living the RAGOM life. He'll make a great companion. Here's to you, Charlie!!!