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Tess 16-197TD
(Fostered in Alexandria, MN)

"God bless you." -Krysta


In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Posted Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
9/17/2016 Not required
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.


Adoption fee: $600


There’s a new girl in town… It’s Tess 16-197TD! This sweet seven-year-old girl arrived from Turkey ready to charm anyone that meets her. She quickly earned the nicknames of Sweet Pea and Honey Bear. She was rescued from a hoarding situation in Turkey where she lived with over 100 dogs. She was rescued because of her sweet temperament. She was clearly well loved, as she weighed in at 81 pounds at her vet visit and loves food and treats. She exhibits some food guarding, but we are feeding our pups in separate locations. She will need to lose some weight as she sports a very petite frame.

Tess most likely had pups in her life, as she is super patient with our 4-month-old resident Golden Retriever pup. She is excellent around other dogs, cats, and children. In fact, at Goldzilla, she ran to a young boy, about 10 years old, who was laying down under a shade tree, resting. She must have thought something was wrong with him, as she quickly ran to him and laid down next to him. She loved getting hugs from some 6- to 8-year-old little girls at the event, as well. She takes treats and food very gently from our hands.

Tess came to us with skin allergies. She had no fur on her hind quarters. After only a week of treatment, the hair is almost grown back, and she no longer licks or scratches this area. Already with better nutrition, her undercoat is growing in and her fur is turning soft. She seemed in heaven when we gave her a bath and tolerated her “mani and pedi” very well at Goldzilla. She has a docked tail, which keeps her from getting it stepped on, caught in doors, or from hitting things off low tables. She can wag her little tail like crazy. When she comes inside, she does a little happy dance that is adorable as she is. It involves lots of tail wagging, bun wiggling, and alternately lifting up her front paws. She will also do this when we get her leash to take her for a walk. ​​

She is blossoming in her personality as a very laid-back and loving girl. She loves to lay on the deck next to us and watch the birds fly by. She is learning about playing with toys and seems to like balls. She is crate trained during the day to fine tune her potty training, but at night lays on her bed next to ours and sleeps all night. She rides in a car like a well-seasoned tourist, looking out the windows and napping. She does need some help getting into and out of the car, but loves going for rides. Tess loves to go on short walks and will even get her leash and bring it to you. No need for a Gentle Leader, as she walks right next to you. A harness would work best for Tess, as sometimes she gets tired and needs some prodding to continue. She loves curling up next to us (and our cat!) to watch a movie and smiles when she gets belly rubs. Tess is a goofy, happy, loving girl who has quickly stolen our hearts.


Tess 16-197 is settling into the family life quite easily. She is learning the English words for "sit," "down," "come," "treat," and "go outside." She is happy hanging with our Golden pup who can be full of the shenanigans. She is patient with him and often initiates play with him. She has been tested around all genders, ages, and sizes of dogs and has done well with all of them.

Tess is happy to go on short walks in the field with our pup. She is curious about certain smells and will put on her brakes to thoroughly investigate. A treat will get her moving again. She seems to like to head towards wooded areas, which makes us wonder if she lived in the woods at one time. She loves water and runs right down to the lake and wades right in.

Tess tell us that she loves this new thing called TLC, especially in the morning when she literally grins when she gets her morning wake-up call of belly rubs, pets, and smooches. When she is happy, she grins and makes little bear noises. She also turns her ears out, in what we call "goat ears," and wiggles her buns. This has earned her the new nickname of Goofy. She is such a sweet and appreciative girl that loving her comes so easy.


In three short weeks, Tess is blossoming into a goofy, happy, and sweet little girl. She is so loving and is always by my side. She is racking up nicknames and now is fondly called Tessy Bear. Although Tess walks nicely with a harness, she had started to stop during walks and sit down. With some research and a little training, we are seeing improvement. Last night, when we asked her if she wanted to go for a walk, she came bounding over to us. Excited to go! Even though the walks are short, we are getting this figured out! Baby steps, but heading in the right direction.

Tess is inseparable from our resident pup. She is so inquisitive and wants to know what everything is. Her favorite spot is helping me in the kitchen and hanging on the deck, with her tether, assisting the grill master. She loves being with people. Tess came with skin allergies and no hair on her hind quarters. Her picture shows how well her hair is growing back in. Her coat is becoming soft and fluffy, too.

Tess is a model pup during meals. She lays quietly near the table while we eat. She never jumps up or begs for food. She only food guards when our pup tries to share her bowl, so we feed them separately, which completely solved the problem. She does not food-guard with treats and waits patiently side by side with our pup for treats. She has never food- or toy-guarded with us. She does not toy-guard with the pup, but often engages in toy tug-of-wars with him. She takes all food from our hands with a very gently mouth. She would make a wonderful lunch date for an outdoor dog-friendly restaurant.


Our sweet pea, Tess, met this sweat pea, and they knew that they were meant to be two peas in a pod! We knew that this was the perfect match when they met. Not only will Tess have a loving and experienced mom (this is her second RAGOM adoption), but she has a very loving set of grandparents, as well. Tess will soon have another RAGOM pup to play with, as her new grandparents are adopting a puppy from RAGOM. We couldn't be more happy for Tess and Ms. M and we wish them happy trails!