Autumn 17-219A


Autumn is a beautiful young Golden from a commercial breeder. She is fearful of new situations and so needs another medium to large dog to learn from in her forever home. She is very playful!

At a Glance #17-219A

Golden Retriever Born: November 2016
Female 60 lbs

Status: Adopted

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Love, Kelly and Jeff
"Wishing you love and happiness on Valentine’s Day and always Autumn!"


Autumn is a beautiful young Golden from a commercial breeder. She is fearful of new situations and so needs another medium to large dog to learn from in her forever home. She is very playful!


Monday, February 26, 2018

I am so happy to announce that Autumn has found her very own forever family! The B's are previous RAGOM adopters and understand the ways of commercially bred dogs and their needs. I was so amazed at Autumn's reaction to them when she met them. She couldn't get enough attention from each of them and gave many kisses back. She has come a LONG way since arriving in MN. 

Autumn has been in her new home for just over a week and her family reports "She's made herself at home but still barks like a crazy girl at noises or people who suddenly appear.  We have had one stuffie 'massacre' but other than that, she has been perfect when left alone.  Don't worry...we're not giving her back...she's definitely a keeper!  She is such a can't help falling in love with her!"

Sadie and I miss you, Autumn, but we know you are in the right family now. Many thanks to the M family and all of the other folks that support our special dogs. 

Autumn and her new fur sister Meg

Monday, January 8, 2018


Autumn is enjoying the warmer weather! She loves to romp outside with my resident Sadie. She will chase the ball or frisbee and sometimes brings it back. She will toss it in the air to herself too. Autumn has a goofy puppy side too. Check out the video of her nightly ‘dance’.

She does like to chew soft things and for some reason has chosen to do this at night when we are sleeping. Last night she shredded the foam pad inside a dog bed. Stinker! Most nights she sleeps all the way through on our bed. But once in a while she wakes up. 

We had two little dogs here for 10 days and she did great with them. One was older and not into playing but she played with the younger one. She also went to an event this past weekend where she met about 15 new folks with their dogs. She loved them all up! 

We’d be happy to tell you more about Autumn if you are interested. 

Autumn's Evening Dance

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Big news for Miss Autumn! Her leaking has STOPPED! Since we added the Proin, she has NOT been leaking urine. Autumn had her follow up appointment with Dr. Myers and her lab work was all good. She expects no future issues with her kidney. At that time, Autumn had been leaking urine still but only at night. Seemed like while she was sleeping, she was not aware of controlling her sphincter. We started Proin and the next day and all days since, she has been dry. We are so happy for her!

Dr. Myers did a quick ultra sound of her bladder and says that she still has some healing to do there. She also thought that as Autumn matures (she was just spayed during that big surgery), she will have better control. So we hope she does not always require Proin. The Proin is only about $40 per month.

Autumn has really come out of her shell in the past few weeks. She eagerly greets new people who come to visit. She does not skitter away when something drops or there is some other loud noise. She is still startled by loud noises or sudden movements but bravely stands her ground. 

Beautiful Autumn is awaiting her forever family! She is a happy, young, athletic pup.  If you have a medium to large dog and no children under 10, that could be you! 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

We are long overdue for an update on Autumn! And a lot has happened. She visited with Dr. Jen Myers the internal medicine vet and we discovered she had an ectopic ureter. Instead of emptying into the bladder, it emptied into her ureter. That was causing the leaking of urine. Due to the long term urinary tract infections, one of her kidneys was also damaged. She had surgery to remove the ureter and the kidney. Good thing that, like people, dogs only need one kidney! Complications required a 2nd surgery the next day. She spent a week in the ICU because her remaining kidney was struggling after the 2 surgeries. 

When she came home, she was receiving SQ fluids at home and 2 antibiotics. She is healing so well now! We are supposed to keep her quiet and on leash when she goes outside to do her business. She so wants to run and play! She is still really just a puppy. As she heals, we expect that her leaking will stop. Autumn will see Dr. Myers later this week in follow up and she really hopes to be allowed to run free off the leash!

Autumn's surgeries and ICU care were very expensive! She would really love if you could donate to help defray those costs. She says she's worth it!

Wow! A wonderful family has stepped up to sponsor Miss Autumn! Thank you to the M family. Autumn sends puppy kisses for your contribution to her care. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Autumn is really settling in and showing her puppy side. In the photo you can see she is checking out the box. She is very busy these days! She is curious but also scared of new things. She was recently very spooked when I placed a clothes basket on top of her crate for a few minutes. That caused her to bark and run in fear. Dropping anything causes her to skitter away.

Autumn loves to chase the ball or anything you throw. She usually brings it back :). She runs and wrestles with my resident girl Sadie. Or she plays by herself running and throwing sticks and balls in the air. 

Because she is so skittish, we require that she live in a home with another medium to large dog to follow. We also know that living with children under the age of ten will be stressful for her. Perhaps she will overcome both of these as the years go by and she learns to trust that she is safe. But she is not there yet. 

She will be one year old on 11/18. Happy birthday, Autumn!

Busy girl!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Meet Autumn! She will be 1 year old on 11/18. Autumn came into RAGOM from a commercial breeder 3 weeks ago. She is about 60 pounds and very playful!

We have been trying to clear up a raging urinary tract infection. It was so bad that she was soaked from leaking urine and was very stinky. She also had a horrible skin infection from the constant exposure to urine. We tried one course of 2 different antibiotics. That cleared her skin infection but not the urinary tract infection. So we added another antibiotic and also Proin to help strengthen her sphincter. She is about 70% improved on the leaking so we are increasing the Proin dose to see if that takes care of it. If not we will do some testing to check out if there is an issue with her anatomy.

So scared the first day!

In the meantime, Miss Autumn is learning to not be fearful with all of the normal household sounds like the dish washer and vacuum cleaner. That is all a work in progress and dropping something will cause her to run for the safety of my office where she snuggles under my desk.

As for people--she very much wants to be loved up by any and all comers. But she usually must be the one that approaches. She will run away if I approach her, but standing still and not facing her straight on, allows her to come for pets.

She loves to snuggle on the couch with me, loves to run around outside with my dogs and loves to roll on the rug after her nearly daily baths. She is house trained and has only had one accident early on. 

Please come back and read more about Autumn as we get to the bottom of her leaking.