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6/26/05: Charlie has come back to RAGOM. He was originally an owner surrender to an Iowa HS with a birth date of January, 2002. He had been named 'Buzz' at birth and later nicknamed Charlie Samson. We have simplified things, and call him just plain Charlie! Now at 3 years old, his coat is still very curly, and a beautiful light blonde color that shines in the sunlight! He is UTD on his shots and and very healthy.

At a Glance #05-04-03-208

Golden Retriever Born: March 2004
Male Weight not specified

Status: Deceased


6/26/05: Charlie has come back to RAGOM. He was originally an owner surrender to an Iowa HS with a birth date of January, 2002. He had been named 'Buzz' at birth and later nicknamed Charlie Samson. We have simplified things, and call him just plain Charlie! Now at 3 years old, his coat is still very curly, and a beautiful light blonde color that shines in the sunlight! He is UTD on his shots and and very healthy.


Friday, September 9, 2005

Charlie has been adopted by his foster family :) Here are some pictures of Charlie with Mom and fur siblings.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Charlie is simply a wonderful dog. He is gentle and sweet. Charlie always has one of his toys in his mouth and loves to be petted and hugged and kissed. He follows me around all the time and when I stop, he just flops on the floor and snoozes.

He and Cooper 05-010 are best of buddies and play so wonderfully. When Charlie first came, he really didn't care for Cooper's "Come on, I want to play, play, yeah, play, I want that toy in your mouth, come on!" He did a little growling, but mostly just dodge face so Coop didn't get his toy. Well, that has turned into the most fun game. And if Cooper doesn't start it, Charlie will. "Hey Coop, look what I got, want to chase me, come on, come on, look what I've got!" They wrestle and play and then just crash together, they are buds.

So if anyone out there is thinking about two wonderful RAGOM dogs, this is a pair!!! Of course, I realize that it is not a real possibility, so they can go separate, but both either need to be with another dog, or someone that works at home.

Charlie's last home surrendered him because he ran away and has storm and fireworks anxiety - another reason someone needs to be with him a lot. He has been on flower essences since he has been with us. The last thunderstorm we had, he was outside with me, underneath a roofed area and didn't seem to even care about the storm. I call that great progress! He would still need to be given the essence before the storm, but the improvement has been wonderful! Two of our own dogs used to be so scared of storms, and after a season of using Rescue Remedy and Master's Pear flower essences, they don't even care about the storms anymore.

Charlie doesn't like to be confined in small spaces (neither does my sister!). He will go into a crate and lay down just fine, but he tried to eat his way out of a kennel run this week. However, since he is so great in the house, he never really needs to be confined. He did go through 2 screen doors in his last home when he was scared, but again, that fear is becoming less with the flower essences. So with a little common sense, he would do fine.

Charlie also needs a secure fenced in back yard and not just be left out alone. Charlie needs to be part of a family who loves him and makes him feel secure and wanted. He really is so loving and sweet.

He is house trained and has never had an accident here. He isn't a big chewer - will chew on his rawhides, but never just devours them. And loves to carry around his soft toys and squeekies, but doesn't destroy them. He gets along fine with cats and other dogs. This guy is great!

When I brought him to the vet for his heartworm check and vaccinations, the vet wanted to adopt him! Everyone is charmed by his looks and personality. He is great in the car and seems to like new places to explore. He is a confident dog, but just has a few things he is scared of, but don't we all?

If you would like to meet this handsome boy, or maybe two? just let RAGOM know!

Monday, August 23, 2004

Night before last we had lightening and rain (if there was thunder I missed it!)....and Charlie Bear was uneasy. Instead of snuggling in the bed before actually going to sleep elsewhere, he stayed right next to us all night. In the morning he was as happy as a lark, and I wondered if he'd now choose to sleep in the bed every night. Well, last night he went back to his prior style of snuggle and relocate! He is a great sleeping buddy from just that one night's experience :)

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Charlie has turned out to be the 'easiest' foster dog we've had in our home, and there are perhaps 30 that preceded him. He isn't a barker unless so inspired to chime in by my resident dogs, he isn't an inappropriate chewer, he doesn't slobber water for a 4 foot radius when drinking, he is completely compatible with three dogs whose ages range from 6 to almost 12, and he doesn't 'bug' the cats with even good intentions! He loves to get in bed at bedtime for a snuggle and a tummy rub, but then prefers to sleep elsewhere on the floor. He doesn't need any confinement, correction, or redirection; he loves to ride in the car, and is happy to visit the vet. Am I dreaming?

Charlie's visit to the vet for the dental extraction went well. It turns out that not only was the tooth visibly fractured on the outside, but raw and broken on the inside with exposed pulp and nerve (gulp!). The shaved spot you see on his leg in the photo is where the IV's were placed for the surgery. As you can see, he's smiling and limber! The surgery was done by about 2:00, they gave him a post-op injection of morphine, and I picked him up still a bit woozy on his feet just before 5 PM. That evening is the only potty accident he's had in the house, and is completely understandable considering the effects of morphine. He seems to be quite happy to have it gone, as he's not favoring that side of his mouth and is eating regularly. We have pain pills for him for the next several days as well as an antibiotic to assure that no infection will settle into the socket.

All is well for Charlie - he's happy and ready to begin looking for a new home :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Charlie has returned to RAGOM with a wealth of accompanying information from a family who is saddened to have concluded that they are not a home that he is able to thrive in. Based on this experience, Charlie will be looking for a home with another dog, a physical fence, a general free range of the home outlook, and if there are children, ages 10 and up.

Charlie is physically energetic, and would excel in agility training, as a running companion, and/or as an active canine playmate. When able to release his physical energy, he's happy and satisfied...ready for a snuggle and relaxing with a favorite toy in his mouth.

Charlie is very self-assured at the Vet, rides in the car like a charm, and is very fond of chew toys. He's able to distinguish between a chew toy and a shoe, which is a great asset! More to come after this sweetie returns from having his fractured tooth extracted :)

Friday, August 1, 2003

Charlie arrived at our house from a shelter in Dodge City, IA around 9:00 p.m. Friday, August. 16th. He is a very friendly, curious, beautiful Golden. His coat is very curly so it hides the fact that he is QUITE bony! You can't even feel muscle along his spine and hips, just bones! We have him on Eukanuba puppy food at present to try and fatten him up. He needs to eat and seems to like the puppy food more than Cayenne's big dog stuff!! He also came with mats on, behind and below his ears! We have cut many away, but he might need to see a good groomer after his adoption.

I can't say enough about this wonderful dog! He learns very quickly and seems to want to please us at all times (a true golden!). He is completely housebroken. He has no problems with our 5-yr-old dog Cayenne, except that she doesn't seem to want to play with him. (She's rather a snob!) He seems to love being petted more than anything else, but having a ball in his mouth runs a close second. He needs to have something to chew on at all times but hasn't chewed ANYTHING bad since we keep lots of dog toys on the floor for him. He has lots of energy but isn't rude with it. He responds quickly to "No!" and doesn't keep pushing our boundaries. He did jump up on a futon couch but jumped off immediately in response to my "NO!" He seems to know the commands "sit", "down" (for lie down), "no", and "come". So far, that's all we've asked of him. He doesn't seem afraid of noisy things like vacuums or lawn mowers. He's a very pleasant companion who likes to follow us everywhere around the house. He's also a strong swimmer and seems to really love the water. The day they swam, Cayenne was fetching her dummy, and since we weren't sure what he'd do with it, we had Charlie on a flexileash out in the water and kept him from actually getting to the dummy. He acted like he knew about water fetch, though. We have a pond beyond our back fence, and Charlie loves to run the fence line looking for a way to the water. Once, Kerry caught him with his paws up on the fence, but he didn't try to jump it. He responded well to Kerry's "No!" and hasn't been caught trying to jump on the fence anymore.

At night, and whenever we leave during the day, he sleeps in a kennel in our living room where it's cooler than our bedroom. The first night he tried hard to dig his way out of the kennel, but he finally settled down and has seemed fine with the routine ever since. What a good boy! We think he would do well given the run of the house day and night, but we'd rather make sure he's comfortable with a kennel - as an added selling point!

Charlie was neutered on July 17 and was inoculated for several things, however, for whatever reason, rabies wasn't among them! I have an appointment for tomorrow with the vet to get his rabies shot, have his teeth checked, and to see about his neuter incision. I'll include the vet evaluation in my next update.

That's it for now. We see no reason why he wouldn't/couldn't/shouldn't be adopted very quickly.


Charlie and Cayenne