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Nick 16-281
(Fostered in Sioux Falls, SD)

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Nick is a nine week old purebred Golden Retriever. Nick came into rescue from a breeder. He was one of only two pups in the litter so he had plenty to eat. Nick was over thirteen pounds at his eight week checkup. He has had some of his puppy shots and will be neutered soon so he’s ready for adoption.

Nick can be very curious, active and playful. He is pretty annoying to my big dogs because they don’t want to play with him like his brother did. He has learned to climb the steps in and out of the house and loves riding in the car. When picked up, Nick snuggles into your shoulder, gives kisses and can act very shy and awfully cute around new people. He appears to be a pretty calm dog who can entertain himself with toys and bones.


Nick likes children but he has sharp puppy teeth. He will grow up quickly into a big dog who will need training, consistency and routine, exercise and time with his people. His sharp bark lets me know when he needs/wants to be out of his crate. He is working on housetraining and doing pretty well. It’s more a matter of getting him out frequently so he learns that’s where to go and gets lots of praise for it. He knows his name and will come when called. He sleeps through the night in his crate and is easily crated for rests and when I need to go out.

Nick is a beautiful, healthy, happy puppy. If that’s what you are ready to take on and commit to working on raising him, fill out an inquiry. There will probably be lots of interest, but don’t be discouraged. Maybe you’re the right home for Nick.



Nick’s news is that he has a family in North Dakota who want to adopt him. They are eager to have a RAGOM dog in their life again. We’re waiting for them to go through the necessary steps to adopt. In the meantime, Nick just gets cuter and cuter. He is bonding with the resident dogs. He is also quite a pest to the resident dogs but they are experienced with puppies and so tolerant.

He has pretty much free roam of the house. Plants have had to be moved higher as well as waste baskets and anything else he takes an interest in. There are still a few puddles but he keeps his crate clean and stays there all night.

We have started going on walks on a leash and he loves the adventure of going out. He has always been a good traveler in the car. It’s so funny to watch him go run along the fence in the backyard with so much glee. He is a very happy pup who is ready to explore all that’s out there to see and smell.

My son was home and took some nice Nick pictures to include in his update. He is pretty photogenic.

/pictures/Pictures2016/Nick16281d1.jpg           /pictures/Pictures2016/Nick16281d2.jpg

/pictures/Pictures2016/Nick16281d3.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2016/Nick16281d4.jpg


Just a quick update on Nick. He had his surgery this week and is ready for adoption. We are waiting for a home visit now. Nick bounced back from his surgery as if he never had it. However, his stomach disagreed and he had a bit of nausea. He is certainly growing like a weed. He now weighs 17.4 pounds and is no longer a rolly, polly pup but getting tall and lanky. He has big feet to grow into as well.

/pictures/Pictures2016/Nick16281e1.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2016/Nick16281e2.jpg

Nick is a busy, curious puppy and not to be trusted alone. I paid for a library book that he chewed the corner off this week. I have warned his family to prepare their home. Mine has many things put away or raised up above his reach. My dogs are limited in their time outside lately because of the bitter cold weather. As a result, there are many wrestling matches going on inside and toys dragged out for short attention spans. When the dogs do go out, I watch and think that Bella and Nick look like Nick’s her Mini Me. He loves to follow her around. He and Maggie are really good wrestling buddies and squirrel chasers. My part is to feed, redirect and let him out for potty breaks many times a day. He likes to sleep on my foot stool or snuggled next to me on the sofa. He’s on my left, Maggie is on my right. On cold winter days, what could be better.

/pictures/Pictures2016/Nick16281e3.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2016/Nick16281e4.jpg


Nick met his forever family this afternoon and will become a North Dakota resident. He was adopted by a family whose RAGOM dog, Cole, died last summer. The three boys ages 7, 11 and 14 really wanted a puppy. Nick will be a fun companion for mom, dad and all three boys. Hopefully, their family is complete again and enjoys many years with Nick.