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Gunner 17-001
(Fostered in Lakeville, MN)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.
Gunner has been with us for two weeks. He has changed 180 degrees from day 1 to today and continues to do so as he settles in.
I think the ideal situation for Gunner would be empty nesters. He loves to just be with someone constantly. As he gets more confident in my home, he will go lay in his crate or bed but the minute you move, he is right there with you. He is learning how to play, by lead from my resident Golden, Judah. At first Gunner would ignore Judah's invitation to play (play stance) - Gunner would just do his business and come in. Now, he runs around with Judah, chases him, gets chased - not for as long as Judah would like, but longer every day.
Gunner also learns very quickly. He already was obedience trained but has added new commands very quickly. We have them sit when they come in to wipe down the paws - he does it automatically now, sit and free before they can eat.
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Gunner's surrendering owner stated that he absolutely loves all people, from infants to adults. I, however, do not have young kids so I cannot vouch for the fact he would do well with infants. He had some marking issues in their new home, but has had no marking issues in our home (we let him out frequently). Gunner has become less anxious and much more settled as time goes. I think he was just insecure and worried about being left. He has learned to play and enjoyed my RD (PB Golden). Gunner is fine with my cat but my cat is the Alpha in the house. He may be a bit more "playful" with a less dominate cat.

Gunner is a grazer and not a big eater. He has no guarding issues as both my RD and cat get in his bowl when they think they can (human not looking).

He absolutely loves to go for car rides and prefers to be in the company of humans- in the same room. He sleeps in his crate but has done fine free roaming. We are not doing it too much as the family that gets him may not want to let him and thus if he is used to going in his crate it will be a smooth transition.



Gunner went to a wonderful family today. He will have a fenced in yard, daily walks and his choice of whom to cuddle with in bed. Along with daily walks, Gunner will have his pick of who will get to grace him with all the love and attention he strives to get. It is a perfect match!