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Sadie 17-004
(Fostered in Corcoran, MN)

Happy Valentine's Day, Sadie! In loving memory of our beautiful Lucy. From the Szumylo's  Happy Valentine's Day, Sadie! In loving memory of our beautiful Lucy. From the Szumylo's


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Welcome the beautiful Miss Sadie to RAGOM. Sadie is an 11.5-year-old, spayed, light golden female. Her age may make her a senior, but believe me, this girl is spunky and ready to play. She will bring over her stuffie toys or her rope for a good game of tug like a dog half her age! Sadie was given up by her former family because they didn't have the time for her that they used to. This might seem sad, but Sadie has brought an immense amount of joy to our house. She loves to go for walks, and while she stops to sniff occasionally, she is mostly all business and walks beautifully on the leash. Sadie also really likes car rides and, after a quick peek around to see where you are headed, settles right down and lays very nicely on the seat.

Miss Sadie was raised as an outside-only dog, so house training is still a work in progress. She is about 99% of the way there. I let her outside very consistently (every 4 hours or so), and she is doing really great, especially for an older dog. She does sleep through the night on a dog bed in our bedroom and has been accident-free. She is very smart and can sit, shake, and happy-dance. Her happy dance is her front paws bouncing on the floor with a really cute tail wagging and butt wiggle; it makes everyone laugh that has the pleasure of seeing it, and you can see how truly happy she is being an indoor dog now.

Sadie has been to the vet and is up to date on shots and preventatives, and is microchipped. She is roughly 70 pounds and is right where she should be weightwise. Sadie does have allergies that are kept in check with one Apoquel a day. She takes the pill very gently and she is much happier not being so itchy. She eats very nicely and does not resource-guard food or treats from my resident dog.

Sadie gets along with all other dogs and cats. It was mentioned that she likes to chase squirrels and little animals in the yard, so a house with small pets is probably not ideal. I have seen no anxiety with Sadie; typical anxiety noises don't bother her at all. Her former owner reported that she was afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms, but she was not destructive; she will just hide. Sadie can be crated. She also does just fine with free roam of the house. I have left her for 1-2 hours and then a longer period of 3-4 hours, and she was perfect. She does not counter-surf, get into garbages, or beg for food.

This sweet girl has lots to offer and will give lots of love and laughs in return. If you have not considered a senior dog before, sweet Sadie might be the dog to change your mind. If you are interested in meeting Sadie, please contact your placement advisor!


Sadie has an absolute perfect Golden nudge and she's been using that nudge to remind me to update everyone on her progress. I'm very excited to report that Sadie hasn't had an accident in the house in over two weeks!! This girl lived her whole life outside, so getting her house trained was a big deal - and she did it! She has also been able to space out her potty breaks a bit and she will stand by the door when she needs to go out. She continues to amaze me with her willingness to learn and she is really eager to please.

We did have a bit of a scare with her earlier this week. Monday into Tuesday, she just wasn't her normal spunky self; a quick trip to the vet revealed a bladder infection and a mild ear infection. A couple weeks of antibiotics and she'll be just fine again. She is already back to playing and nudging me for walks, so I know she's already feeling better. Sadie goes for a car ride once a week with me to visit my mom and she is an ideal passenger and houseguest. I get such a kick out of her because she walks right into the house and up to my mom for love like she's known her for years. Sadie hasn't met anyone yet that she hasn't turned into a friend for life.

I think Sadie's ideal home would be one where someone is home with her most of the day. She is a Velcro Golden and really likes to be around her people. She likes to lay in any patch of sun she can find; she just prefers that patch to be near you. I also think another dog is optional, but she routinely engages my resident dog in play, so I think she'd like having another playful dog friend.


Sadie has big news: she's been adopted! This lucky girl will get to spend her days roaming 120 acres, swimming, going for pontoon rides, and most importantly, being loved and adored by her new family. We'll miss her sweet sugar face and her nudges, but we know she's on her way to living the Golden Life!