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Shelby 17-008
(Fostered in Minneapolis, MN)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
 1/27/17  Not required
 Not tested
 Optional Not tested
This is the most recent information available; however, it may change as we learn more about the dog.

Welcome to RAGOM, Shelby!  Shelby has only been with us for a few days and has already stolen our hearts!  She came from a local shelter and we don't know a whole lot about her background.  Shelby just turned 8 years old this week.  This girl is super sweet and has behaved like a true lady.  She is very Velcro and wants to be by your side and she is excellent at cuddling.  We believe she is house trained (cross our paws - no accidents yet) and knows how to sit for treats.  We are working on stay - she gets really excited and just walks towards you when you step back.  Shelby has started to play with our resident dogs outside.  She also enjoys toys and is great at playing fetch - she actually brings the ball back to you and sits.  Overall her energy level is very calm, but she does like to play a little, too.  Shelby is about 20 lbs overweight but overall her health is pretty good for her age. 
Her needs in her forever home include:
Someone who will take her for walks everyday and help her lose some weight
Someone who is willing to pet her and enjoys a good cuddle
/pictures/Pictures2017/Shelby17008c1.jpg      /pictures/Pictures2017/Shelby17008c2.jpg


Shelby will be at the Sioux Falls PetCo today from 12-2 PM. Stop by and meet this sweet girl!

Shelby has had a pretty fun week.  First she attended her first Meet and Greet.  She got to meet a lot of people and dogs.  Shelby loves people!  She also met the other dogs with no trouble at all.  You can see from her smile in the pictures that she was excited for all the extra attention and pets.  Thanks to a fellow volunteer for taking the photos!

/pictures/Pictures2017/Shelby17008d1.jpg           /pictures/Pictures2017/Shelby17008d2.jpg

We also learned that Shelby really loves stuffed toys.  She loves to lay on her back and throw the toy up in the air with her front legs, as it falls down she wiggles and catches it.  It is very cute to watch.

She has played a little with our two resident dogs, but really seems to just want to be with people and cuddle.  Shelby is a big sweetheart!


Shelby has some big news. She met a wonderful family this week and was adopted! Congratulations to Shelby and the A. family! We will miss her so much, but know she will be very happy in her new home.