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Ginger 17-027
(Fostered in Ham Lake, MN)

In addition to LOVE this dog has the following requirements:
Date Available Fence Kid Friendly Another Dog Cat Friendly
Physical fence required
Ages 10+
Not tested
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Please welcome Ginger, a beautiful Golden Retriever/Lab mix who will turn 2 years old in June. Her mother was a purebred Golden Retriever and her father was a Lab. She has soft, short fur, so she doesn’t shed as much as a Golden does and she is starting to get feathers on her legs and tail. Ginger weighs 46 pounds, which is a good weight for her. She was spayed before coming into RAGOM and is now microchipped, up to date on shots, and in excellent health. She is being treated for hookworms, which is common in dogs who live outside. Ginger was living in the country in an outdoor kennel with another dog. Her surrendering owner would let the dogs out of the kennel for exercise, and occasionally Ginger would explore outside of their yard. Sometimes she would take off running and be gone for a couple of days, but always returned. Her owner was worried about Ginger’s safety because some of their neighbors would shoot at dogs if they didn’t want them in their yard, or she could get hit by a car. So, they made the decision to surrender her to RAGOM to find a better home for her.

Ginger was very stressed out when she arrived at her foster home, so she spent most of the first two days in her crate getting used to the new noises in a house and watching my dogs from a safe place. She needs slow introductions to new dogs to take her fear away. Since she is so young, she loves to play, but plays rough by biting my dogs’ tails, back legs, or faces. They aren’t used to playing like that, so they were afraid of her. She has a lot of puppy energy to burn, so she will need a home where she has a place to run outside in a fenced-in area or can go for long walks or runs with her new owner. Ginger also doesn’t know when to stop and rest, so I have to tell her it is time for a nap. She goes into her crate very easily because I reward her when she goes in. When I am getting her food ready, she runs to her crate and waits for me to bring it to her. She eats in the crate with the door open and sleeps in it at night with the door closed. She is such a sweetheart!

Ginger has been here for a week now and has learned how great life is while living in a house! She has only had one accident in the house since she came here because I didn’t notice her pacing in the living room. When she has to go out, she paces between the living room and the back door, stops by the door for a minute, then paces again until I see her. She goes out, does her business, then runs back to the door to come back in unless I am outside with her. She LOVES being in the house and LOVES being touched and petted! She loves people!!

If you are looking for a playful dog who loves to be with you, come meet Ginger! She is a big love bug and will be a great addition to someone’s family!


Ginger has settled in here very easily. She has learned our routine quickly and is a perfect houseguest. She sure wishes that my dogs would wrestle with her, but they don’t understand her nipping at them. While she was being treated for the hookworms, we had to treat her for tapeworms, too. She is done with that medication and will get a recheck in 2 weeks when she finishes her hookworm medication.

Ginger met a wonderful family who fell in love with her. She was adopted on Wednesday, March 8th, by the P family and will be the only dog in the home, except when their granddog comes to stay for a week. Someone will be home with her during the day, so she will have daily walks. She hit the jackpot when they said they wanted her to join their family. I am so happy for Ginger! Hopefully I will see her at Goldzilla in September.