Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota: RAGOM is a 501(c)(3) organization, rescuing Golden Retrievers and re-homing them through adoption since 1985. Serving Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota.
Sidney's Story
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Hi, I am writing to those of you who are particularly unsure of whether or not to give up your dog. I had to put my dog, Sidney to sleep, as a result of long term neglect. I have had a very hard time with this decision- I loved him dearly (I still DO love him) but he was in so much pain, I had to let him go.

Sidney had persistent, chronic ear infections and hot spots. He was severely allergic to grains, and had other allergies too. He started getting better, once I adopted him from RAGOM, but by then the years or ear infections and allergies, left pretty much untreated, had taken their toll. He had either brain damage from shaking his head (because his ears hurt so much), or an infection may have attacked his brain. His previous family loved him but they just did not know how to help him. Apparently, they agonized over the decision to give him to us for several years. If RAGOM had gotten him a year ago, possibly even just six months before, we could have helped him heal up, and I would still have him.

Sidney, one week before his death.

He was the most gentle dog, or personality, I have ever met. I adored him, his canine "brother" Chase adored him, and the women who live in the group home that I work in adored him. Please - if you just don't have anything more to give, or just don't know what to do for a dog, please let us know. We have had so many successes in taking terrified, un-socialized, or seriously ill dogs and helped them. And we have a terrific reputation with the seriously silly, busy energetic, young Golden Retriever.

Please let us help them if you can't.

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