Amber 19-032

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Amber 19-032Amber 19-032


Amber came to RAGOM from a hoarding situation, but she has adjusted well to life as an indoor family dog. She now warms up to new people quickly and is not afraid to show her goofy side to her foster family. Amber will need a confident dog about her size to be a role model in her new home. She can also live with cats. However, because she is easily spooked, Amber's forever home cannot have children. A physical fence is required for Amber's safety and happiness.

At a Glance #19-032

Mixed Breed Born: August 2017
Female 34 lbs

Status: Adopted

Amber's Sponsors


Amber came to RAGOM from a hoarding situation, but she has adjusted well to life as an indoor family dog. She now warms up to new people quickly and is not afraid to show her goofy side to her foster family. Amber will need a confident dog about her size to be a role model in her new home. She can also live with cats. However, because she is easily spooked, Amber's forever home cannot have children. A physical fence is required for Amber's safety and happiness.


Sunday, February 16, 2020

On Friday, February 7th, Amber went to her forever home. If you remember back in August, we celebrated her half birthday. We hoped she would not be with us, her foster family, for her 2nd birthday. Our wishes for her came true.

She is now part of the S family in Iowa and loving life. She joins 2 other RAGOM dogs in the household and a feline friend as well. Her new mom and dad sent this update:

" It’s hard to believe little miss Amber has been home for a week and what a week it’s been! She wasted no time working her way into our hearts even more with those ears and sweet personality. She’s slowly come out of her shell to show us her goofy, bouncy side.

She enjoys sleeping on the giant couch and claiming as much space as possible for herself. Her koala toy is still her favorite and showed us she can sit pretty for a treat! We can’t wait to see what she becomes and take her on new adventures to help her grow! "

So, happy 2nd birthday, dear Amber. You now have a family to call your own for the rest of your birthdays!

Amber 19-032

Monday, January 20, 2020

Amber would like to thank her anonymous sponsor for the donation. She believes she is on her way to finding her forever home in 2020!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Santa Paws is coming to town! Santa Paws is coming to town, doo doo doo! My foster family kept singing about Santa Paws last week and now I know why! My foster family celebrates Christmas and that involves some shopping, wrapping, and more wrapping of gifts. They even hang stockings up for Santa Paws to give us “fur kids” goodies.

Amber 19-032

And boy did I get something fun! A pink squeaky pig. I do like to play with it at night. I pull it in tight with my paws and give it a good shake.

Amber 19-032

Speaking of paws, my foster family had another volunteer come over and give me something called a “pawdicure.” They kept saying the fur on my feet grows so fast that I end up with "Grinch feet," whatever that means.

Amber 19-032

I would also like to share that I am a smart girl. It may take me some time to figure things out, but I finally learned what that cute pink ribbon with paw prints and noisemakers hanging on the door was for. My foster sister would go over and hit the noisemakers (potty bells), and she would go outside.

Well, now whenever I want to go outside, for play or potty, I go over and give them the tiniest nudge. Not really sure how hard to hit them, but I learned something!

Amber 19-032

Oh, one more thing. My foster family keeps hearing about my majestic ears and how pretty they are. Well one friend kindly referred to them as "Waterfalls of Fur," so that is what we shall call them now, okay?

Until next time,

Monday, December 9, 2019

Ermagah sner! (Translation for Amber: OMG SNOW!) There is snow on the ground! Now, last year when I came up from Oklahoma, I hated the snow. Why is it so cold? You want to me to go out in that? I don’t think so.

But this year, watch out! Snow is fun. I can dig my face in it, I can bunny hop like a champ in it, and it makes playing chase even more fun. Enjoy some pictures Foster Mom took of me playing in the snow.

Amber 19-032
Amber 19-032

Also, something special happens in December that I did not know much about. There is a big guy in a red suit, and my, do people go crazy for him! I hear his name is Santa, and I had my picture taken with him, twice. It’s ok, you can be jealous, I’ll wait...

So, want to know what I asked for? Ok, I will tell you. A family of my very own. I would like a family with another dog, someone who is there to dedicate time to me. Sharing is overrated, and I need someone who will let me take as much time as I need to adjust to my new home.

I think this Santa guy might deliver. I hope so, anyways. Paws crossed!

Amber 19-032
Amber 19-032

Ok, off to play in the snow some more!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Hello, my adoring fans. I have kept you all waiting for an update for so long. I can just feel how many times the page has been refreshed waiting for it. Well wait no more, because here it is!

Since my last update, I have been hearing my foster family talking about opening our hearts and homes to those who don’t have a voice, like me. Being a voice for the voiceless, I think I heard them say. Since I have been here going on 10 months (I know, I can’t believe it either), they opened their home to another dog.

She is kind of like me, only something called a Malamute. She is shy and fearful of people at first, but I showed her the ropes of the house and how it's ok to let them love you. I have even shared my kennel with her when she got scared.

Amber 19-032

We are both pretty low key and like to relax on the couch. But I told her she had to wait in line before she got to rest her head on anyone's lap! 

Amber 19-032

She, Stacey and I, being the three small ones of the house, love to play chase outside. We play and we play, and then we take a minute to look up to the sky and say how thankful we are to be so loved.

Amber 19-032

Speaking of being loved -- ugh, you guys, I am so embarrassed -- but I know that I am so loved, because I was sleeping on foster mom's bed and was dreaming of playing and frolicking, that I frolicked myself right off the bed! Seriously, who falls off the bed??

Me, that’s who! Caught me and foster mom by surprise. She woke with a start and was very concerned for me, but I showed her I was ok (secretly dying of embarrassment inside) by shaking it off and jumping back on the bed to sleep.

Ok, now the best part of this month so far. Last night foster mom hosted an event, something to do with painting, at a dog training facility. It was so cool because my foster family brought Stacey and me along. Remember, I need a confident dog to help show me it's ok. I was nervous at first, as it was not my home comfort zone.

I was panting and very leary of the people on the opposite side of the fence. But ya know what, after awhile when more people and dogs showed up, I did ok. I saw that if people moved slowly around me, allowed me to run between them and maybe sit still by them on my own terms, it was kind of nice to be petted.

I moved around a lot and enjoyed hanging out by the other dogs, but I am so proud of myself. I am a big brave girl, as my foster family calls me. Last night I truly lived up to that name.

Amber 19-032
Amber 19-032

Here’s the deal. I will take time to warm up to my new home. It will take me time to adjust to the new people, dogs, and life you will give me. But let me tell you, I will love you everyday for it. Ok, take care for now. I have to go play with my former pack mate, Buddy. Oh yeah, he is staying at the house for the weekend. He is fun to have back!

Amber 19-032

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Amber has heard about this impending white stuff that is about to fall to the ground and she wants you to know one thing. She is a great footwarmer at night! My feet have never been so warm while sleeping.

Amber is really enjoying the snuggles and comfort of sleeping on her foster family's bed at night. Sometimes she will share it with her foster brother, Moe, and then she will cuddle him as well.

Amber 19-032

In the morning after breakfast, she enjoys even more snuggles before waking up. She will give you the sweetest of looks, as if to say, "Thank you for loving me, and I love you!".

Amber 19-032

She truly is the cutest and sweetest little girl! This past week, she actively sought out pets from her foster family. She jumped on the couch and leaned her head into the pet. It was the sweetest thing! It even got her foster mom to shed a tear. Seven months in, and we have a dog actively seeking pets. 

We also learned she can live with dog savvy cats. She was cat tested and showed no reaction to them.

To finish this update, enjoy some photos and videos of her being cute and being free to act like a pup.

Amber 19-032
Amber 19-032

Thursday, September 19, 2019

It has been far too long since an update of Amber was sent in. She has been so busy having a great end of summer. Since her last update she has completed Confident Dog training class at the K9 Coach, celebrated her half birthday -- complete with a pawty, and has made a plethora of new friends. 

Let's start with her attendance at the Confident Dog class. This class was to help dogs like Amber -- shy, nervous and unsure -- build confidence in themselves. Amber took the class slowly, a pace she seems to enjoy. For Amber, the ultimate goal of the class was to get her used to traveling to a new environment and understanding that she is safe with her people while at a new place.

The goal for her, was to be able to take a treat or food of any kind from me while there, as eating in public is scary. Just when I thought she might not do this, lo and behold, on the last night she was eating food left and right from another RAGOM volunteer who was also taking her foster here.

I was so proud, because not only was she taking food, but she was taking the food from someone whom she doesn't know!! Such a HUGE accomplishment for her. They say there is strength in numbers and she must have felt that way, as she was with another RAGOM volunteer. Here she is curled up with fellow available RAGOM girl Jessa 17-227A.

Amber 19-032
Amber 19-032

We also celebrated Amber's half birthday. She is officially -- well, according to her paperwork -- 1.5 years old. We did this for her to show how much she is loved and celebrated. If she is still in our care in February, you can surely expect to see another birthday celebration, as she will be turning two. 

Amber 19-032
Amber 19-032
Amber 19-032

Amber has made four visits to local dog day-care centers, where she is doing remarkably well. While she is still unsure about the new people, I have seen her allow them to slowly and briefly pet her (when the day-cares have cameras, how can you not watch all day! lol). She buddied up to her foster sister Stacey and made a new friend, a furry Golden Retriever.

She also continues to be her silly, goofy self in the backyard. Here are two videos of her playing. The one is at night, when we had friends over for a bonfire. She felt comfortable enough with our friends to roll around in the cool grass and show her belly. Then she finally understood, more or less, the concept of the tennis ball and possibly the game fetch. Please enjoy these videos.

While Amber is making great strides, she still has the following requirements:

  • New home must have another confident dog her size
  • New home must have a fenced yard
  • New home without children or cats

Please consider bringing this sweet girl into your furever pack.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Amber continues to make leaps and bounds through the yard, and in her progression as a dog. While she still enjoys the comfort of her safe space, we celebrate the small victories with her. Most recently she has begun to accept treats from her foster family and will eat them right away, even in front of the other dogs. She will now eat her breakfast and dinner right away. 

Recently we had a former foster come back for a mini vacation and she played so well with him. This dog also came from the same situation as Amber and was fostered in the same home as she was. Although he found his forever family a few months ago, I think she did recognize him this time. 

Please enjoy this video of Amber and her former packmate, Buddy, playing.

Amber will begin training classes for shy and/or fearful dogs on August 8th. We think that by exposing her to more people, she will begin to blossom into the social butterfly I know she is meant to be.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hey guys! It's me, Amber. It's been a little bit since you have seen me last, so let's get right to it. Well, since the last update I have been on two big adventures visiting other homes. I do quite well once I have another friendly furry face next to me. I need that confident resident dog to show me the ropes of the new place. I got so comfortable during one visit, I used the resident dog as a pillow!

I also enjoyed a quiet, laid back 4th of July at my foster home. I wore a cute bandana which just made me that much cuter.

Amber 19-032
Amber 19-032

I even fell asleep on the couch next to my foster brother while neighbors where lighting off fireworks! I was not scared!

Gotta go play now.

Foster mom here. Amber continues to do well in adjusting to the life of a dog. She still has her moments of wanting to hide and not be seen, but those are fewer and far between. If you choose to add her to your family, please have an open mind and know it may take time for her to show you this side of her. It has taken 4 months to get her to this point.

I would like to show two videos of her. The first is when we initially arrive home from work and let her out of her kennel. This is as close to zoomies as she gets right now (the barking dog is her foster sister Stacey, who just wants to play also).

The second is of her playing with a toy that SHE went and got. It might not seem like much, but these are huge steps.

She is a loving dog who deserves all the love. Does your home have the love to give her?

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

This past week Amber had herself a lovely vacation at another foster's home. Her foster family was heading out of town for a much needed weekend up north at the cabin. I asked her foster sitter to write up a bit about her experience with Amber.

“Amber arrived on Thursday and met my four boisterous boy dogs, who are much larger than she is. She handled it well and before long she was joining them outside to explore the yard. She loved bouncing after them as they chased a tennis ball.

"Amber enjoyed licking my toes (ack!), nibbling on popcorn that we shared with the dogs, snoozing on the couch, and hopping up on the bed to keep me company while I did some reading.

"All dogs sleep in crates at my house and Amber followed the "kennel up" bedtime announcement. She settled in with her snuggle blanket and was quiet all night. Well, except for the first night when she had saved her supper until bedtime. Then she could be heard crunching her kibble shortly after the lights went out.

"We had also been putting a water dish in her crate but she tipped it, so we put it in our  bathroom. She mostly just used the water dish that my dogs drink from which is near the door to the deck.

"Amber learned that when my dogs ring the potty bells, they all go outside. She'd run to join the pack by the door when they'd ring. It was so fun to watch her push her way to the front of the line and then bounce and hop around the yard. 

"I think she had a good staycation here and really did well with the whole experience. We sure loved having her stay with us! She is a brave little girl who is a tad bit shy yet, but seems to adjust to changes in her world pretty well.”

Amber 19-032
Amber 19-032

Amber did so very well and was such a brave girl. It made this Foster Mom so proud of her! When her foster family arrived home Sunday evening, Amber was so very excited to see them. Her tail was wagging a mile a minute and she did a flying leap/jump/twist off the deck steps (there are only two small steps).

She was very content to settle back in with her pack, as made evident by the fact that she snuggled tightly into foster brother Moe.

Amber 19-032

Amber is ready to move on to her forever home and let you show her all the love in the world. Are you ready for her?

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Since the last update, we had a pretty good storm roll through Burnsville. Last night there was a very strong storm system that pushed through. Foster Mom got a tornado warning alert on her phone and then the news was saying to seek shelter. Foster Mom got all four dogs leashed and in the basement, just in case.

I am so very happy to report that the storm fizzled out and all was safe, but the big news is Amber did not show any storm anxiety at all!! She was such a well behaved girl. The three resident dogs she lives with do not have storm anxiety either, and I think that helped ease Amber through the storm. She is very much a copy cat dog and will easily mimic your resident dogs' behaviour.

Amber 19-032

Amber would like you to know she is ready to start mimicking your resident dog. Is your resident dog ready for a shadow? 

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Amber here, checking in. I thought that Foster Mom has done a great job telling you about me, but now it's finally my turn! My journey started back in February when I came into RAGOM. Wow, what an adventure that was! I finally landed here at my foster home early March and I am happy to tell you I am a whole new doggo!

You see, when I first got here I was scared, shy and unsure. But with the help of my foster siblings, Abby, Moe and Stacey, I have become a new pup. I enjoy frolicking around the backyard, hopping around like a bunny. Well that’s what I hear my foster family say it looks like. I will have to take their word for it.

Foster sister Abby loves to play fetch, although she likes to play fetch with nontraditional fetching things. Tennis balls she loves, but her favorite is sticks. So I frolic after her when the item is tossed. I am still not sure if I should grab it, but chasing is fun.

Amber 19-032

I am also realizing that stranger danger doesn’t have to be a way to live. Foster Mom has had many friends over and each time I see the same person I become more adventurous and will go say a quick hello. So you see I am growing!

What I seek out in my forever family is that you be dedicated to helping me experience how good a dog’s life can be. A family who is understanding that I will take time to adjust to your home after my adoption. I will most definitely need another confident resident dog in the home who can help me adjust and I would really love a fenced yard to bunny hop around in.

Friday, May 3, 2019

It has been almost a month since Amber's last check in. We have been working with her trying to help her emerge more from her shell. With the support of RAGOM, we had an independent party come over to meet Amber and show us some techniques to help Amber rid her stress.

During the evaluation we learned that Amber carries 95% percent of her stress in her hind end, hips, legs, etc. She is in “flight mode”, meaning she still struggles to relax at times, and especially around new people.

We were given instructions on how to help Amber release that tension using the Tellington T-Touch method. Tellington TTouch Training is a gentle, respectful method of training that honors the body, mind and spirit of animals and their people and develops trust between humans and animals.

The circular TTouches can reduce fear and pain, enhance cellular function and communication and support the healing potential of the body.

By doing some of the exercises given to us in small moments so as not to overwhelm Amber, we have observed that she can relax her lower end. When utilizing the techniques on her legs, we notice that she “releases” her leg and gives into the relaxation and lets it stay fully extended.

Amber 19-032

Amber enjoys being outside and around our resident dogs. She mimics their movements, learning what it means to play, chase after sticks, and run free in the yard.  She even took after her resident foster brother and jumped onto the bench on the deck to play “Queen of the deck”. 

Amber 19-032

We still will sometimes use a tie out leash for her while in the yard, but that is mainly at night when she has to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Amber 19-032

Amber has become used to the finer things in life. She fully enjoys sleeping on the bed at night. Such a luxury and treat for her!

Amber 19-032

Amber is a very sweet dog who will need a home with another confident dog, a schedule that allows more time at home than away so you can bond with her, and a family who is dedicated to continue working with her to help overcome her need to be in “flight mode”. She has the love to give - are you ready to receive it?

Amber 19-032

Friday, March 29, 2019

As the days begin to truly turn into Spring, we are spending more time outside. Amber continues to enjoy being outside and working hard to engage the resident dogs in play. She pounces and flounces a bit, similiar to a bunny hop, at the dogs and they return the play style with her. It still startles her a little bit when they respond, but she is getting better. She continues to come out of her shell and is aproaching the other dogs more and more. 

She has also started to show her true personality. The other day, one of my resident dogs was chewing on a bone, got up, and walked away. Amber very carefully and sneakily took the bone. My dog came back and was confused as to where the bone went, but did not care. Miss Amber was very proud of herself and happily chewed on the bone for a bit. 

We also found out, like most good dogs, she enjoys watching you eat... specifically, pizza. She will stare you down for a tiny bit of crust. 

Pizza... a love story.
Pizza... a love story.

At night she now has free roam for sleeping in her foster family's bedrooms. Sometimes she chooses to sleep on the bed with the resident dogs, and sometimes she prefers her pillow in the other room.

Overall, we are seeing her improve day by day. These changes are slow, but they are coming.

Are you ready to show this little lady the Golden life?

Friday, March 22, 2019

Amber has been in her current foster home for three weeks now. Upon arrival, she was completely shut down, as a coping mechanism, as it was her third move in a very short time. Amber arrived at her foster family's home the evening of February 28th. She was brought in a kennel, that she'd had an accident in, and transferred to a clean kennel. She was very scared, unsure and would not make eye contact.

She now lives in a home with three resident dogs. Because she had just arrived from another state with 13 other dogs from a hoarding situation, we thought it best to bring a familiar face to her and also foster another dog from the same situation. Buddy was brought to our home on March 1st. He did recognize Amber and seemed happy to see her, although she did not make any indication that she knew him. 

The first 48 hours with Amber were the hardest. She had never seen as much snow as we had in February - heck, I don’t think we have either! Trying to get her outside to do her business was very tough. We would be out there walking her around our fenced yard for 30 minutes to an hour, giving breaks due to the cold, and yet nothing. She would hold it until she no longer could, and eventually would have an accident in her kennel. This was not surprising. 

I am pleased to say that something clicked with her the week of 3-11 to 3-15, and she is now doing her business outside. Amber does like to spend a lot of time in her kennel. Her door is always open, but at nighttime if she is in there and has to go outside, she gives a few whines and barks.

Unlike typical commercial breeder and puppy mill dogs, Amber does know how to go upstairs and is not afraid of the doorway. Now she runs to the back door when it is time to go outside and waits to be hooked up to her tie-out.

The first few weeks with her in the home were tough, not because she was difficult, but because I did not know what to do for her. After three weeks in our home, she has slowly started to emerge from her shell. She joins us on the couch at night while watching shows, she has been on a walk - a very short one because it is still scary - comes out of her kennel more, and tries to engage the resident dogs in play outside.

There is so much potential for this young lady. All she needs is the right home with the following:

  • Another confident dog her size in the home, roughly 30-50lbs.
  • Someone who is home more than not, but with regular working hours, she can be kenneled.
  • A family who will accept the fact that she may need time to warm up and show her personality. We are only three weeks in and yet she is just starting to show us her true self.