Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota: RAGOM is a 501(c)(3) organization, rescuing Golden Retrievers and re-homing them through adoption since 1985.  Serving Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.

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Featured Dog
Bobby Bones 15-193
Bobby Bones is a young, athletic, kissy and cuddly dog that needs a family to call his own!

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RAGOM Events
Please stop by and visit with us. We would love to tell you all about RAGOM.

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When a RAGOM Dog Goes Missing

We have a saying: "Once a RAGOM dog, always a RAGOM dog." We care deeply about the dogs we have rescued. That's why we want to help if your RAGOM dog ever goes missing. In fact, we created a team of volunteers - the Lost Dog Rapid Response team (LDRR) - just to ensure a quick, efficient response.

Help! My RAGOM dog ran away! What do I do?
If you've lost sight of your dog, call RAGOM immediately at 612-547-9004.

The LDRR will gather information from you and provide some tips on what to do next. While you are searching for your dog, they can call local authorities and begin preparing flyers and signs in case they are needed for an extended search.

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2018 RAGOM Calendar -- Call for Submissions
2018 Calendar Call for Submissions

It's that time of year!

Once again, the theme will be "The Golden Life." We're looking for interesting, high quality photos showing RAGOM dogs enjoying the new life made possible through rescue.

We'd like to know the story behind the dog and/or the photo. Just tell us a bit about the dog's background and what his/her life is like today.

If your dog has already been featured, please do not submit again. There are so many more stories and never enough pages.

Submission deadline is June 30, 2017. You'll be notified by email if your entry has been selected to be featured.

Thank you! We can't wait to see your shots!

1. Submit only the original (largest) image file from your phone or camera
2. Do not crop, edit, resize, retouch, or use filters
3. 3000 pixels minimum on the shortest side
4. You may submit up to 3 photos of the same dog
5. One form per dog

Prepare Your Photos
1. Ensure images meet above requirements
2. Rename images to RAGOM ID and use _1, _2, _3 for multiples. Example: Daisy_08530_1.jpg, Daisy_08530_2.jpg (Use RAGOM ID, even if you have renamed your dog.)

Submit Your Photos
To submit your entries, you must complete our submission form, which will allow you to attach your photos. Please do not send them by email.


Another Commercial Breeding Dog Rescued From Auction

Back in March, we raised money to rescue Goldens being auctioned off at a commercial breeding auction. You, our supporters, gave so generously that we raised more money than we needed to rescue the 18 dogs. We promised you we'd go back for more as we learned of other breeder dogs in need of help.

About a week ago, there was another auction, with a pregnant Golden being sold. Not even two years old, she had just had a litter less than six months before. Without the intervention of a rescue organization, she would be sold to another commercial breeder, where she would live her life in a cage, being bred repeatedly.

Her life changed dramatically on May 6, when RAGOM successfully bid on her at auction. She was pregnant and likely to give birth any day. In an instant, her fate changed from breeding commodity to loved dog. We named her Patzy.

Patzy was brought to Minnesota and welcomed into a foster home, where she began to learn about the kindness of humans. After a few days, Patzy began to trust that she was safe, and attached herself to Foster Mom. She even began to shyly approach Foster Mom for petting. She also discovered the comforts of soft beds, nourishing meals, and shelter, a much-welcomed change for a pregnant mom-to-be.

About a week after her rescue, Patzy went into labor. Over the course of a long day, she gave birth to nine healthy puppies.

Dog rescued from Commercial Breeder Auction gives birth to 9 puppies.

Her labor experience was likely quite different from those of her past. She did not want her Foster Mom out of her sight, so Foster Mom stayed by her side, monitoring and caring for her, and doing everything possible to keep her comfortable. In addition to her meals, she was served refreshing bowls of ice cream, and back massages to ease her labor pains.

It's your generosity that made Patzy's new life possible. With your support, you changed her fate in the blink of an eye. You bought her way out of the commercial breeding life. You bought her hope.

If you would like to assist us to rescue more of these commercial breeding dogs, please consider making a donation specifically for these efforts.

More Turkish Dogs Have Arrived!

On April 28th, you helped us change the lives of seventeen wonderful dogs. After months of planning and preparing, we welcomed our newest RAGOM additions from the country of Turkey. It took the kindness and generosity of over 100 people to make this happen.

The dogs' journey started across the world, where our Turkish friends got up early in the morning to get the dogs to the airport and complete the necessary paperwork. The entire process takes several hours and the dogs are required to be at the airport 12 hours before their flight, so Turkish volunteers took turns walking the dogs and ensuring they drink plenty of water.

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You can follow our Turkish Dog rescue efforts on the Turkish Goldens - Rescued by RAGOM facebook page.

If you would like to assist us with our Turkish Dog Rescue Mission, please consider making a donation.

You can also donate toward the Turkey dog campaign by text message!

  • Text 952-955-6165
  • Type in the amount you'd like to donate
  • You'll receive a link. Click and enter in your payment information
  • When you are finished, you'll receive a confirmation by text and email.
  • After you have given by text once, in the future, you'll be able to just text the amount you wish to give and it will process automatically.

A Plea for Special Needs Foster Homes
A Plea for Special Needs Foster Homes

As the face of Golden rescue changes, RAGOM is being asked to help more and more dogs with special needs. Some of these dogs simply need to live in a home with no other pets, some need medical care and rehab, and some need behavioral training.

We currently have many dogs waiting to come into RAGOM due to a lack of foster homes able to meet their specific needs. Most of these dogs need to be in homes without other animals and/or young children.

Our current pool of foster homes that fit that description are full. If you have every considered fostering and you have no resident dogs or cats, please fill out our volunteer application. We will provide training to get you started fostering and provide any behavioral training needed.

Without your help, these dogs cannot begin their journey to finding a new home.

Welcome Spring!

Welcome in the new season (and make it come faster!) with a donation to RAGOM. Now for as little as $10, you can place a cheerful spring icon, along with your name and a short message, on the bio page of the RAGOM foster dog of your choice. Or buy an icon in memory of a beloved dog or as a Mother's Day or Father's Day gift. Purchase your Spring Fling icons here.

RAGOM Celebrates 32 Years of Rescuing and Rehoming

February 14, 2017 marks RAGOM's 32nd Anniversary of rescuing and rehoming Golden Retrievers and Golden Mixes and here's where it all started...

Thirty-two years ago today, a beautiful 9-month-old Golden Retriever languished in a kennel in a rural animal shelter, unaware of her pending fate. She had no name, no home, just a collar and a kennel card marked in red: "Scheduled for euthanasia, 3:30 today."

On a chance visit to the shelter that day, Ardis Brown noticed the young Golden. Moved by her dire plight, she called her friend, Jane Nygaard. "Could anything be done?" she asked. The answer was firm. "Get that dog out of there" Jane said.

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