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Calliope 16-193TD
(Fostered in Ames, IA)

Calliope, estimated to be 3 years old, arrived in the US from Istanbul, Turkey. Her only known history is that she had a broken leg and 2 surgeries to fix it. Her recent US vet visit reveals that she is very healthy other than fleas and giardia - she is being treated for both. She does have a small mass on her side which the vet recommends to be removed at some point. She has already been spayed. She is a very playful girl who is happy all the time. She loves to go for walks, play with her foster siblings, and fetch balls. She has learned her name (Callie) and sit very quickly. She is eating well and loves treats. She goes into her crate willingly for naps and at bedtime and sleeps all night. She is a petite girl weighing 43 pounds.


Callie has been adopted by a lifelong lover of Goldens. All of her Goldens have lived to be 14 years of age! The last one died just a few months ago. Callie's new mom is retired, so Callie will have lots of attention and be able to go for many long walks in Iowa and in Colorado. So happy for both of them!!!